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Son Keeps Getting Rash Between Legs After Being at the Beach

This is the second time this has happened, I took my son who is three to the beach this weekend. After we got home a few hours later he had a rash on both thighs that hurt and was itchy. I didn't have the cream I was gioven last year so I used cortizone. Once again this mornign when he got up he was having a hard time walking. I took him to the doctor and he said not to worry that he is allergic to something weather it be a bite or something. I have to use this specail cream and give him benadryl. Just wondering if anyone has ever experienced this and what you did. Thanks

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I just want to thank everyone for their great advise. I gave him the benadryl and put the ointment from the doctor on it and he was good in a few hours. I will keep all advice on hand since I will be at the shore tomorrow. Thanks again and hopefully one day I can help you back. Mom of the rash boy R. C.

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Hi....Both of my sons have experienced this problem at the beach. I finally cut the netting out of their bathing suits and they have not experienced any more of those painful rashes. My sons are 12 and 8 and now they cut out their own netting as soon as getting a new suit!

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Hi R. -

The rash is most likely caused from his bathing suit and sand combo rubbing against his legs. My older son gets it frequently. To help prevent it - rub a good coating of thick diaper cream on his inner thighs before going to the beach. It does help. You may also want to look into a suit made of a softer fabric. The cheaper nylon suits tend to cause more problems.

Hope this helps!

Both of my nephews, as well as my 4 year old son have had the rash issue at the beach. It's probably because their skin is softer, and more sensitive. It will improve as he gets older. This is what worked for my son just a few weeks ago when we were on vacation.....I put vasaline on the inside of his legs, or you can try aloe vera gel as well, before heading out to the beach, and it worked beautifully. (It seemed to be the salt water that they all had a problem with.) The gel acts as a barrier against the salt, (or the sand), and hopefully will keep your son rash-free!

This is a very common problem for boys and Men. We have researched it surveyed it and now we have designed a new swimsuit to prevent it ! Go to NoNetz .com this suit will be available for this Summer.. 2012 ! Keep checking back to see our Launch Date !!

Hi R.,
Seems like I remember reading that kids (and adults) can have reaction to the tiny micro organisms that live in sea water. I'd make sure to rinse him/shower him off after he gets out of the ocean. Good luck!

Hi....Both of my sons have experienced this problem at the beach. I finally cut the netting out of their bathing suits and they have not experienced any more of those painful rashes. My sons are 12 and 8 and now they cut out their own netting as soon as getting a new suit!

hey R.! just noticed after 2 days at the beach, a horrible rub burn type of rash inbetween my daughters thighs!! i placed the cause on her swimmy and sand rubbing together.
so, instead of treating the problem after it has already occured, i'd rather treat the cause (rather than the effect)... You said that your son was 3, but didn't mention if he is in a diaper...
My daughter is 2 and later in august we are spending a week at the shore. My husband and I decided tonight that she will be without a diaper for that week - what better place to potty train than at the shore??
best to you,

my step daughter did but she was alittle chunky and got it for bathing suit and sand rubbing...

My 3yr old daughter had the same type reaction (thigh only rash) this weekend after being in our no-chlorine kiddie pool on & off all day. We think it was caused by prolonged exposure to her wet bathing suit, which was "boy short" style on the bottom and covered her thighs. It's happened only once before, when she was in the same wet bathing suit for longer than normal. I'm not sure if it's the same thing as what your son has, but it sounds like it. We used Aquaphor healing ointment for 2 days, and it seems to be helping. I think we will try to be better about getting her out of her wet bathing suit in the future. We let her eat lunch in it, etc. Maybe bring baby powder to the beach and rub it on your sons thighs after his bathing suit drys to reduce friction, or try a different or more moisture-wicking material for his bathing suit. Just a thought. Good luck!

just on his thighs? chlorine allergy causes a rash and hurts and takes a few days to heal

Hi there,

Good old fashion powder between his legs will do it!! I personally had the same problem for years (I love the beach) and someone told me about it... when you get there, just put some powder on him and apply a few more times while you're there and before you get in the car to leave (when you're changing his pants or diaper/underwear).

Hey! My son had something like this too. It almost looked liked the sand had been caught between his diaper and the crease in his legs and rubbed a rash into him, almost like a burn. We were using neosporin, rubbing it into the areas then covering it with thick diaper rash cream for extra protection. After a day or so it didn't seem to bother him anymore but it took a while to completely heal. I haven't figured out how to stop it from happening again except to change him more frequently when we are at the beach, but that is a really expensive thought, considering those swim diapers are so costly! Good luck!

Hi R.,
For rashes of any kind I swear by diaper rash cream. Even the CVS brand is great if you ask me. The only one I DON'T like is Palmers Butt Butter. I would think the Benedryl is fine too but mine gets rashy like that from water/sand too and diaper rash ointment clears it up in a day or overnight.

Good luck!


Does his swimsuit have a mesh lining? If so, that may be your culprit. My oldest son broke out in a rash every time he went swimming because of the white mesh lining of his swimsuit. As soon as we started cutting them out of the swimsuits, he was fine!

Just a thought.....

I recently had this happen to my son, but not at the beach. Something was up with the swim diaper he was wearing. He told me it hurt when I put it on, and I adjusted it and he seemed fine. (He's never complained about them hurting before) He played in the water for hours, and then finally started complaing it was hurting again. I took the diaper off and he had a terrible rash on the inside of his thighs. He wouldn't let me apply anything but powder, and it was much better in 24 hours. I am still using the same pack of swim diapers and it has not happened again. Not sure what was going on that time.

we just got back from a week at the beach and my son too gets a rash, but only at the beach not from swimming in the pool. For him, I think that it's a salt water and sand combination. I just put some Desitin on it and it cleared up in a few days. He too walked funny due to shorts and underwear rubbing it.

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