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Sores on Side of Mouth

About 2 weeks ago I noticed my daughter had what looked like a rash/ pimples on the corner of her mouth. I just kind of watched it and in a few days it was gone. well now its back and I have them too! I have no idea what in the world this could be they are almost like pimples and scabs mixed with a little rash around them... anyone ever have anything like this?? thanks!

What can I do next?

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Did she have something similar on her feet and hands? It could be hand/foot/mouth disease. My friend's baby had it, and since it is contagious, my friend got it too. Take her to the doctor as soon as possible to prevent spreading whatever you both have to others around you.

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it sounds like thrush to me but I am not sure, I would make an appt with the doctor and find out for sure what it is.

It sounds kind of like impentigo(sp?). It is an infection but from what I remember it does not go away without treatment, oral antiobiotics and possibly topical as well.

Hi E.,

It could be any of the things the moms have already mentioned. It does sound more like a fever blister which is what was mentioned as the herpes virus. These and the other conditions come out when the immune system is at it's lowest point.

Several things can be done. First is make sure she is getting the proper nutrition. Avoid synthetic chemicals in foods such as processed foods, pesticides, preservatives, hormones, and antibiotics. Fast food is the worst because they usually combine the chemicals in the processing with the simple sugars that are bad in white breads and white potatoes.

An absorbable multivitamin/mineral complex would be good for her and you as well. If it is a fever blister, L-Lysine is an amino acid that is supposed to be in your body but is depleted with stress and the immune system drops. It can be purchased at the health store.

Fresh air and exercise helps as well. I detoxed my home and removed all synthetic chemicals about 5 years ago and we don't get sick anymore. We are now able to keep our immune systems strong. All of this is easy and very inexpensive. Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be glad to walk you through it.

God bless,


It could be an allergic reaction of sorts. That happens to kids a lot.

A previous commenter mentioned impetigo but didn't know the correct spelling. I don't know anything about it, but that will give you the correct spelling if you want to Google it yourself.

Once they are gone buy some new toothbrushes! Also, do not share toothpaste, if you are now, in the future.

I would go to the dr. It is probably either cold sores or hand/foot/mouth disease. If it is cold sores, ask that you be put on Valtrex (yes the Herpes medicine). I have cold sores as well, and within a day of taking Valtrex, they are gone (since cold sores are a form of Herpes). I don't know what they would do to help your daughter, but again, I would go to the dr. so you have the best diagnosis! Good luck!

this is an instance where you need to call your pediatrician.

Could it be inphantigo (I don't know the correct spelling) but I know what you are describing sounds similar to that and it is very contageous.

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