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Soccer at 3 - Houston,TX

Hi moms! I put my son in soccer at age 3 at the YMCA by our house. I am a little upset b/c he seems totally not interested in playing. When we are at home in the backyard I will play one on one w/ him kicking the ball back and forth. He seems to have fun. Then when practice and games come around he is in "la la land." Plus he is last in line and to participate. I get frusturated and try not to show it. I was athletic growing up, my husband not as much. Have any of you moms experienced your child in his own world as the coach is trying hard to get him to participate? (I almost want to take him off the team, but quiting will not be tolerated)

What can I do next?

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Hello! He is 3 not 13. 3 year olds should be just kicking the ball around with mom or dad and having fun. Lighten up.

My older son did soccer at age 3 and my second son at age 4. They did the same thing. One of my sons was doing cartwheels instead of playing the game. There are few kids that are really competetive at that age. Right now it should just be about getting outside and beginning to get the concepts, not mastering the game. It also helps to build the foundation that exercise is important.

I agree that he should stick with it until the end of the season. It's only 6 weeks or so. If you quit, that sets a precident that you do not have to finish what you start. As they get older they will have an obligation to the team to stick with it. If he quits now, he will think it is okay to quit in the future.

I would agree with the other moms that 3 would be a little too young for an organized sport. I think playing with him in the backyard will give him the basics of what he needs to love sports as he gets older. I wouldn't rush. Plus let him decide on the sport that he wants to participate in when he gets older. I loved playing sports too, but soccer wouldn't have been one of my fav's.

Hi, I think developmentally its too young. Not sure why quitting won't be tolerated because its not a decision your son made for himself. You can try just letting him be exposed to the sport and the team concept. Good luck.

The child is only 3. Right now their little attention spans are overwhelmed by something like that. Leave him in but give him a break. At least he doesnt scream and cry when you put him on the field, like my grandson did. He didnt want to play but my son and daughter-in-law 'made' him participate...so he cried and threw temper tantrums on the field. Give him a little time, and if he doesnt start to get it, give him another year before you put him back in. He has plenty of time to become a future soccer star.

I personally feel 3 is too young for an organzied sport.
Playing socccer in then backyardwith mom is different than a structured sport with a coach and rules.
He has fun in the backyard b/c he is playing with his mommy and he loves you.
Is the Coach being mean to him, or just wanting him to play more.
I teach gymnastics to small kids (ages 18 mths and up) and at age 3 they still wnat to wander and do what they want in class,rather than sit snd wait turns.
Don't be too hard on your son.I have a 7 yr.old and we just enrolled him in his first season of YMCA baseball.
We waited this long b/c even though he loved playing catch,we knew he wasn;t ready for all the rules and stuff.
Good luck.

My daughter had similar trouble with ballet at 3 - she loved the classes but totally melted down and didn't end up doing the recital. Later when she played soccer at 5, I'd say about half the kids were completely distracted and doing their own thing. Same thing when my nephew played - and it drove his parents CRAZY! It is sooooo normal. Soccer may not end up being your son's sport of choice - so perhaps try other things as he gets older. Three is still VERY young. Some kids are still in pull ups at 3!

there are several factors for the lack of attention at practice 1st tiredness usually practice is after school for some, it would help if the child took a nap before hand 2nd he needs direct attention from you during practice caoch cannot only focus on him for the entire practice 3rd building the child competetive drive, a playful pep talk before the game would remind him of why hes there and lastly reward after the game or practice for participation.

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