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Son Repeating What He Has Said Back to Himself, Is It a Health Concern??

About a month and a half ago I noticed that my 7 yr. old son Logan was "under his breath" repeating back to himself the words or sentences that he just spoke. He does not have a hearing problem and I am wondering what could be causeing this. He had never done this before. I am not sure if I should be concerned or not. What he says makes sense so I am just at a loss to why he does this. Any suggestions??

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Thanks for the suggestions! I asked him why he does that but he says he does not know. I think he does not really realize he does it. He does not have any other behavior concerns or problems or anything else that would suggest OCD. He is not habitual in anything he does that I have seen. I will keep a watch on him though!!!
Thanks so much!!!!!

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You know what? I do this because if i repeat it back to myself, like if it was a phone number, I will remember it. Maybe he doesn't know that he is training himself to remember stuff. I did this in school all the time and passed every test without studying! He has a photographic memory and doesn't know it yet! :-)

Have a wonderful day!

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I don't know if he does this all the time or if it's just on occasion, but I've caught myself at times doing the same thing. I don't really know why I do that sometimes, I just do. Maybe I just like hearing myself talk lol. Anyway, if it's just sometimes that he does it maybe he's just repeating it to himself to see how the sentence sounds & see if he said it in a way that is grammatically correct such as what they're learning in school or something. Perhaps you should ask him if he realizes he's doing it. It could just be that he's doing it without thinking like I do sometimes.

OCD can be different for everyone and sometimes the person doesn't even know why they do the things they do. I have to do some things in a certain order. If I don't I feel like things aren't right until I go back and put them in order. I also have to have even numbers of things. If there is only one of something, I won't use it or I'll throw it away. Repeating things is also a type of OCD. It could be that it just feels right to your son to repeat things and that if he doesn't do it he won't feel normal again until it's done. Don't think of this as something crazy. As long as it doesn't bother him and it doesn't get in the way of other things he does, then it's really not that big of a deal. You should still tell your doctor about it and also try to get him in to see a counseler or something. His OCD might be triggered by anxiety (a lot of mine is) and it could make things worse. By talking to someone about it and letting him talk to someone that will show you both that this isn't something that's weird, it's just something that makes him be him, you both might feel better. And who knows? Maybe that might ease some of his anxiety and lessen his OCD symptoms. I hope this helps!!

I know exactly what you're talking about. I noticed years ago that my brother does this. He's now 27! Just recently, I noticed that my boyfriend does it too! I haven't said anything to my boyfriend, but I have asked my brother about it. He doesn't even notice he's doing it.
If you have any good replies, I'd be interested in hearing what people have to say.
I'm not sure I would agree that it's OCD...because neither my brother OR boyfriend possess any other characteristics of OCD. I am OCD...so I would pick up on it.

Curious to know more too!!

I don't think this is necessarily a health concern. Does he do any other "quirky" things? My (almost three-year-old)son does this and a couple of other quirky things that compelled us to have him evaluated. We found out that he processes his information externally rather than internally as most people do. I have also started reading a book (at the suggestion of his evaluator) called: Quirky Kids - Understanding Your Child Who Doesn't Fit In - When to Worry and When Not to Worry

A. I think you should talk to your son and ask why he is doing this and why maybe if you bring it to his attention he will realize what he is doing. Also watch his behavior and see if anything else is out for the ordinary I agree with one of the other mothers that he may have OCD. If that is the case you want to start working with him and understanding

I really don't think it a problem. My daughter just turned 7 and she does the same thing, she also whispers what she's about to say. It started after she developed a stuttering problem. After she started repeating herself she stopped her stuttering. I spoke to her speech therapist about it and she says its completely okay. With my daughter it makes her feel more confident with what she says, and it also makes herself think that what she just said makes since.

if he's doing it after everything he says it could be OCD...obsessive compulsive disorder. you might have to have evaluaed by a child psychologist or psychiatrist to find out what triggered it. if it's only once in a while...maybe he's just making sure what he just said was the right thing to say. I've done that myself...said something and then asked myself under my breath "did I just say blah blah blah?" especially if I thought it came out wrong or I'd said something stupid.

my uncle started doing that when he was young now at 62 he still does it but you most answer him back , ____@____.com

I just wanted to let you know that my husband also does this. I don't really think it is a health concern, myself. Maybe some sort of reassurance? Hugs.

hi -- i don't know if this will help you at all but when i was a kid . the boy down the street that i had a big crush on did the same thing . repeted everything he said he didn't know why either his mom said maybe it was his way of making sure what he was saying was coming out right . i don't know but i do now that to this day were still friends and he still does this some times it can be anoying but it part of him . you get use to it after awail . i wouldn't worry though . hope this helps

My 9 year old does this along with other quirky things. We had him taken to Riley and evaluated. It came back that he has ADD, OCD, Sensory Integration and Aspergers like tendancies but not Aspergers. I think it's probably the OCD or SI that cause him to repeat things. SI symptoms

-- Loves to spin, swing and jump--this will seem to calm them down after several minutes.
-- Complains of how clothing feels, does not like tags left in their clothing and have to have their socks on just so, or a certain kind of sock.
-- Picky eaters--get stuck on one certain food and is basically impossible to get them to eat anything else.
-- Oversensitivity to smells. Or undersensitivity--may sniff people, objects, food.
-- Oversensitivity to sounds--will frequently cover ears. Or undersensivity.
-- May have an exceptionally high pain tolerance
-- May tire easily
-- Unusually high or low activity level
-- Resists new situations
-- Problems with muscle tone, coordination, motor planning
-- Can be very impulsive or distractible.
-- Persistently walks on toes to avoid sensory input from the bottom of the feet. This can also be a sign of cerebral palsy if the child is unable to bring their feet down flat when asked or trying.

These are just a few of the symptoms that children with SID/DSI can exibit.

Although OCD could be the cause for my son I think the SI affects how his brain processes things. By repeating stuff back to himself he is helping himself process the info. He repeats a lot of things! Good luck.


I did the same thing as a kid! My dad noticed it and He would tease me a little everytime I did it. I think that eventually made me stop. I dont do it anymore...or at least my husband doesnt notice that I do it. I had never noticed that I did that until my dad pointed it out. I dont know if that helps but kids do funny things.

You know what? I do this because if i repeat it back to myself, like if it was a phone number, I will remember it. Maybe he doesn't know that he is training himself to remember stuff. I did this in school all the time and passed every test without studying! He has a photographic memory and doesn't know it yet! :-)

Have a wonderful day!

My husband has Asperger's syndrome and he does that. His mom said it was one of the first quirky things he did that they picked up on that they couldn't dismiss. Might want to read about it and make sure he doesn't have the symptoms. Alot of very intelligent people get it.

I did that when I was a little younger and I would drive my mom nuts because I had to read every sign OUT LOUD twice. Thank God it passed,my mom was worried. I did in face grow up to be odd.... just kidding...Im sure its just a phase.
Good Luck

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