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Son's Friend in Piggy Bank

We have had an issue with a friend of my son recently. The friend and his family just moved across the street from us. The friend and my son are the same age and like to play together.
Last night, my son told my husband that the friend told our son that the "crumpled green monies in the piggy bank are garbage." And the friend convinced him to take the green papers out and throw them in the garbage. My son did not throw anything in the garbage, the friend took the money and threw it away. We're not sure exactly how much money was in the bank. I guestimate $60. My son told us that some of the "monies" had 5, 10, and 20 numbers on them. Our son said this happened right after they moved here which was 3-4 weeks ago. The money is long gone.
So the question is what do we do now? Do we let the ilttle boy over our house? Do we let him play in our son's room? My husband spoke to the parents and was told that they will "look into it". We have spoken to other parents of my son's friends, in case our son misled them.

What can I do next?

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they are so young that i dont think anything was meant by it. i would try to teach them that money has value and we dont throw it away. and i would keep my money in my bedroom from then on also.

Yes, if the boys are friends you should still have him over to your house. At the age of 5 I don't think the neighbor was being malicious or trying to mislead your son. It's unfortunate that the money is gone but you should use this as a learning opportunity for everybody. Talk to both boys about money and open a savings account for your son so that when he gets more paper money he can put it in the bank and it won't get lost. There really isn't anything the neighbors can do, other than teaching their son about money, i don't think they are responsible for replacing the money especially as you don't know how much was thrown away. Just hope that it made it's way into the hands of someone who really needed it.

I agree with the two other posters. At 5, the friend probably actually thought they were garbage - similar to any crumpled paper he might see. All you should do is stress to your son the value of money and use the anecdotal story to suggest the friend's parents do the same. It's actually quite humorous - two 5 year olds finding crumpled green paper "garbage" in a piggy bank. In fact, how tidy of them to throw it out! :)
Sorry you're out $60, a small price for a great lesson IMO.

No, I wouldn't allow the child back in to play. We had that happen many years ago with a family that used to live down the street....except this kid took 300.00 out of my coat pocket. The parents said they'd look into it too, but I never saw the money again.
I don't let any kids play in my house anymore <unless its my girlfriends daughter or somebody close like that>. Its a good thing I stuck to that rule too cause the boy that took the money.. He and his brother have been in and out of juvie over the years.

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