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Son Sticks Finger up His Bum

Ok, so I have pretty much had it with my almost 5 year old son sticking his finger up his bum. I need help. I've talked to one pediatrician - sadly not the normal one he sees. The doc said that it's probably pin worms. We tried pin worm medication even though we could almost guarantee that wasn't it- it didn't work. He's been doing it off and on for 2 years now! At first it was only occasionally but now it is is multiple times in a day!!! It's driving me crazy :( Any suggestions?I have thought of maybe putting something on his finger to serve as a reminder. I asked if his bum itches and he says no, he just likes doing it. It's soooooo gross! I need help.

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Just as a follow-up, my husband and I have talked about hygiene and how not only can it make him or other people sick, it is not acceptable. He'll do it anywhere. We did give him treatments of pinworm medicine two different times - two weeks apart per the doctor's recommendation.

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If there is no known medical reason for it, and he is not sick, then it's a behavioral habit that you should enforce consequences for if he does not stop it. Emphasize that it is not appropriate to do so. Boys can be so gross!!

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B., you need help getting this behavior stopped. It is very concerning that perhaps he might do it to another child because he sees it as a "feel good" thing. You will be in a world of hurt if this happens.

Get a child psychologist to help you. This is, I'm sorry, aberrant behavior and has to be addressed. Don't let him be with other children unattended.


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well. i suppose maybe it feels good right? so talk about what's acceptable and when and where and how to clean.

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Hi B., I'm still stuck on the pinworms. Did the doctor do a stool sample to confirm it is pinworms? Did you just give one app of medication? Would one app do it if it was a bad infestation? I'm thinking if it was pinworms and started about 2 years ago, then he would have done this to comfort or itch the area and is now used to it. Perhaps the tickle of the pinworm would tempt him to do it. Take him to his PED and see if she can assist in finding the reason for it. Although I am sure at this point, something started this and now he has found pleasure in it. No hot sauce, please.

Try the casual approach of stopping him...no shock value. Teach him about his body and how it works, food intake, stomach, process, and poop/waste. Bacteria, illness, and the spread of germs.

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If there is no known medical reason for it, and he is not sick, then it's a behavioral habit that you should enforce consequences for if he does not stop it. Emphasize that it is not appropriate to do so. Boys can be so gross!!

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hot sauce - not a good idea, that could damage the lining of his little butt.

My guess is that is does feel good - after is it is a erogenous zone, like the willy etc - but it is obviously not appropriate in public, just like masturbation is not.

so guess you could compromise - he can do it in the bathroom, or private, but all hell will be let loose if he does it in front of anyone.

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it almost sounds like he may have been molested (not sure) but usually when kids act out like that that maybe the case. But i hope you figure it out.

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So he is dropping his pants to do this? Do you tell him it is dirty and immediately make him wash his hands? You may also try getting him some prepH wipes, or something similar. It might be hemorrhoids, or just an irritant from the tp.

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I am at a loss for words. Let us know what finally works if anything ever does.
The fecal germ factor is scary for one thing.
The fact that he might be liking the way it feels is pretty scary too, there is a time and place for that type of thing. You might tell him he needs to stop, that is not something you do in public EVER, and the only place he should do it is in the bathtub so he can clean the germs off of his finger. Maybe showing him some gross pictures of live bacteria would be the way to go as far as scaring him straight.... I dunno.
Just think, your house has poop finger all over the place, lol, I mean I know it's not funny at all, but I don't know what else to say. Aye yi yi!!

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