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Spa Party for 9 Year Old

I am in the process of planning a Spa Day for my daughter's birthday. Previously had a bowling party planned, but her hand was broken the day before and I am feeling extremely guilty. You see, her birthday was actually in mid September and I told her we would see how the first couple of weeks of school went. She needed to earn her party. I feel the need to love on her a little more! I need suggestions on everything!!!

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Here are a couple of web sites with some great ideas.
www.teenpartyideas.com and www.amazingmoms.com then look under the preteens for the spa party.

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I have done this type of party with my daughter and we had a blast! We went to the dollar store or walmart and bought nail polish, foam toe seperaters, nail files, body spray, lip gloss etc. for each girl and put things in a little pink bag. We spent a few hours taking turns soaking our feet in our little pedi spa while watching movies and snacking. Painting our nails and bruching, braiding and curling eachothers hair. Just spending time with her and her friends, talking about whatever with no time schedule was great. Get a few fashion mags and some hot coco and you have a really inexpensive party that is a alot of fun. I also took tons of pictures and made mini albums for each girl after the fact. Dropped them in the mail. What kid doesn't like getting mail? Have Fun!
L. B.

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I am a consultant with Arbonne and we have products that are for young people/teens/pre-teens I have done several parties for Mother's and Daughter's and the girls did facials and put on make up (tinted moisturizer also good for acne prone skin)they used our FYI products For Young Individuals (us older women like them too LOL) . Girls like to play with make up and the Tinted moisturizer gives them the feeling of wearing make up plus it is good for their skin. I know I loved to pretend when I was that age. I am not a fan of nail polish I like to use only natural products. If you are interested in more information about the botanically based, natural products and the benefits of a party please respond in a private message and I will give you all the details.

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If you have a local beauty school they usually run pretty good deals for this type of thing. I also had a girl do my nails once (not a usual thing) that told me she did home parties. Maybe call around and find someone that would come to your home and do the girls' nails.

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I had a spa party for my daughter when she was around 12 years old. My sister helped and we did the girls's nails, I went to Walmart and picked up for a buck a piece these facial masks, sliced up cucumbers, and they gave themselves facials. Then I purchased empty plastic bottles, some good oil like grapeseed or avocado, even olive oil, and some essential oils of lemon and orange. Mix the oil with a few (only) drops of the essential oils and they made their own body oil. For favors we found really inexpensive hair bands and manicure sets. They had a blast, especially taking pictures of themselves with the masks on.

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Hi C., You could have a spa party/ sleep over at home. Nine year old girls love sleep overs, and being creative with hair styles, make up and nail polish is right up their alley. With the money you save they can order pizza and rent movies for later in the evening. Have fun.

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Check this link:


I allways check this website and I get wonderfull ideas. Some people has such an imagination! I browse through the different postings and I get ideas and add my own. The last 2 parties we have hosted have been a blast thanks to this site.

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I had a spa party for my 11 y.o. I pre made a mixture of bananas, honey and yogurt (safe and healthy!) (I had a recipe). The girls paired up and smeared it on each others faces they had so much fun! Next, they laid on an old comforter cucmber on their eyes, with music and a scented candle. As they laid there I took a face picture with them all "spa ed up". I gave each child a wash cloth from the $1 store (5 in a pack) The kids also decorated little magnetic frames and I put the picture in it as a parting gift. We also did nails it was fun! I had a ball!

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Sweet & Sassy is a cutting-edge children's salon, trend-setting retail store and the perfect celebration place! They have a loction in Novi Mall, and they do fab parties that include a Limo Ride.

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