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Stabbing Pain in Lower Right Abdomen

Hi. I have been having a stabbing pain, which comes and goes in my lower right abdomen. I don't know if I should go to urgent care or wait until my scheduled appt. with my ob-gyn. I called him today and explained my symptoms and he can't see me until June 10th. These concern me a little because I have cysts on my ovaries and the pain when it does come is pretty bad. It made me double over last night. I should also say that I have been having some muscle spasms in the back on the right side as well. Thanks, a lot for any suggestions you may have.

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Thank you for all the responses. I did go see my ob/gyn and he did an ultrasound. No cysts. Then we did a UA and low and behold I had a UTI. I took the antibiotics and I am good now. No more pain. What a relief.

Thank you.

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Pain in the lower right abdomen could be appendicitis. Do you have a fever or nausea? Call your regular doctor or urgent just to rule out that-it can be very serious if not taken care of promptly.
If it is a cyst, the urgent care could at least give pain med till you can get to the OB-GYN. Let us know...

Does this pain happen when you are ovulating? If so, it is normal but really sucks. I've had it since my second was born and your description sounds the same. If it doesn't happen when you are ovulating then I'd recommend trying to be seen by someone sooner.

Dear M.,
Another possibility regarding the LRQ (lower right quadrant) pain could be gallbladder disease. Although the pain may also be reported in the upper right quadrant or midepigastric area with the pain radiating around to the back area. You could be having an acute or immediate attack. It is very painful. The pain can come on suddenly and reamin steady or aching. You may notice the pain increase after eating a meal and especially a high fat meal. The pain can be caused by the formation of a stone (calculi) in the bile duct. Location of the stone and whether infection is present will predict treatment options. But it can be very serious and you can't wait til June 10th. Stone formation may be related to a 1. high calorie diet, high-cholesterol diet, associated with obesity 2. elevated estrogen levels from oral contraceptive use in post menopausal women using HRT, or pregancy 3.diabetes mellitus, ileal disease, (intestional), hemolytic (red blood cell)disease, heptatic (liver) disease, pancreatitis. Sometimes you may have vague symptomes prior to a acute attack like indigestion, abdominal discomfort, belching, and passing gas after eating meals rich in fats. I hope you get relief from your pain whatever you find out. D. K.

So you have heard everything from cysts to appendicitis...

Let me add one more into the fray: I had horrible stabbing pains (some rolling pains too) in that area for about 2 years. I had constipation, diarreah, weight loss and light headed-ness. I had been to emergency rooms, OB/GYN's and GP's. I was just about to give up when I almost fainted on the street when I was living in New York. I went to the ER, had a CAT scan of my abdomen and I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease. But before that, every doctor thought I had everything from ovarian cysts to cancer to Lupus to appendicitis.

That was 9 years ago. I have been on medications (both good and bad) and have had a bowel resection surgery that has, thankfully, put me in remission. Sine that surgery, I have had 2 beautiful and healthy children.

Gut pain is nothing to dismiss and you should get it looked at ASAP!

Good luck to you!

Hi M.,it sounds you have sever pain if stabbing in nature and made you double over.your ob/gyn should know about your ovarian cyst ? did he do pelvic us ?is it on your right ovary?how big is this cyst?it is unlikely that your ob/gyn hesitate to evaluate you ASAP with these symptoms knowing you have ovarian cyst as it can rupture or cause torsion giving you sever lower abdominal pain.please don't wait till june 10th.you know your own body better....seek evaluation because there can be many reasons that you are having abdomial pain on and off specially not relieved by pain medication.good luck...I hope you feel better soon.please let me know if you are ok and seen your provider.

Hi M.,
I suggest that you go in to get that checked out asap. Do you feel anything down there like a lump. I have fibroids and I have taken ibuprophen to ease the inflammation. Fibroids can cause stabbing pain and back spasms. Do you have diarreah, and frequent urination?

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