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Son Wants to Use Both Left and Right Hands.....

My 5 year old seems to use both his hands when doing all activities. He appears to use mainly his left hand when writing and his left foot when kicking balls but he can use his right side just as well. I received a note from his teacher about working with him to help him develop a dominate hand for writing, opening things, using scissors etc., but I"m not sure if I want to encourage him to use a certain hand. (If I did it would be his left since his skills seem better and more purposeful when he uses his left) Does anyone know if this develops at a certain age or should I be coaching him??? I have lots of lefties in my family and my uncle is truly ambidextrous. Thanks for your feedback!!!

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You all are the best! Thank you so much for your feedback. I think I'll stick with my original instinct and also take your advice and let him just use both hands for whatever he wants to do. I might nudge him to use his left more for writing so he can master that skill (he writes much better with the left hand and also has better control over scissors etc. with his left). I'm not very concerned now, after reading all your stories. I think he will be just fine :-) Thanks again ladies!!! What a great site for feedback!!!

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My 6 year old has always been the same way---we watched him at home and the teacher watched at school and we both realized that he is predominately left handed. We decided that he needed to write with his left hand---and everything else can be done with whichever hand he chooses. He seems fine with this and if he happens to write with his right hand it's no big deal... you should research ambidextrous people---very interesting!! Good luck!

My husband is ambidextrous and it is no problem at all. In fact, I am jealous. He can write with one hand while using the calculator with the other. He can bad righty and lefty.......keeps the pitcher confused!

Most lefties are very adept at using both hands (whereas righties like myself can barely open a door with my left hand :) )

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Being ambidextrous just may run in your family. Other kids who have no hand dominance may also have trouble with handwriting or some other fine motor skills (either in 2D 3D or both)

Try working with him doing activities where he crosses the midline of his body. That's where he uses his right hand on the left side of his body and vice versa. It also incorporates rotating the upper torso when he crosses the midline.

Batting a t-ball or baseball
ping pong
paddling a canoe
touching toes - right hand to left foot
tumbling or gymnastics
using a rolling pin to cook or make playdough
Drawing at an easel with his feet stationary
walking a straight line crossing one foot in front of the other
puzzles - put all the pieces on his right and have him grab all the pieces with his left hand
tossing a ball to a target on the opposite side of the midline
sweeping, mopping, shoveling, raking
turning one end of a jump rope

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I totally agree with all the ladies that say let him decide for himself. Just Thank God that he has hands to use. My in-laws are that way with my daughter and it makes me very upset. When they see her use her left hand they tap it and make her use her right hand. I thinks it's no ones business what hand they use. You said your self you have an uncle that is ambidextrous so he just might be following in his foot steps. I think it is great that they are able to use both hands. It just makes them that much more special.

Let him develop naturally. My son used both hands and eventually used his right to write. But he still colors with his left hand if he is working on the left side of the page and vice versa - he's 9. The real question is: what difference does it make to the teacher, as long as he is getting his work done. I'm curious how old the teacher is?

I agree with most of the others; let nature take it's course. My oldest son is entirely left handed, and my youngest (6 years old) uses both hands. He uses his left hand primarily for fine motor skills (writing, cutting, eating), but once in awhile will use his right, and uses his right hand most of the time for gross motor skills (throwing, golfing, etc.). It's interesting since no one else besides my boys in the entire family is left handed. My oldest can't do anything at all with his right hand. Being left handed is something my boys have bonded over. :-)

My husband is ambidextrous and it is no problem at all. In fact, I am jealous. He can write with one hand while using the calculator with the other. He can bad righty and lefty.......keeps the pitcher confused!

This happened to my husband 35 years ago. His mom let him use both hands and the teacher wanted him to only use one. He writes with his right hand but can also use his left hand for tasks. He is also an excellent drummer. He says encourage the use of both and buy him a set of drums!

As someone who's ambidextrous, I'd highly encourage letting him go with what is natural.

I'm the only person who is a lefty in my family, but all I do left handed is write and eat. Everything else (throwing, gymnastics, brushing my hair/teeth) is predominant right. It's allowed me to do many things I'd never have been able to had I truly been dominant one way or another.

There have been times being left-handed has been challenging. Picking where to sit at restaurants, using desks in college......but, if you've ever noticed, most brilliant people are predominant left. Check which hand your physician writes with, your pharmacist, etc.

If you believe that hand dominance is truly tied to different parts of the brain, I gladly welcome the diversity of being multi-gifted. I wish one of my kids were dominant left, but our daughter is showing a proclivity to both left/right dominance, and I love it.

Good luck!

I agree with all the posts that say to let him do what is natural for him. I love that I can use both of my hands (frisbee, anyone?). It's fun sometimes to see other's amazement as I think this is normal. :)

On a side note, have you had his eyes checked? I found out that what hand dominance I do have is related to my vision. My right eye has clearer vision. I don't know if it's scientific but it was informative to me.

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