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Son--stings When He Pees

My 10 y.o. son says it stings when he pees, where the pee comes out. He's uncircumcised. Is it more likely to be a UTI or something like a yeast infection? Everything looks pretty normal. He says it's been going on for a couple months (!) but he never remembered to tell me before. It happens most of the time when he pees, and he sometimes feels like he has to pee right after he's gotten done.

What can I do next?

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i would guess it's a uti, but if it's been going on for two months, i would get him in to see a dr today, even if you have to go someplace like carenow - he needs to go ahead and get moving on an antibiotic!

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I vote UTI. He should not have burning with urination. Nor should he still feel the urge to void after he has just urinated. Take him to the doctor ASAP and push lots of fluids. lots of fluids without caffeine. caffeine can aggravate urinary symptoms.
FYI men and boys can and do get topical yeast infections on the skin. It is more rare to see them in the urethra or urine but can happen. All my babies had topical yeast infections as infants.
There is also a medication that is over-the-counter I take for the feelings of needing to void even though i just did and it should help with the burning. IT DOES NOT CURE THE UTI, JUST HELPS WITH THE SYMPTOMS!!! It is called Azo-standard. Read the box for proper dosing or consult with the pediatrician when you go to get the proper dosage for his age and weight if you are unsure of what the box recommends. If you do use it beware......the urine is stained a dark carrot orange color and it can stain clothing where urine has dribbled. Push fluids.
You can also get a systemic UTI where the bacteria has spread to other areas via the blood....I see this in the elderly patients that i take care of and it happens when they have had an untreated/undiagnosed UTI. it is called UROSEPSIS. it is nasty and makes you sick as a dog. Please get your son to a pediatrician ASAP and push fluids. A UTI going on for this long needs to be treated.
L., R.N. for 15 years, Mother to 3 boys

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Absolutely get him to a doctor. An untreated UTI can spread to the kidneys and do damage. And burning when urinating is a classic sign of infection.

The only "side effects" I know of from not being circumcised would be adhesions, basically the foreskin sticking together. This would hurt more with erections not urinating. My youngest had problems with them in infancy and had to be re-circumcised, (but he had other issues too so don't let that scare you). Basically he hurt during diaper changes and cleaning, not when peeing.

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Sounds like a UTI to me...but take him to the doc ASAP. Must be hard to tell Mom that it hurts when you pee! Kudos to your relationship! ****REVISION**** Boys can ABSOLUTELY get yeast infections. My son has had SEVERAL yeast infections - It looks like BAD diaper rash. One of my best friends who is a pediatrician told me a story about the worst yeast infection she ever saw - it was a teenage boy - I won't go into the details, but yeah, boys can get them. It doesn't sound like a yeast infection to me though...it sounds like a UTI.

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my OBGYN has always told me that boys/men don't get yeast infections. maybe everyone is right about the UTI. But this needs to be checked ASAP. Lets hope it's nothing else! I know the kids these days start young but can't imajine a 10 yr old with any STD's.

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I vote UTI as well. I have had chronic UTIs for over 26 years now and it sounds pretty classic.

If you can't get to the doc today, get him some Cranberry juice (NOT Ocean's Spray or anything other than total Cranberry Juice), dilute it with water and serve VERY, VERY cold. It makes it go down a lot easier!

Also, try not to let him drink too much with sugar in it as the sugar can cause the bacteria to grow and thrive!

Another thing -- if it's not a UTI -- is if he drinks too many cokes. Too much caffiene & sodium (sp?) can cause similar symptoms, especially if he is prone to UTIs.

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Get him to the doctor. There are meds now that will help him out immediately and I'm betting UTI, too... And, reiterating below, can go to kidneys if untreated!!!!

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