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Sores Inside Mouth of 3 Yr Old

my almost 3 yr old daughter has sores inside her cheeks. she complained the other day about her cheek and I was able to see a little sore. then today she complained again and there is another sore on the inside of the other cheek. does anyone know what this is? she has had a cold/cough/runny nose for about 1 week and 1/2. someone mentioned hand, foot and mouth. I looked that up and I don't think it's that. from searching the medical site it could be the pinneapple she has had recently. i did give her some this morning before she complained of the second one. does anyone else's child get these from citrus?

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thank you all for your responses, they were very helpful. I did call the doctor and they weren't concerned, they just said to note if there are more or if she gets little clusters of them. Megan does not use floride toothpaste yet. I'm going with the diagnosis of cancor sore aggravated or created by the pinneapple. I will pay attention in the future when she eats some. I don't think there is any vitamin deficiancy, she eats lots of fruits and vegetables and eats vitamin gummies that are concentrated fruit (not chemical supplements) we also juice our own carrot and apple and lemon juice. I thought the aloe advice was interesting I may try that but doesn't sound too tasty. and the maalox was also interesting. I love all the different ideas.

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My son and I both suffer from this. Pineapple is the worst! After many visits to the doctor we finally got relieve. We gargle with Maalox every morning and night. Maybe being so young I would swab it in her mouth. All citrus does this to me,also strawberries. Good luck.

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Poor thing. I would suggest changing toothpaste to a non fluoride type like Tom's or Kiss My Face at the health food store, if the sores continue after the cold leaves.
Also, for any mouth sore, you can buy a stalk of aloe at Publix for $1.99. Slice it three ways on the back like fileting a fish. Cut the three pieces off and scrape out the aloe. Put it in a blender with some ice and a little water and blend. Drink it. Solves mouth issues, stomach issues, throat and all kinds of stuff. Great for ulcers.

It could ulcers from acidity foods try taking a little of listerine mouthwash and just dab it on the spots that should clear it up. Go web md on the internet and type in her problem they will give some treatments for her age group. Try web md first the listerine will burn for a second but does work.

COuld it be hand, foot , and mouth disease?

It could be a canker sore. I get them, usually when I am very run down, especially when I haven't been getting enough sleep. So perhaps they are not a symptom of her cold specifically, but rather caused by her immune system being run down. If I remember correctly what I was told by my dentist, they are caused by a virus. In my case citrus does not cause them, but it does aggravate them. Basically I just use Ambesol to numb the pain until they heal. I hope that this info is helpful and I hope your daughter feels better. :-), A.

This could just be canker sores. My daughter gets them all the time. The acid in the fruit can aggrivate it and so does the SLS in the toothpaste. Sometimes they come 1 at a time, sometimes they come 2 or more at a time. If it is troublesome for her, you may want to check with the dentist or doctor to see about relief or if it may be something else.


With any type of open sore, i would call the Dr and i would avoid citrus just to avoid pain. It could be a dental thing too. good luck

My son and I both suffer from this. Pineapple is the worst! After many visits to the doctor we finally got relieve. We gargle with Maalox every morning and night. Maybe being so young I would swab it in her mouth. All citrus does this to me,also strawberries. Good luck.

My children have had those sores also. The pediatrician said they can be viral. She also said they can be caused by too much sugar. Which as we all know can be found in places we are not looking! I would talk to your ped and see what they recomend.

Hi B... I read thru the other responses and noticed my favorite is not in there, so for future reference, wanted to pass on.. My daughter and I both get cancer sores occassionally. Some due to diet some immune system.. I use colloidal silver.. from the healthfood store.. it is pretty much tasteless and odorless, so my kids don't mind it at all.. we drip or swab/swish it around the mouth for 30 sec. if possible, but it is painless.. I also use it in the ears for ear infections, eyes for pink eye or irritation. It is anti viral, bacterial and fungal.. has many uses, but should be used in moderation. Also, tea tree oil works great for oral thrush and cancer sores, but kids will definitely not like the taste.. but adding a few drops to water for a mouth wash a few times a day gets rid of both thrush and cancer sores. I've known adults to put a baby aspirin or BC powder directly one the sores for pain, but it stings, so recommend that for adults if you don't use the other two. Lastly.. most doctors will tell you to swish w/ warm salt water a few times a day.. but again, not something children will normally cooperate with.. :-) Best of luck.

I would also say hand, foot, mouth. I recently had this (at age 23) and I only developed sores in my throat (thought it was strep). Although called hand, foot, mouth it does not mean sores will appear on all three, but they can. Also, the cold like symptoms are very typical of this illness. Being an active and retaining normal activities while having sores and cold like symptoms is also very common. I wouldn't rule this out just yet, but you may be right, it may be a food allergy. Perhaps you can visit your family doctor...he/she can give you "magic mouthwash" to dull the pain, but that's basically all they do.

Good luck!

P.S. WASH YOUR HANDS OFTEN, this is extremely contagious!

Well you could do what I always do when I'm not sure about something with my kids (3 1/2 and 10m). WEBMD!!!

It is possible she could have thrush, and if she does her mouth will continue to have sores and become worse and worse until it hurts her to swallow. You should consider taking her to the doctor to see if this is what it is or if it is possibly an allergic reaction. Thrush is very painful and the sooner she sees a doctor the better. Hope she is better soon.

Are they just canker sores? If so citrus is know to impact those is some people. For me it turned out to be peanut butter, but taking a L-lysene supplement counteracts that imbalance if I know I've eaten some peanuts. B-vitamin deficiency influences then in other people. If they are canker sores, there is not much you can do and it can take a long time to determine if there is a dietary link that triggers the virus in her body. Wish I had more positive information for you.

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