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Space Between Front Teeth

My son is 11 months old and he has a space between his front teeth. He does not have a space between his bottom teeth. His front teeth came in about 3 or 4 months ago and I was hoping as they came in that they would grow closer together! Should I be concerned? Will they move closer together? He already has the two teeth on either side of the front teeth, in fact, those came in before the front teeth did.

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My son's dentist told us that it is good to have spaces between teeth as that means they have a better chance of the permanent teeth having enough room. So no braces. He said spaces are good. It's when they are all crowded that there might not be enough room for the permanent ones..

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This is not something to "worry" about. They may move closer together but it's not that important. They will come out in the next 6 years and then you will have the permanent teeth to watch and worry about. If at 11 or 12 they are not properly aligned, it's time for the orthodontist to do his job. V.

It is normal and great! My son who just turned a year and daughter who is 4 have the exact same set up. Our dentist said the more space the better!

hi L..
i am a dentist so dont be concerned- it is great your son has space b/t his front upper teeth. remember the permanent teeth are going to be much larger so space b/t the baby teeth will allow the permanent teeth to have more space to erupt into.
let me know if u have other ?'s.
-dr. L.

When the rest of the teeth come in, they will push together--I wouldn't worry about it. My daughter's front teeth didn't fully come together until sometime between her 1st and 2nd molars (maybe at about 2 years old or so) That little gap makes for an adorable smile, in my opinion:)

hi L.,
from what i understand, that isn't necessarily a bad thing. those teeth will eventually fall out, leaving a nice space for the newer, bigger teeth. this could mean less crowding. my son who is 8 had a space between his, and now that he has his big teeth, there isn't a space, and they are nice and straight...i don't think it's anything to worry about.

L.- My middle son had a significant space between his teeth when he was little- they have since grown closer together (he is almost 6 now)The denstist told me they actually prefer that they have a space so it gives room for the other teeth to come in without the risk of crowding...I would not wory about it too much for now- my husband has a gap between his two front teeth and I actually like it- it's distinctive and unique...
My bet is- that his teeth will grow closer together as he gets more teeth in..
good luck to you

My son's dentist told us that it is good to have spaces between teeth as that means they have a better chance of the permanent teeth having enough room. So no braces. He said spaces are good. It's when they are all crowded that there might not be enough room for the permanent ones..

space is good. close together is bad. he needs the room so that as more teeth cme in he has room for them.

Actually spaces are good for baby teeth. All four of my boys have (or had) spaces between their baby teeth and the dentist has always said that is good because it leaves room for the larger permanent teeth to come in straight. My two oldest have already lost their baby teeth and we've been told by the dentist that neither will need braces because there was plenty of room for their other teeth. However, my nephew who had beautiful, closely spaced baby teeth now has a mouthful of braces because his permanent teeth came in crooked... not enough room.

Trust me...space between baby teeth is good. When you don't have space between them you will have nightmares when the permanent teeth, which are obviously bigger, replace the baby teeth when your son is around 5-6 years old. My son's first new permanent tooth had to knock out 3 baby teeth because of how close his baby teeth were. And cavities can occur easier with croweded/close teeth.

Don't forget to start taking your son to a dentist now...yes your insurance will cover it. Once he has teeth you should start going, no matter how young your child is.

Good luck!!

He's only 11 months old. you really shouldn't be worried about that until he's much older. When he gets the rest of his teeth in they will likely push together. If they are still separated later there's nothing that says his permanent teeth will come in the same way his baby teeth did.

These are your child's BABY TEETH. Baby teeth will fall out before his permanent teeth come in. These teeth will be bigger. IT is good to have a little space in the front or bottom. That way when the bigger teeth come in (each at a different time in his childhood) they will not be crowded and crooked.

Look around at your friends and notice their teeth. Why are some straight and why some crooked, because of the space that was there in the beginning. (maybe also braces but all that is doing is pulling back teeth and respacing the other teeth to fit the mouth. I was once told by brace doctor,"Your son has a size "eight" mouth and size "ten" teeth!" Even with removing his back teeth and wearing braces his teeth returned to his crooked positions after the braces(not enough space).

Is there anything else about teeth from your past that might have you worried about this situtation? With or without spaced teeth I am sure your child is a marvel from God.
Keep Mothering,

My son is almost 11 months old and has the same space b/t his two front teeth. At our 9 month check-up, our Ped. said that we should take him to a Ped. Dentist at 12 months to be evaluated. Our Ped. said the the Dentist may want to clip the gum that is preventing the teeth from moving together. It is a minor, relatively painless procedure and very common.

Don't worry about it until the permanent teeth come in. If he has a gap in his front permanent teeth it's very easy to correct.

I am a dental hygienist and there is nothing to be concerned about. Many children have large spaces between their front teeth. The space may get smaller as other teeth come in or it may stay the same. Spacing in baby teeth is really a good thing because the permanent teeth are much larger. If a child has baby teeth that are very close or crowded you can count on crowded permanent teeth. We see spaces as good in dentistry at this point!

My daughter had gaps between all her baby teeth. The dentist told me that was a good thing because there would be room for her adult teeth. She is 8 and has the best looking teeth I have ever seen. They were right. My husband and I never needed braces. If you or your husband wore braces or needed them, then that's different. You son may need them as well.

He might need braces but he should be beautiful to you either way.

My dentist told me that was good. That way he will have room for all his teeth to come in and not be crowded. My daughters who are close together will have to have teeth pulled to make room. My sons are far apart. I thought hers were better, but apparently not. also less chance for a cavity!

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