Spoon Aversion?

Updated on November 05, 2009
J.R. asks from Portland, OR
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I've been working on introducing solids to my 5 1/2 month old. She has been sucking food off my finger with gusto and has really enjoyed the bits of avocado I've put into a Sassy Mesh Feeder for her. But when I try the same foods on the end of a spoon, she makes a face and spits it out. I have tried grinding the avocado and tried watering it down. Any recommendations from the Mamas out there?

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answers from Spokane on

Hi J. - Have you tried other types of spoons? There are "regular" spoons and even special soft coated ones. Since she has excepted food from your soft finger & the mesh feeder (again soft) maybe she would be more apt to take food from a "soft" type of spoon. You can also let her "play" with her new spoon when she is not having a meal, it might make her again more comfy with a "new" object. God Bless

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Hi J.,

My son HATED the spoon. The mere sight of it set him off in a tizzy. Mash the food and let her feed herself with her hands and just keep the spoon on the table. As all things do, this phase too shall pass. She may just be a finger foods kid for a while.

Good luck!

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In a word, she's still young. My son didn't take to solids until 8 months, and now he eats fairly well. So give it time. Fingers are always more fun than a spoon, so maybe she's after your finger and not the food at all! And don't worry: nobody ever didn't learn to eat!

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Yes. I would be patient and not force her. When she is ready, she'll let you know - trust me. She'll try to grab the spoon from you to feed herself, she'll open up her mouth (if you show her how) when the spoon touches her lips. If she doesn't like being spoonfed, then don't do it yet.

Normally I wouldn't give that advice, but 5 1/2 is really really young, and it sounds like things might be rushing a bit.

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One thing that we're often not aware of is that a baby's muscles have to be mature for them to use a spoon. They have to be able to control their mouth. Then once the food is in their mouth they have to have some control over their tongue. At 5 1/2 months she may not be able to do that.

After spending time with a friend who had had a stroke I was more aware of how much eating depends on the appropriate use of muscles and how having food in one's mouth can feel scary.

So I wouldn't push using the spoon. Baby's are more apt to eat finger food until they're closer to a year in age.



answers from Seattle on

Well, I must admit I never used avocado as a first solid food for my babies. Putting a taste of whatever food I was offering on their lower lip was the enticement. I found myself pushing, gently, the edge of the spoon between the lips, and they all opened wide. I'd be starting with baby rice cereal first. Then introducing a fruit or vegetable every other week to make sure that there were no food allergies or reactions. Mixing the fruit with the rice cereal. Also making sure that I gave the solids when she was hungry. Solids first, then the breast or bottle. After about a month, introduce baby oatmeal. But do this in stages with clear parameters so you can see if there are any problems with what you are feeding her. There's plenty of time to get creative with her diet, but start with the basics first as a baby's digestive track is not as forgiving as an adult's.

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