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Spring Photos for School? What For?

Hi all,

So this year, unlike other years, my Daughter's school is doing 'Spring Photos.
By the company Life Touch

No I am not hawking them.
Just want to know if:
1) you have dealt this this photography company for your kids school photos?
2) What the heck is Spring Photos for anyway? I mean, my Daughter at the beginning of their school year, already did school photos. So what is the difference with "Spring Photos"?????
3) Do you recall how much it cost?
4) Is it worth it?
5) Were the photos nice?
6) Is this a reputable company?
Apparently, you go online, to view and order your kids' photos.
Just wondering how secure this is and per privacy?
I mean, what if you decide not to purchase the photos... does the company then, still have your kids photos?
Kinda creepy...

Thank you all for any comments!

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Lifetouch is a reputable company, they work through most schools. You would need to call the company itself to ask about the online viewing and when do they delete those. Lifetouch is a part of JC Penney I believe. They have done pics for years in the Springtime. I find it to be a waste of time and have rarely ordered them. It's all up to you.

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Lifetouch is reputable, and huge. The spring photos usually are 3/4 length instead of just head and shoulders, and they'll have fancier backgrounds, occasionally with things like a fake tree, fence or wall to lean on. As for cost, they're like most school photos: expensive when compared to someplace like Sears, and much cheaper than most private studio sittings.

My kids' schools always did both fall and spring photos. Most parents bought both.

If you love the photos, buy them, but if you don't, don't feel guilty (or worry about what else might happen with the images).

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Lifetouch is a company that most schools use I love there photos and Spring pics are nice they have some cool backgrounds I love it caus then you dont have to spend a lot of money for photos at walmart or sears or anyother place like that.. I have always gotten my kids photos doen twice a year. I don't see anything wrong with it.

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They're a great company, and our schools have been doing the spring photos for a few years. They are quite popular! The poses and settings are more casual than the fall photos, and the nice thing is that you get to see the photos before you buy. If you like them, then you order them and if you don't like the photos or aren't interested, you return the proof package to the school. Your school gets a % of the sales (typically it's 40%) so yes the prices can be high but a good portion of that is really a donation to your school. This company was the school photographer when I was a kid 30+ years ago, so they are definitely reputable. If you go to the website they probably have FAQ on what they do with the photos. I believe that the fall portraits are archived for use by your school (this is what goes in student files, your child's ID, the yearbook etc.) but they probably purge the spring photos after a certain date.

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Yes our school does it too. I don't always buy, I buy the smallest and cheapest grouping. Cost is always too much. The site is secure, no the company doesn't keep the kids photos and you get a number so you can view your childs photo. This is a good company has been around for a long time.
The different of Spring photos is there should be a class photo your daughter may want and kids do change from the first of the school year. I understand that if you don't purchase within a certain amt of time it's over and they get ride of the photo. The sale also helps the school they get a very small amount usually from the total purchase at our school it goes to
the PTA and the PTA buy so many things for the school to have and small ex: agendas, calenders, etc. they make money but they turn around and spend it on stuff that keeps the school going, etc.

Hope that's helps some

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Yes, almost all my kids' school photos were done by Lifetouch. For me, all school pics are worth it. Get the cheap package if you want.

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Our elementary school uses Lifetouch and does Spring photos. For us, the difference is that the picture at the beginning of the year is a standard headshot, and the Spring photo has a cute background (a fence or bridge, for instance) and fun poses. The prices have been comparable to the beginning of the year packages. Also, you can get fun products (little plastic cards with the pic and a calendar, bookmarks, collages, etc.). We enjoy getting it as a reminder of how much they have grown during the year. They have always been very nice and you get to preview before purchase. As for the company having the picture, the company from the beginning of the year has the picture if you decide not to purchase it also, and that doesn't seem to bother you. ;-) Having worked in the industry, most companies who do mass pictures like that don't keep the photos for long so they can use those resources (either digital memory or the physical paper for prints) for the next schools.
Hope this helps!

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Lifttouch has had the contract for the Austin schools for many, many years, or at least used to.

You can opt out.

But I also wonder, why is the school doing spring pictures? Once a school year seems like enough.

Yes, they are reputable. All of the photogrphers also have a background check. my step father worked for them for a few years..

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HEre is the answer to your question- they offer spring pictures because Lifetouch gives the school money for each kid photographed regardless of if they buy or not. We have Lifetouch at our school and I always wondered about spring pics as well...I was actually offended that they did 2 rounds of pics. Only when I became PTO prez did I find out the reason why its done. ts definitely worth it to the school to get the extra money and you are not obligated to buy of course.

I have been very happy with Lifetouch. I have found they do a decent job as far as school photos go. The cost will vary depending on what you buy. I am sure that they destroy the kids photos but you can ask to make sure. The difference in the spring photos at our school was that they had different poses than the typical background shot kind they use for the fall. The fall photos are the ones they make the class pics out of. I let my kids wear their favorite sports jersey for the spring one to make it more fun.

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Lifetouch is reputable, but they are school pictures, like all school pictures. You may not know it, but schools or PTO/A's make money off the school pictures, so why not offer spring pictures? At our school, it is the school that makes the money, our PTO does not. Buy if you want it, don't buy if you don't want to, but the reason is simple...$.


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We are currently fighting to have our childs' photograph and any other information lifetouch may have, removed from their database.Their "Smile Safe Kids" program is questionable.Push in chip id vs lifetouch, then look for child identification professionals. It should be somewhere near the top of the page. And you know whatthey say about bringing something online If you ask for a letter from lifetouch {their standard form letter}to remove this information and, what you get is a letter that implies your child "may not"be able to participate in activities at school award ceremonies etc.. They also want us to agree to" indemnify and hold them harmless" for any problems that may arise from the deleting of this information from their database. They also require the signature of the principal. We have this letter in our possession. Call lifetouch and request to have your child from their database and see what happens.My wife and I are extremely concerned parents.Everyone of you parents out there should be taking a very close look at lifetouch.
In at our childs school the databasing of the childrens' pictures was performed "with out" the express written consent from the parents. Something even the police have to do.What better way to take advantage of someone than to be trusted?

P.S. Our child will "NEVER" sit front of a lifetouch camera again!

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