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Soon to Be 6 Month Old Is Wheezing

My son will be 6 months old on Feb 6th. He got a bad cold while in day care about 2 1/2 months ago and has not seemed to be the same since. We have gone to the doctor many times and he checks his lungs and says the same thing, Humidifier and drops up the nose. Now my sons eczema has spread to his body and is now wheezing along with constant coughing. He also has red spots (rash) on his arms and legs and cheek. His hands and feet appear to have a slight swelling. Me being a first time mom and having no clue, It appears it may be food allergies. during this whole time we have been introducing new fruits and veggies. I was so fed up with my poor son being miserable. I stopped all fruits and veggies 2 days ago due to I had no idea which fruit or veggie may be allergic to. But his condition hasn't changed. So I guess I'm asking if anyone has had this similar problem and how soon after you stop the food he may be allergic to will you notice a difference. If its immediately, then I'm thinking it could be his formula. He's been on soy since he was 2 months. I'm at a loss.. I start new doctor for him on Monday. My sons demeanor is happy and he doesn't seem in pain. Any advise would be helpful.

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Thank you everyone for all your responses. I read each and every one of them. I ended up taking my son to Scottsdale Healthcare on Shea. He was tested for RSV and it was negative. They did Xrays and they were normal. He was giving a breathing treatmtent as well. He is doing alot better, the wheezing has subsided, for now. He does have a viral infection, but it is minor. But I will be switching his formula, I don't want him on Soy, I haven't heard anything good about it. When he was born, I tried every formula and Soy was the only that he didn't fuss afterwards. But now that he's 6 months old, I would like to try and introduce a milk based or something like alimentrum. We have his 6 month well check up tomorrow and I will discuss switching with her. I use all perfume, dye free products on my son as well as myself, from bath products to detergents. I try to take every precaution. So I truely thank everyone for taking the time to respond. It means alot and the support on here is great. Bless you all

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I agree with the other women when it comes to soy milk? My son started with allergies around 6 weeks old. It started as eczema behind the ears oozing & cracking, his eyes looked like someone had hit him (dark circles all the time), croupy cough, although he was a very happy little boy. It was decided he might be allergic to milk products, so we took him off all milk for 2 weeks. We used goats milk instead of formula and had to really read all of the ingredients since milk is hidden in many, many products even those that say milk free. After 2 weeks we started to reintroduce milk slowly and it did seem to help however, he still had allergies to many other things like tree, grass etc. and later became asthmatic (wheezing) of which he did out grow.

If I had it to do all over again I wouldn't of wasted time with just his pediatrician, but I would of gone directly to a allergist since I think had we gotten the allergies under control we might not of had as much problem with the asthma. I wish you the very best.

I experienced similar reactions when my son was 2 years old. We stopped all dairy and wheat products and the asthma cleared up. I really think that unless you go to a food allergist, regular doctors are not going to have a clue. And I don't think the vegetables or fruits are the culprit. Iris Also learn infant massage from a certified instructor - it is incredible help to move everything through his little body and he will feel so much better.

It sounds like allergies to me. My daughter and I have seasonal allergies that make us break out in rashes that itch like crazy. Sometimes it looks like exzyma and sometimes it is hives. There is alternate testing for allergies. A clinic in Las Vegas that has helped me with my allergies. they found out what I was allergic to when all other traditional methods failed. They have a web site, nevadaclinic.com. If you are too far away they may be able to refer you to a place closer to you. The clinics Doctors are wonderful.

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Hello A. -

I am a pediatric nurse and couldn't agree more with Karis - I think you have multiple issues and you have to work from the most serious to the least serious. Wheezing this time of year is VERY serious - even if he doesn't yet have a virus causing it, he could pick one up at the drop of a hat especially because his little system is already compromised. Please take him to be seen TODAY - Banner Desert, Scottsdale Shea and Phoenix Children's all have pediatric ERs that serve only children, so you are more likely to get in quicker and then once you are in, they know kids and aren't just an adult doctor trying to take care of kids. I personally work at Banner and I love our ER.

Second, I would immediately stop the soy formula. If he is unable to do a mild based formula, you can go and buy Nutramigen or Alimentum that are hypo-allergenic formulas. Soy is the number two largest food allergen, second to milk/dairy. Other big allergens are citrus, nuts, shellfish and gluten (wheat). Both of my boys have milk-protein allergy and so we have been through a lot of this. They both have Reactive Airway Disease as well and go through usually 1-2 wheezing episodes per year. My five year old has grown out of it and my two year old has not had any issues yet this year (knock on wood). My older has eczema as well - usually more in the winter and usually gets worse when it is dry. I am also a consultant with Arbonne and couldn't say enough about their baby line - We tried EVERYTHING (including steroid cream) and the baby line cleared it up very quickly and has kept it clear.

It is really hard to weed through all of these issues, but it definitely sounds allergy related - my only caution is that because you don't know for sure, you should be treating the wheezing VERY proactively and if that means going to the ER then you really MUST do that. Hang in there and feel free to email me with any questions.


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You need a new doctor. You doctor probably doesn't know what's wrong and is to prideful to say anything. First get rid of your doctor and find a new one. 2nd take your baby to the ER, There are very good doctors in the ER, especially here in Phoenix. Dont' second guess yourself, you are a mom and most of the times mom's know when there is something wrong. 3rd Don't just take your baby off of food, a good doctor, will do some tests and tell you what the problem is, and if you think it's food allergies, you can tell the Doc that. It could be so many different things, that are causing this. You may have black mold growing in your house, that is one of the symptoms. I had a similar problem when my daugther was collic, and my doctor kept telling me that there is nothing wrong, and it must be somthing I am doing. I changed doctors and found out that she was colic and what was causing some of it. You need a new doctor, Google it and find some pediatricians in your neighborhood, or ask the ER doc when you take you little one in.


So hard to isolate these things, but the first alarm for me went off when you mentioned soy. Soy is linked to allergies, eczema, asthma, thyroid malfunction, and cancer. I know the media champions soy, and I believed it was great but now I think it is poison. My boys still have problems and I wish I could backtrack but the damage is done. Soy can be disastrous. Here's a couple articles to consider:
The last one is particularly sobering. You're messing with their hormones for the rest of their life.
I definitely urge caution - don't want to scare you but I hope you consider this. Technology is beautiful, but it cannot be our food. Feed your baby REAL food!
-B. McMorran
Denver WAPF Chapter,
RMAC Administrator,

My son who is 3 has been diagnosed with asthma only when he gets the cold virus. He also would wheeze whenever he would catch a cold. At first my doctor told me the same thing: humidifier,drops, etc. A couple of colds later, his wheezing got so bad that we had to hospitalize him overnight with oxygen. Once that happened my doctor knew for sure that he had "asthma" only when he had a cold. My doctor has now recommended a preventive treatment with pulmicort breathing treatments daily along with singulair granules mixed in with applesauce. These medicines are to prevent the wheezing should he get a cold. Also, upon the first sign of a cold I am supposed to boost the pulmicort breathing treatments to 2x a day with xopenex(once at night/once morning), give him the singulair at night. The xopenex helps his lungs say open so he can breath during his cold without the wheezing. This has worked so well. Also, at times if he still wheezes my doctor has given him an oral steroid for 5 days to reduce inflamation. This, too, has helped him. I am told that my son will most likely outgrow his asthma during colds. My husband had asthma as a child and he no longer has it. My son also had bad exzema as a baby but has outgrown it with only an occasional patch on his hand or foot. I hope this information helps you!

I would get him to the doctor immediately! Any type of swelling or rash should be looked at (especially when it's accompanied by breathing problems). Good luck!

My advice to you would be to take her to the dever childrens urgent care centers when you have a question that your pediatrician isnt answering for you. there are a bunch of them all around the area. it depends on where you are at, but the childrens hospital in aurora has an urgent care center too and is open 24hrs. otherwise, when you call your pediatricians after hours they will tell you where the closest one to you is. they are wonderful and fast and give great care to babies!

Get him allergy-tested. If nothing turns up, then keep up your doctor's advice of the humidifier and nose drops. Also check the air filter of the heater where you live. If you rent, chances are that your landlord never changes it. You can get an allergy filter at Home Depot or Lowe's for about $30, about three times the cost of a regular filter, but well worth it. You'll feel better too.

My son just grew out of it after a couple of months, at around the same age as yours. Try not to worry too much. They're much tougher than we first-time moms think.

It sounds like allergies to me. My daughter and I have seasonal allergies that make us break out in rashes that itch like crazy. Sometimes it looks like exzyma and sometimes it is hives. There is alternate testing for allergies. A clinic in Las Vegas that has helped me with my allergies. they found out what I was allergic to when all other traditional methods failed. They have a web site, nevadaclinic.com. If you are too far away they may be able to refer you to a place closer to you. The clinics Doctors are wonderful.

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