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SPLINTERS! (Stickers in the Foot)

My 2 yr old recently stepped onto a large sticker weed while at a party. YEEOWCH! Poor thing. There were many stickers right in the arch of her foot. I pulled out what I could immediately. Later tried to tweeze, I say TRY. A 2 yr. old does not like this for obvious reasons. So I ended up not really being able to remove all of the splinter/sticker rements. My question is: Is there anything I can do, should do, call the doctor, leave them??? I have basically left them alone. Kept her foot clean and she doesnt seemed bothered. I can still see little specks left in the bottom of her foot and it bugs me, but I can't get them out as they are under the skin.

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Thanks to everyone who replied. I will definitely try tape asap the next time someone in my family gets a splinter or sticker. In this case it was too late for that to work , but what actually happened was the splinters started to work themselves back out. Seems weird they're under the skin and then they come back out. As I could feel them sticking out of her foot again, I tried the tape. I was able to remove one of the larger ones which I could tell was bothering her that way. I did have to prick slightly with a needle on another one, but it's resolved now and no infection or problems. Whew!

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If there is no inflammation to the area, I'd just keep doing what you're doing. If it looks like infection is starting, soak the foot in warm water with epsom salt repeatedly to draw out the splinters.

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Ouch! Poor baby! I would try tweezing either while she's in the bathtub or just after she gets out. The skin is softer and the stickers will come out easier.

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This may sound strange, but it does work. Cut an onion in half, place it on her foot and let her sit down for a half an hour. The onion will draw out the splinters/stickers.

M. *~

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There is this stuff that I have always known as black sauve... you can get it at your pharmacy... it smells like tar. You put in on and put a bandage over it. What it does is draw out whatever is there... it's good for splinters, infections, etc. Great stuff... wouldn't be without it.

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If there is no inflammation to the area, I'd just keep doing what you're doing. If it looks like infection is starting, soak the foot in warm water with epsom salt repeatedly to draw out the splinters.

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Ouch is right! Splinters should be removed, they can irritate & cause infection. Praise her if you find a way to get it out. She will feel it when she walks on it. Picking it with a needle or pin might help. Good luck. G.

You might try some tape...
Just put the tape over the splinters and rub gently once or twice to make sure the ends are in the sticky of the tape and then pull it off. Works on wood chip splinters! :) Good luck!

Duck tape. Let her walk around with it on for half a day, or as long as she'll do it. Then pull it away, and the stickers should come off with it.

Have you tried using some tape? That worked pretty well for my daughter.

I have found that laying tape over the splinter(s) and then pulling it off in the opposite direction that it goes in, usually takes it our without too much fuss. Just a thought. Those under the skin are more difficlut, but using something like a credit card to push them back out has worked without the pain.
A. Papangellin

They sell a product at drugstores (we got ours at longs) called draw out salve. It is black and smells horrible, but it is supposed to draw out splinters etc. We bought some to use on our son, but he didn't want us to use it, so when he saw what we were going to put on him he decided to let us use a needle on him instead of that. So I haven't actually used the product, but my friend told me to use it since her daughter won't let her near her with tweezers, she said it worked for them. Good luck.

Hot soaks as often as she'll sit still for and then another attempt at tweezing. The soak should help a lot. My sister and I used to joke that our mother would tell someone with a brain tumor to "give it a hot soak" but the truth is it's good for so many things.

Try soaking her foot in the bath. It should help to soften the splinters and they'll either work their own way out or else they'll be easier to get at. I wouldn't worry about going to the doctor unless they look infected.

My son got a splinter from the playground in his great toe. He would not let me touch it due to having had three surgeries on that particular toe. The trauma still remains. My MIL had given me a tube of Long's Draw Out Salve. I thre it in a drawer thinking I would never see use for it. When my son was so resistant I asked him if I could but the ointment on it and a band aid. He agreed. The stuff sticks and looks like tar but I dabbed it on and covered it with a band aid and the next morning the splinter was gone. Try it I think that it will work for you.

Not sure if this works, but I heard a radio commercial saying you can use Scotch tape to take out splinters. It's worth a try!!

this happen to my daughter and I removed them after she went to sleep. She did not wake up and I got them all out!
After she woke up the next day, I told her the splinter fairy came while she was asleep:)

try using some tape, just remember you have to be able to pull it off of your child without causing her too much more discomfort.
Or even those lint rollers for clothes.

I've heard the 'draw out' stuff works, just havent tried it
my self but Neosporin can help draw splitners out also.

I use polysporin and cover it with a bandaid- I refresh every other day and that will fight off infection while the splinter works its way out.

Hi L.!

You have great "tricks" to try already, but I thought I'd give you another.

Because I try to get anything out of my boys feet, I always "ice it" first. This numbs the area while I "dig". When I'm looking for glass, I use a cotton ball with Iodine to rub all over the bottom of their foot. This way I can see better....Ice it, then tweeze.

Hope that works!


Ouch! Poor baby! I would try tweezing either while she's in the bathtub or just after she gets out. The skin is softer and the stickers will come out easier.

Try using tape. I usually use scotch tape but when I couldn't get a splinter out recently, I used stronger packing tape.
It's great for removing bee stings too

When my son was about that age, he had a similar splinter in his foot. He refused to let us touch it and it got infected. I couldn't stand it, so I waited till he was deep in a nap, and lanced it with a sterilized needle. The splinter came right out, I washed it and put Neosporin on it and bandaged it up. And he slept through the whole thing! He woke up wondering why there was a band-aid on his foot, but it healed perfectly after that.

All that to say: try naptime. Good luck!

you can try elmers glue. Sometimes it you put a thin layer on and let it dry like a second skin then peel it off it will take splinters with it. It is painless. It can grab things tweezers can not. It doesnt always work but is worth a try.

Hi L.:

You can try putting white Elmers school glue on her foot, let it dry totally and then pull it off. It should take out a lot of little splinters with it.
Good luck.

If it only bothers you and not her, I would leave them alone. You could aggrevate them and her by constantly trying to get them out. They will come out on their own. They won't hurt her, we've all had splinters, so just sit back and let her body natually get rid of the splinters

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