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Sreaming 8 Month-old During Diaper Changes

My daughter has started to scream her head off almost every time we change her diaper; she wants to roll and crawl around...is this normal? Any suggestions on how to calm her...I am just not that fast...

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Hi M.!

My 6+ month old son has started doing the same...at least sometimes and he isn't crawling yet! He doesn't scream, but sometimes he will fuss and try to roll over. I found that having a special toy (that they really like) for diaper changes only can help distract them and buy you sometime. Musical dinosaur has worked for us. Try something that will really grab her attention.

I have a now 1 yr. old nephew who also gives my sister a really hard time during diaper changes...he just wants to go! Singing, toys, peek-a-boo...anything you can do to distract them for a few seconds is helpful. Then jsut do your best as quick as possible!!!

Good luck!

Don't show your fustration, it will only make it more of a game for her. If your not already change her on the floor...for safety. If you have to put the diaper on backwards if she rolls over, in another couple months you will be so good at doing the sqirmey diaper change that you can do it while she stands up and wigggles. Good Luck!

My daughter, who's a s old as yours, does the same, she rolls and crawls around before I'm done changing the diaper. An interesting toy will be good to distract her for a while, if she throws it away, just be ready with another toy. A friend advised me on that and it worked. But think about safety first, change diaper in a safe environment...you know that :)

My son, who is 10 months old is now doing the same thing! It has become a 2 person job, which is hard, because for the time being, I am a stay at home mom. I found that distracting him with a toy works best. If she is able to stand, I just stand him up and whip it off real quick, but you have to have all the supplies at the ready! Good luck!

My one year old has been doing that for several months now.
I give her a toy to distract her. Or I sing patty cake or peek-a-boo or whatever song keeps her interest.
It doesn't always work. But, for the most part I can get her diaper changed.
I am sure they will grow out of this – at least I hope so!

My twins started doing this around 7 months. I find that distraction is key! I have a toy that they only get when it's diaper time. So it's something new for the moment and it keeps them still for me:)
Good luck!

Hi M.,
My 18 month old is like that also. He tries to get up and cries. I try and keep some new cheap dollar type toys in the drawer in the changing table. When he is being really difficult I give him a new toy to play with. It usually occupies him enough to change a stinky diaper. I always take it back and put it away so that it is something special to play with. Good luck.

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