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Son Pees Through His Diaper at Night

Help!! For the past week or so now, my son who turns one next weekend has been filling his entire diaper and also pees through his diaper and his pj's at night. In the morning, his pj's are wet, the diaper is the fullest thing I have ever seen. I am using Pampers (size 3) as my experience is that Pampers work the best. Do they make a super heafty duty night time diaper or do I put two diapers on him or what? I can not believe a kid can pee so much!! Please help!!

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Thank you to all of you moms who offered such great advice. I took the easy route and got Huggies Overnights. I had sworn off huggies ever since he was an infant and had wet right through them, but the overnights actually work! No more wet mornings at my house!!

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My son pees a ton! The only diapers that work well for him is huggies hes a size 3 too, I dont mind paying more for them because I dont have to deal with the mess! Hope that helps!

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Huggies Overnites worked for us. They cost more than regular diapers, but are totally worth it since you use only 1 diaper for the entire night. You can usually find them in size 4 at Target or Dierbergs. I ordered size 3 from drugstore.com and amazon.com.

Yep, move him up to the next size at night. If that doesn't work with the Pampers then move to Huggies. I found that the Pampers worked until about size 3 on my kids but their body form changed and I didn't get as good coverage as I did on Huggies after that.

If neither of those work then I would recommend moving him to Goodnights by Huggies. They are a version of pull ups for bigger kids if he is at the proper weight for them. My kids still wear these at night and they work great.

One final thing...which way is his wee pointing? If you have it laying up against his stomach facing his belly button he's more likely to pee right out the top of the diaper (at least that's what my son did). Try pointing him downwards and see if it gets better.

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I agree, try to cut back his liquids an hour before bed, use the next size up diaper (we did that just for nighttime) or even use the overnights (again, just at nighttime). My son is almost three and I feel like we've just recently gotten down how much liquid he can have before bed!

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My son also pees a huge amount at night and it does not matter if he had anything before bed or not. Honestly, the only ones that worked for us a night were the Pampers Cruisers. Sometimes (not all the time), I would change my son right before I went to bed (around 11pm) and that helped us, but it really depends on how well your little one sleeps and your situation. Hope that helps! :)

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Try to cut his liquids off at a certain time of the nite about an hour before bedtime. I have always used the huggies supreme they hold lots of liquid, my son woke soaked but just the diaper never soaked his bed.

Good luck

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Switch to Pampers Cruisers! My little boy just turned 2 and we went thru the same thing! And you may trying going up a size too! And cut back on the liquids before bed! Mine is a tang addict and we had to cut way back! LOL Good luck!

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My son pees a ton! The only diapers that work well for him is huggies hes a size 3 too, I dont mind paying more for them because I dont have to deal with the mess! Hope that helps!

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You can either go up a size for night, or try the Huggies Overnights (in the purple package, I can only find them at Walmart) Good luck!!!

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This is a tough one at this age. Some will say to limit his liquid intake before bed. However, for us - I was nursing my son before bed and during the night at this age. So, there wasn't a way to limit this. If you can put a changing pad under him so that you won't have to always change bedding, at least you won't have to do a ton of washing. I wanted to say that I hope you are doing ok after your separation. My ex-husband and I also separated after being together for 10 years. Our son was 1 1/2 at the time. It is a difficult thing. I wish you all the best!

When that happens to us, we go up to the next size and it solves the problem.

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