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Son with Very Bad Breath...

My son Lucas, 4 years old, has bad breath all the time. I brush his teeth like 2-3 times a day and it always comes back with in 1 hour. Does anyone have any answers why he would have such bad breath? I mean it is horrible, so bad sometimes we have to walk away from him.

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So I am going to call my sons ped. tomorrow.. I looked in his nose, nothing LOL
Thank you everyone!

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Does he eat any hard candy like suckers?If my son eats anything like that his breath is horrid. Also candy canes and life savers are bad for him. Maybe they have the same weird stinky breath that is caused by hard candy.

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has he seen a dentist yet? It could be something that has nothing to do with his mouth, like a sinus problem...so you may want to try his regular Dr. first....
Good luck,

My oldest (who's 6) often has bad breath, too.

Strep throat is going around and causes really nasty breath! My daughter has strep and I didn't even know she had it, we just checked her because I was positive for strep, she has barely any symptoms too.

Also whenever I have a sinus infection my breath is horrible and I can taste the infection.

I have a 3 year old foster son that also has unbelievabley bad breath. I talked to his Ped. and she said that some kids just have that and that it could be a little reflux but that it didn't need to be treated. I have noticed with him though that when he's having issues with his parents that his tongue gets really coated so I wouldn't doubt that he has a little bit of a stomach problem caused by stress. His little brother was 5 months old when we got them and he had reflux so bad that at night he would cough like a chain smoker until he just about got sick. We got him some zantac and now he's 1 and doesn't even need it anymore because it's gone.
Check with your Ped. but it's probably nothing to worry about.

I know someone that had a rotten tooth in their mouth (his breath would knock you out). After they removed the tooth the bad breath was gone as well. Has your son seen a dentist yet? It could also just be as others have stated but at least all these stories give you something to think about. Good Luck!

Hi S.,
OK, I think you should bring him to your pediatrician. He's going to or should ask you what he eats....you will then track what he eats. Sometimes people can eat things that just don't work in their bodies well and will cause this reaction.

Next thing is to get a tongue tooth brush. You will need to brush his tongue and also use a rinse.

Good luck!
J. N

Does he eat any hard candy like suckers?If my son eats anything like that his breath is horrid. Also candy canes and life savers are bad for him. Maybe they have the same weird stinky breath that is caused by hard candy.

I would suggest you see your pediatrician. He could be having sinus problems or stomach problems that are causing the problem. The pediatrician can also check his mouth and see if he has any major dental issues as well and make a referral to a dentist.

Bad breath comes from your diet moreso than whether or not you brush your teeth. If you eat alot of carbs, or a lot of meat, or spices (pizza, spaghetti), you can be a fire breather. It could also be something as simple as celery, beans, or brocolli, which are gas-producers. Gas that is smelly can give bad breath. Make sure that he's brushing his tongue as well as his teeth too. And then take a look at his diet, see what he's been eating lately, and consult with a nutritionist if you're not sure.

Hi S.-
I would contact your son's Dr or even bring him to the dentist. If your son has had alot of strep throat he can suffer from bad breathe due to that.
I make sure when I am brushing my kids teeth I am doing their tongues also.
Good Luck~
B. L

Just like everyone else has stated, I would take him to see his ped. It sounds to me like he probably has sinus issues. My daughter went through that and we brush her teeth/tongue a lot, but I've also found that when she is drinking water mostly it really seems to help as well.

Have you tried brushing his tongue and cheeks? I saw an ad recently for a toothbrush that does just that and is supposed to really help get rid of bacteria... Sorry I'm not much help.


My 2 yr old had the same problem in Dec. I could not for a week I could not figure out what it was until we gave each other an eskimo kiss. THen I realized it was coming from his NOSE- his right nostril to be exact! When I realized that I looked up there and could see some blockage. I immediately tried getting it out myself (I was out of state- no insurance, I know bad I should of still taken him to see a pediatrician BUT I didn't)I pulled out what ended up being pieces of rotten carrots. I freaked out. I did all these other home remedies and through out the rest of the week fragments of rotten carrots would fall out by themselves. About a week later he was cured. But I'm not an MD and I would highly recommend you take him to see a pediatrician. I just thought I would share my story with you.

Take care and let me (all of us) know what the outcome is. -T.

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