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Speech and Vocabulary Concerns at 22 Months Old

Hello Mom's,
Just looking for some feedback regarding speech and vocabulary progression for my child. He is almost 2 years old, he is incredibly smart, great motor skills, wonderful personality, seems to be progressing very well in all areas but speech. He has about 5 words in his vocabulary that he says well. Everything else is jibber jabber. He talks alot and is very expressive about his thoughts but nothing can be understood. His hearing seems to be fine and he does not get frustrated after speaking out. When he talks, he sounds tongue tied and sometimes drools while attempting to carry on with all he has to say (which is alot).
I wonder if it is too soon to have early intervention get involved and maybe even get a hearing test done. He seems to hear just fine and takes direction (even numerous directions) perfectly. Have any of you had 2 year olds that still struggle with speech?
Am I just not giving him enough time to put all his sounds together? Any advise on how I can work with him at home to help him? I appreciate any input you may have to give.
Thank you.

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Most boys are delayed with speech. The most important aspect is that he understands you. Keep a running dialogue in grown up words no baby talk. Most doctors will tell you that mothers should understand 90% of what their children are saying by 3 years old and grandparents should understand 90% by 4 years old. I asked my pediatrician the exact same thing with my second son at 26months and this was his response.
Hope this helps!

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it's not too soon for early intervention...there may also be a physical issue with the muscles responsible for speech..I know of a couple of 2 year old boys with this problem..i would ask pediatrician for help

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Hi there,

It's never too early for Early Intervention. They will do an evaluation and let you know if he needs speech therapy.

Good luck!

A. W.

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If you are having concerns regarding you child's speech, It is certainly not too early to engage early intervention. There is no reason to delay an evaluation that can only end 2 ways. Either 1. your child will get services to improve his speech and make his communication smoother or 2. They will rule out your concerns . It's really a win win situation. EI will only service a child until they are 3, and then they are switched to their school system, so why not take advantage of a great program. Good Luck

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Please have your little guy evaluated by Early Intervention. They provide free in home speech therapy as well as have wonderful weekly sign language playgroups. My son is 26 months and has reached all his milestones but is speech delayed. H loves the therapist who visits us weekly and the playgroup is a blast. Best of all it's free! : ) Hope this helps.


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My son Austin is 3 1/2 almost and when he was a year and a half, I started bothering people to evaluate my son's speech. The group was called Area agency (they have since changed their name) and they kept telling me he was delayed but not enough, just before he turned 2 they finally came to the house and checked him out a 2nd time, and said okay he's delayed we'll give him speech therapy. You should definitely have him evaluated. They will come to your house to do speech therapy until he is 3 the DAY he turns 3 he is turned over to the school system. I notices some improvements from ages 2-3 but noticed the biggest since he got into the school system and since he turned 3.

don't give up, even if they say he's fine, keep bugging them for therapy.

good luck


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Hi L.,
I am a speech language pathologist. Though I don't work with toddlers, I do know that it is not too early to get him checked out. You mentioned drooling. To me that may mean he might have some oral motor weakness which is an easy fix with some daily exercises and speech intervention. I would speak to your pediatrician about it. It won't hurt just to get him evaluated. You'll probably feel better too!
Don't worry, he will be fine!

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Hi L.!
Now is the time to contact early intervention for an evaluation. Early intervention stops at their 3rd birthday. You may also want to contact a private speech therapist -- your pedi would be able to recommend one. Children's Hospital had has speech pathology department, including the Lexington and Waltham satellites. We used Children's Speech and Feeding therapy, now out of Needham, since Children's Hospital had a 6 month waiting list for therapy (an eternity at this age). My son started speech therapy at 2 w/EI and was re-evaluated at Children's Hospital at two and half at which point he also started receiving services at Children's Speech and Feeding, who he stayed with until he was 5. And has been receiving services from the WAltham Public Schools since age 3. He wasn't speaking at all except for the word "mama" but had his own sign language to communicate. He is now 7 and in second grade and witth exception of a few minor articulatory quirks (which you might not notice if you didn't know to look for something)he's doing great and talks non-stops. So yes, call, someone and get your little checked out -- they may tell you he's fine and if he needs some help, the earlier the better. Oh BTW: they may recommend a hearing test to make sure he's hearing correctly and everything.

Good luck
M. M.
45 year old mom of a 7 year old boy

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get in touch with your local Early Intervention program.. it's free, and they will evaluate him and get him the therapies needed to get him up to speed. Anyone can request services, so just call and say your child has some sort of speech delay. He should have more words than 5.. he could just be holding back or there could be an issue.. get it checked out to be sure.. good luck

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Hello L.,
My best friend felt the same way you did when her daughter turned two. Friends & family thought her daughter was fine. However, for piece of mind, she had early intervention come in and evaluate her daughter. Funny, but by the time they came she was speaking better and they felt that she didn't have any issues. She's 2.5 now and speaks perfect.
One suggestion they gave to her, was to read "Brown, Brown, Bear, what do you see" etc. It's a very basic book with simple words. Khols sells these books for $5.00. Good luck!

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My son also was a "late talker". What you are describing sounds very familiar. It is never too early to get Early Intervention involved, that's what they are there for. Although they are happy to see any child, they are also happy to say that your child is ok and services won't be necessary. They can do an eval to see if services are warranted. Talk to your pedi, or make the referral yourself. If it makes you feel better then mission accomplished. Good luck to you both!

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