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Son Has Red Bumby Rash Around Mouth. Is This Common?

My 14 month old son has had a bumpy red rash around his mouth for the last few months. I have tried Aquafor and perscription ointment from the Dr., but nothing seems to help. Is this common? Is there some other remedy I can use to help it go away? I was told that it may be alergies or from teething. Any information would be great! Thanks!

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Thanks to everyone with all the wonderful advise! I am going to start with eliminating Whole Milk and try Soy for a few days to see if things change. If that doesn't work I will try other foods that he eats a lot. I thought it may be the citric fruits, so I eliminated them, but he still has the rash. I will let you all know how he does from not drinking whole milk. Thanks again everyone!!! Keep sending your thoughts though...thanks!

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try Lansinoh. lanalin ointment usd for cracked niples, it may help heal and keep the area protected from teething drool. My son also gets these small rashes arond his mouth when he is teething
good luck

I make a product in my essential oil line that is great for calming skin irritation. I call it "Rash Relief" and it is one of my best selling items. Take a look on my website: www.mccluckfarms.com (we are an organic farm).

Good luck!

V. T

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does he use a pacifier? sometimes drool and the paci make a rash...or it could be yeast infection.

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My daughter constantly had a red rash around her mouth and it was mostly from teething and from chewing/sucking on her hands all the time. The most we could do is try to keep the area dry and the rash would go away.

I'll bet your son is lactose intolerant - take him off all dairy products and I bet the rash will disappear within a week.

Our second child had the same rash around his mouth. For him it's an allergic reaction. The biggest culprits were citrus fruit and tomatoes. But many other foods also cause it for him, to varying degrees.

Allergy testing is usually unreliable at that age. Many doctors won't even test until age 3. I would recommend a food elimination trial. If its an allergy and the rash is pretty constant, it is probably something he is eating daily or at least several times per week. Try to think back to new foods that he started eating regularly around the time the rash started. Keep eliminating foods (temporarily reducing the variety of what he eats) and see if it goes away.

Also, if you switched him to whole milk when he turned one, it could be a dairy allergy. Our youngest did not react to formula, but developed a rash on his face (forehead and cheeks) soon after we switched him to whole milk. After three months of taking foods back out of his diet without seeing any improvement, we switched him back to formula and the rash went away.

Good luck!

I make a product in my essential oil line that is great for calming skin irritation. I call it "Rash Relief" and it is one of my best selling items. Take a look on my website: www.mccluckfarms.com (we are an organic farm).

Good luck!

V. T

Sounds like teething rash. My son is 13mo and gets the same thing. I use SebaMed lotion. It changes the Ph of skin back to neutral (5.5). You can find it on the internet. It is a german product. I put it on his face and within hours the rash is gone. My sister-in-law used hydrocortizone on my niece. I prefer to not over use steriods on my child.

I agree w/all the other moms suggestions but I also say take him back to your ped & let him/her know that the previous script. didn't work. You may also ask to get a refferal to dermatologist &/or get him tested for allergies.

What Elizabeth said, and to add to that, it could be a type of eczema and only a doctor can prescribe something for it after diagnosis. A baby I know had that on his cheeks, and they tried everything, but only a dermatologist can really tell you.

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