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Soy Milk - Problem for Young Boys

My son has been drinking Soy Milk since the age of 1 , 3 times a day, and he is now 2 years old. I have now read studies that have said that giving spy milk to young boys i sharmful, and could delay them from entering puberty if at all, they could grow breasts, the voice doesn't go deep etc. Have any of you moms that have given your child soy milk found any problems with this?

I have since stopped giving him soy milk, but he wont drink cows milk and will need to increase his calcium intake in other forms.

Any advice/feedback would be appreciated

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My son drinks lots of Soy Milk. I never heard about these issues. If you are concerned, you may want to try Rice Milk, my son didn't notice the difference.

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My son will be 3 in August and has only had soy milk. When he was an infant, he even had to go on soy formula b/c he could not tolerate the regular. He had a bad reaction to dairy when he was younger, and so we have not re-introduced it yet. I have also read those studies you are talking about. In my opinion (and I am by no means an expert), I would rather take my chances and let him have the soy milk than no milk at all. I think that if it were really that much of a problem, the pediatrician would warn you before letting your son drink the soy milk. I have never heard this from a ped, but only from things I have seen. My cousin was only on soy until he was 3 or 4 , and he is now 22 and turned out just fine, no delays in puberty or anything. I can understand your concerns though, and I went through the same thing when I saw this. I guess it is just one of those things where you have to go with your gut. Good luck!

My boys did drink soy milk for a longer period of time (12 years for my oldest son) and he was slightly delayed in entering puberty, but I can't say I can blame the soy milk. However, like others I did switch to Rice and Almond milk, both of which are fortified with the vitamin D, etc.

Also, it's a total misconception that you have to consume dairy to get Calcium, as the calcium found in dairy is not easily absorbed. Calcium is found in fairly high levels in other foods such as dark greens, nuts, and fish such as salmon (wild is recommended), sardines, etc.
I would recommend a good combo calcium supplement if you want to add one. My son likes this one:
But, there are many to choose from:

I do know that for myself, the soymilk did aggravate and possibly contributed to my low thyroid function.

You might try Rice Milk like Rice Dream or a nut milk

Hope you can get it all worked out for him.


Both my boys had a slight allergy to dairy, so I had them on Soy formula until 1 yr old. My 2 year old had a reaction to regular soy milk when I tried switching him to that (major diaper rash). I did put him on Dairy for a while, but after constant stuffy nose, cough and 3 trips to the doctor and 2 rounds of antibiotics for ear infections I took him off. I have been mixing vanilla rice milk & almond milk and he hasn't had an ear infection since. I also tried goats milk, but he didn't like the taste (should have probably started him earlier on that).
I also give him liquid vitamins/minerals from Whole Foods in his juice and allow him cheese and yogurt from time to time.

As for putting off puberty I don't know. My oldest is only 4 and he does drink regular milk but actually prefers rice & almond milk.

Haven't experienced it, but I don't give it to my son either-same studies I have read say its a no-go for boys.

I do not know about the long term effects of soy milk, but if you are concerned, there are other types of milks that have calcium in them. Have you tried rice milk or almond milk? My kids like both of these.

My boys love almond and rice milk. Both are calcium fortified. I've heard studies that soy milk in excess can be harmful, but the extent you're describing seems like craziness!!

My son drank Soy until he was weaned from his bottle at about 13 months. He will be 14 this summer and his voice has changed in the past few months. I have not noticed any delay in puberty with him.

Was this just with boys? That would seem odd that only boys would be affected by soy. Just curious. My oldest daughter (soon turning 18) also had Soy until she was weaned from the bottle. The two are a lot alike in many ways, but neither of them had any delay with puberty.

Hope that helps!


Hi! I have a nephew that is now 16 but developed food allergies when he was only an infant. One of his allergens just happended to be milk so my sister gave him soy milk until he developed an allergy to it then rice milk. The soy milk was used from the time he was an infant until he was about 5/6 and after that it was rice milk. There have not been any issues with his growth or puberty and the doctor's actually recommended it. If you're still nervous talk to your pediatrician about the issue and maybe try the rice milk.

I saw that study a few weeks back and if you read closely, it specifies that the kids have to consume more than your son is. It is also a very rare side affect of consuming soy that has been linked to other disease states that are also rare in our population. Don't let these studies scare you.

My son drinks lots of Soy Milk. I never heard about these issues. If you are concerned, you may want to try Rice Milk, my son didn't notice the difference.

I have never heard of a problem with soy milk, certainly not such an extreme problem. If I were you, I'd research it thoroughly before worrying about it. Also, if you are determined that he should at least have some cow's milk, try giving him the soy milk, but mix it about 75/25% soy/cow's milk, just easing him into the new taste for about a week, then go half-and-half for a week, etc. If he's been drinking it this long, it shouldn't hurt him to go a little longer.

I have a friend whose children have been drinking soy milk their entire childhoods, and her son has shown absolutely no problems. Rest easy, Mama, your little boy will be just fine!

Good Morning,
My son could not drink soy however he alteranated with rice and almond milk.I have not heard of any issues with long term rice or almond milk other than lacking in all nutrients. I mixed liquid calcium/magnesium into his milk to help with calcium intake. My nutritionist said magnesium helps the calcium be absorbed into the body. Good luck. Prayers. D.

Both my sons drank soy the first two years. One still drinks it most of the time. So far, no developmental issues...both are in the 95%. I did ask our pediatrician and he was not at all concerned about the study due to the "mix" of food and drink that my boys get. There are lots of ways to get calcium, etc... that the body needs. I would definitely talk your specific situation over with your pediatrician.

I haven't heard that study. I wanted to share an alternative to Soy. My son has milk allergies and soy caused the same reaction. So since 12 months (he is now 2 yr) he has been on Goats Milk. I requested that my local Kroger carry it for me and started. But it's also at Walmart and whole foods. It's expensive but that's all he has ever known. It doesn't have any growth hormones. You might see if he will drink that. D.

I recently switched my 5 year old son from soy to rice milk because of the same things you have heard. At his 5 year appointment I talked to his pediatrician and he told me that if he is only having a few servings a day it is no big deal. We give him ice cream, chesse, calcium fortified OJ, and other calcium rich foods to make up for anything he is not getting due to decreased soy intake. He has been on soy all of his life. We have tried cow's milk several times with the same response...CONSTIPATON!

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