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Spotting at 11 Weeks

I am currently 11.5 weeks into my second pregnancy and this morning I had some light spotting. It hasn't been constant all day and is brownish/pink rather than red, plus I haven't had any cramping. According to the MD office it is considered normal for this to happen before 13 weeks but is still enough to freak me out! This happened with my first and I was on bed rest for 7 weeks. The 8 week ultrasound was fine and we heard the heartbeat on doppler at 10 weeks. I am trying not to panic, but its hard to take it easy when you have a toddler. I'm sure things will be fine, but I am looking for similar situations that ended well (nothing that didn't please - my imagination can handle those on its own!).

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Hi K.,
I also spotted quite a bit in my pregnancy, I had to wear a pad the last couple of months of preganancy b/c of it! I just wanted to let you know that this is a normal part of pregnancy and you sound like you are really healthy. You are doing a great job!

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I had a normal 8 week ultrasound and then had brownish spotting at 9 weeks. They had me come in and get my hormone levels tested, said my hormone levels were too low and that I should get another ultrasound. The second ultrasound was fine and they said not to worry. Sure enough, the spotting stopped after a couple of days and I had no more problems the rest of my pregnancy. I know it's hard when you're in the situation, but try to think positively :-)

I not only had spotting but during being affectionate with my husband had the sheets look like a war zone from some bleeding. And if I did any big chores I would start spotting again. Everything was coming out normal and the doctor told me to just take it easy if I started spotting again. So the house didn't get rearranged and painted like I wanted, but my baby is as perfect of a 2 1/2 year old that you could want. Relax and enjoy a good book or do something extra fun with your other baby while you have the chance, start the baby book (I still haven't started mine). Enjoy being pregnant - this too shall pass.

Its ok to be worried and its also ok for you to make an appointment with your DR. for piece of mind. Please go in and have them check out whats going on they may offer an ultrasound to re assure you that everything is going well. BIG HUGS

Oh honey, I spotted my entire 1st pregnancy. It means that either you over did it a little or that your placenta just separated from the uterus a little, it is totally normal. I know this might be entirely too much information, but I would spot more after sex too. It is normal as long as it isn't continual, like a steady flow. If it continues, go and see your doctor so they can rule out placenta previa or any other serious condition and to just put your nerves at ease. Hang in there.


I had this happen with my first I was 11 weeks at the time and rushed into the ER which they treated me the whole time like it wasn't a big deal till my blood work came back and showed that I was RH- which I at the time didn't realize or know that it could cause problems in pregnancies. Anyway then it turned into a glad you came in type of thing. Long story short.lol Anyway if you know already that your are not RH- then you should be fine If I hadn't tested RH- they would have just sent me on my way no worries and I believe I remembered they saying if it is not bright red blood no worries. But if you are worried it! it is better to go in and make sure all is o.k. then sitting around worrying!!

I went through that with my second too. The doctor had me take it easy, and with a toddler that wasn't easy. I should have laid down and taken it easy, but wanted to be Supermom and did too much. Because of that I ended up with more bleeding and cramping, which caused a trip to the E.R. Luckily our little one was okay, but after that I was forced to be on bedrest - only getting up for the bathroom, and a quick shower daily. This went on for 6 long weeks before they let me up. Thankfully we have a beautiful little girl from this experience. I wish that when things had first happened, I had gone ahead and slowed down instead of trying to do it all. Our problem was that the baby wasn't attaching properly and needed me to slow down so that she could. Good luck with your little one. I know that this is a scary time. Rely on others to help you out so that you can take care of yourself.

Hi K.,
I also spotted quite a bit in my pregnancy, I had to wear a pad the last couple of months of preganancy b/c of it! I just wanted to let you know that this is a normal part of pregnancy and you sound like you are really healthy. You are doing a great job!

I spotted and bled quite a bit with our second pregnancy. Enough of course that I got dismissed to bedrest and told flat out from on OB that we would miscarry within the week or need a D&C. He always had a strong heartbeat and was active. We never did miscarry, in fact he was so happy and content he hung out in my uterus for an extra week and had to be forced out! LOL Take it easy at least emotionally, everything will be okay.

Spotted as you described for first 4 months with my first. He's now a healthy 11 year old.
No spotting with my 2nd. I think it was because I was still nursing my 1st. 2nd is now healthy 9 year old boy.
Spotted 5 months with my 3rd. She's a healthy, bouncy 3 year old.

I know spotting can be nerve-wracking. Always get it checked out to make sure all is okay. By the time #3 came along, I knew what to expect so it was easier. Not easy, but easier than #1. Don't "overdo" things. Listen to your body. If you feel tired, REST! Whatever you have to do, do it. Some things that helped me rest/occupy the older ones with #2 & #3 were: videos, books, nap/quiet time, screwdriver (taking apart and putting together door knobs, etc. kept him occupied!), friends. I found that if I paid attention to what my body needed -- instead of what I thought needed to be done -- I was okay.

Take care of yourself!

Hi K.,

I just wanted to tell you that I also had spotting a few times during my pregnancy with twins. The only thing that the doctors could figure out what the issue was...was that after having sex with my husband was probably it. Lets just say after the second time or maybe third time, there was no hanky panky. I couldn't take the stress. And I was told that if the blood was not bright red then it shouldn't be an issue. So if it happens again, I would think back and see when you were with your husband last. For me it took a day or two to show up. On the other hand, I would always go in for a check up to make sure everything is ok. I know how you feel. Take care!

When I was pregnant with my older daughter, I spotted heavily when my first period after getting pregnant would have been (so I didn't find out I was pg until I was 7 weeks along). Then I spotted for pretty much the entire second month I was pregnant with my younger daughter. I was a nervous wreck, but the spotting did eventually stop and I had two very healthy, full-term baby girls at home - so no complications.

I did have one pregnancy where I didn't spot at all and that one did end up being non-viable (never had a heartbeat so no worries about yours being like that).

So, for some of us, spotting can actually be a good sign :)

Best wishes!

I had a very similar situation. We have a healthy baby boy who is now 20 months! This is my second child, it didn't happen with my first. I started bleeding pretty good at about 10 weeks, they did an ultrasound and told me that there was a heartbeat, but the baby wasn't as big as it should be for 10 weeks so we probably wouldn't carry it to term. I had to go back in for ultrasounds for the next 3 weeks (and still bleeding/spotting). The second ultrasound they warned us the baby might not make it, and on the third they finally realized that everything looked ok. I still was a nervous wreck even though the bleeding stopped, however, everything turned out great! Our little boy was born on time and perfectly healthy! I am sure that your baby is just fine, good luck for the rest of the pregnancy!

Dear K.

Seven and a half years ago my daughter called me terribly worried about the same problem. I told her I bled a bit every day while carrying her until I felt life.
My daughter carried her child to term too and now he's a wonderful reader and an active boy.

Do not worry. Your baby is very likely just fine.


I worked in a daycare when I was working with toddlers alot. And at least once a week I would start spotting. I cut my hours to part time and started having others help me lift toddler onto changing tables.(If no one can help try changing him or her on the floor)That helped alot. If you are potty training you can try getting a stool so you can help him/her onto the toilet without having to lift. When you go grocery shopping take someone with to help lift your child and put them into a cart.( I did that during pregnancy # 2)as well as try to have your child walk whenever possible and just hold their hand instead of carrying them everywhere. Some women's bodies can't take the strain of constant lifting of a 20 to 40lb toddler while pregnant. Take care and try to get some rest when you can.
H. T.

I went through the same thing. Only I went to the ER and subjected myself to all the lousy bloodwork and whatnot. It is normal, but still enough to scare a person. :) I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes easily.

Completely normal. I did too. :)

Call your doctor, answering questions such as this is what you pay them for. Advice from the professional is the best way to calm a frightened mom in a very frightening situation.

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