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Spotting at 30 Weeks?

Hi everyone, first of all Happy New Year!
I am 30 weeks pregnant and just started spotting red this morning. I've been reading a little bit about spotting later in pregnancy but I want to know if anyone has a similar situation and what happened/what the cause was. I am going to call the doctor tomorrow since today is New Years (unless it gets heavy I will go to the hospital I assume?) Last night I was coughing and felt some pressure in my lower left ab whenever I coughed, not cramps but enough to hurt a little whenever I coughed. Today that feels better, I've felt my daughter move this morning, but spotting. I've had 1 c-section almost 3 yrs ago and this c-section is scheduled the beginning of March. Also, my placenta is in the front my doctor said and I've been reading about low lying placenta which at 20 weeks (for my ultrasound to find out the sex) my placenta was not low. I haven't had an internal exam since the beginning of my pregnancy and sex was 2 days ago so I don't think that would have caused it? Thanks for all your help I would just like some reassurance today.

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Call the doctor right now. Spotting could be a serious condition including a partial detachment of the placentia. If any cramping go to the ER! Don't wait!

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You are probably just fine, but go to the Dr. to get reassurance. I hope all is well.

L.~ I would definitely get checked out by your OB, but to reassure you, I had bleeding through 3 of my 4 pregnancies. My las pregnancy I bled the entire pregnancy sporadically and saw a Peri-Natalogist a few times, the baby was fine, I just had a small blood clot behind the placenta, which was also in the front of the uterus and nevery now and then the blood clot would leak out a little bit. Everything was fine, I delivered naturally at 37 weeks. I did have to stay on bed rest from 32 weeks until 37 weeks though.

Congratulation's on your coming baby girl! I have 3 girls and then a boy, it is so fun :)


Hi L.,

I had a little bit of spotting and cramping with my 2nd pregnancy...my boy is 9 months old now.

The important thing is that you feel the baby moving. It's when you don't that the doctors seem to worry. Still a good idea to check checked out by the OB.

Good luck to you and I hope we have given you a little reassurance to help you out.


I had that with my second pregnancy. Almost all the way to the end. The spotting was very light so my doctor was not concerned. Make sure you call your doc if it gets worse.
Happy new year and congratulations!

Call the doctor right now. Spotting could be a serious condition including a partial detachment of the placentia. If any cramping go to the ER! Don't wait!

My OBGYN told me after having several boughts of spotting with a pregnancy that led to miscarriage, that if it get tick or clotty and you could easily half saturate a pad it is emergency time.

But, if its spotty and not consistent it warrents a call to tge doc for a check.

Just make sure you keep your doc in the loop!

Congrats and good luck!

I had that with my first pregnancy and the Dr. told me that I had bruised my uterus. I figured it was while I was pulling weeds and kept bumping my belly against the retaining wall. With my third pregnancy I had "partial previa". The placenta is supposed to go all the way around the uturus and mine was starting to pool in one area. The Dr. told me that I wasn't allowed to do anything that required lifting or straining (laundry, vaccumming, sex) until it corrected. Both pregnancies turned out fine. Good luck, I'm sure you will be fine.

I hope you have been to the doctor by now. I never had late spotting, but my son was born at 31 weeks and is completely normal. If something were to happen and your daughter was born early, I just want to reassure you that things can still work out ok.

I had the same thing happen to me around 30 weeks. I spotted a little after a day of being on my feet and running around hosting a party, it was also 2 days after sex. I saw my OB an they determined that there were no signs of early contractions but another test showed the possibility of pre-term labor. I was given 2 steroid shots to help the baby's lungs develop just in case of an early arrival. Our baby girl was born full-term and healthy.

Hello L.. I had this issue several months ago, but I was only about 8 weeks pregnant or so. It was almost certainly caused by sex. Even though yours didn't occur right after sex, I'd venture to say it might have had a hand in it. Mine occured minutes after finishing the deed. Everything is fine now, I don't have that problem anymore, but I think you should get it checked out, just to be safe. bleeding during pregnanct is always scary. Mine happened on a weekend, at night, so I just went to the ER. I didn't care if they thought I was crazy or looked at me funny, because all I was concerned about was my baby. Best of luck to you :)

This happened to me late in my pregnancy as well. My midwife informed me that there are a lot of blood vessels in that area and sometimes they burst. If it keeps bleeding, you should visit the doc, but if it is just a little spotting that goes away after a bit, try not to fret. When it happened to me, my midwife had me just lay down and rest for the remainder of the day and all was well! Plus I got a much-needed and well-deserved rest!

I had placenta previa when I went for an OB visit at 18 weeks- once my placenta moved up, it was anterior - in the front rather than behind. This apparently was not a big deal because no one said anything about it, other than informing me that it was in front. (The only bummer was I didn't get to see the little feet moving across my belly as so many of my friends have during their pregnancies.)

Hi L.,
I too had a bit of spotting in the third trimester. When I went to the doctor and he looked on the sonogram it appeared that the baby's little fist was right next to the placenta. He concluded that my active little one was using the placenta as a punching bag. It only happended a couple of times and then stopped, and I gave birth to a perfectly healthy little girl with no further problems.

I would try to get a sonogram just to see, hopefully it's nothing to worry about. Good luck!

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