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Splinter in Foot

My 14 month old has a splinter in his foot. We have tried a few times to get it out with tweasers. He of course goes crazy and has a fit when we do this while holding him down. We called the dr. and they suggested bathing his foot 3xs a day for 20 min in epsom salt to draw it out. We tried it last night and he soaked for about 5 minutes. Does anyone have another suggestion on how to remove the splinter and/or get him to soak his foot?

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An onion...... Ha Ha, I know sounds silly. But they actually do work. We cut a small chunk of onion and use a band-aide and tape it on there. Within a 1/2 hour or so remove and you should see the splinter bubbling up. I am not sure if you can do this if the splinter is on the bottom of the foot, but we use it for our kids when they get them in their hands. Hope this helps.

I've heard that if there is a little piece of it sticking out, you can put a dab of elmers glue on it. Once it's dried, peel the glue off and the splinter should stick to it and come right out. My 14 mo daughter had a splinter in her heel and we had the same problem with her going nuts when we tried to remove it. I didn't try the glue, so I don't know that it works, but we waited until she was asleep and was able to get it out then. Good luck.

Our son had a splinter/wood shaving in his hand. We tried for a long time to get it out ourselves, only for the spot to start looking mad. We finally took him to the pediatrician and had to have the spot lancet. Our son was a trooper and that was the best thing we could have done. He had to wrap it for a few days (which he thought was cool). He's now healed. We use wood to heat our house so I am sure this won't be the first nor last splinter that we encounter. Its nice to read other alternatives for the future.

I'm sorry that I don't have any ideas on how to soak the foot. But, you can try Anbesol or Orajel as a pain relief directly on the splinter. I've used it on splinters or even painful hang nails and it works. It's very temporary, but it works.
Good luck

I have not personally tries it, but Iread that you can put baby orajel (the teething soother)on the foot to numb it. that way there is no pain when you try to remove the splinter.

We have a trick called the "wet band-aid trick" for removing splinters. Just as the name says, put a wet band-aid on it for a few hours to make the skin soft, then try to get the splinter out. You may want to rub the area with an ice cube to help numb it while you're working to get the splinter out.

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