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So Frustrated!!!!

I recently found out that I am prego and I'm 4 going on 5 weeks. I woke up this morning and found out that I'm spotting. I feel like I'm having a period. I had some cramps as well. The spotting is subsiding and the cramps have gone away, but I still scared that I might have miscarried. What should I do?? Let me add that I did miscarry back in January of this year. I took a pregnancy test again (don't know if it was worth doing) and it said prego still. Even if I call my doctor tomorrow morning is there anything they can do to check and see if I'm still prego??? I'm trying not to worry, but it's hard not to. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks ladies!

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If its a little brown spotting thats okay, but red can be a cause for concern. Everyone is different, but you have to keep in mind that some women have regular bleeding like their periods all throughout their pregnancy! If the bleeding was red, see an OB just to be safe.

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I had several early miscarriages and I know it is a personal decision, but I got frustrated with all the intervention from the docs that resulted in nothing (and quite frankly I knew there was nothing they could do about it), so I chose to handle it at home.

If you go to the doc, what I would imagine they will order is 2 blood level pregancy tests. Basically, if the 2nd one has higher levels than the 1st, then the pregnancy is progressing and if not, then there has been a miscarriage. This means a trip to a hospital or lab several days apart.

If you chose to wait it out at home, I would try a preg test in a few more days. Use the same brand/style. If the line appears faster, then you know your levels are increasing and it is a good sign, you are still pregnant. If the line takes the same amount of time to appear, try 2 days later and compare. At this early stage, your levels are doubling daily and so the line will either get stronger/faster (preg) or disappear (miscarriage).

PS- I only say this because you are still so early. If you were farther along where a D&C might be needed, I would say make sure to go tot he doc, but at this point, I don't think that would be necessary.

I really wish you the best and will pray for you!!! After going through this several times myself, I finally became pregant, so don't be discouraged.

Many times this kind of spotting & cramping happens in the 1st few months of a healthy pregnancy, and nothing bad happens. Other times, it is the start of a miscarriage. If the baby is alive, the sxs will disappear shortly, and may even return in a month, only to subside again. If the baby is dead, there is nothing that can be done. Bedrest only postpones the inevitable, but one should stick to light activity while bleeding. Be sure you avoid straining your abdominal muscles; don't lift/carry heavy things, like a toddler, wet laundry, groceries, etc. If it's just cyclic bleeding/cramping, it should act like a light period, if it's a miscarriage, the bleeding and eventually the cramping will progress gradually, like a labor.
A third alternative is that you were pregnant with twins, and are just miscarrying one of them.

I don't know if this helps but I went through this with my first son and wound up having a successful pregnancy. There is an old Mexican wives tail that says if you bleed during the pregnancy you will have a boy. I hope all goes well for you!

Try your best to be patient and now worry so bad....stress and only make things worst. I would go ahead and call your drs office or even go to the ER....there are some woman that have there normal cycle during prego.

If its a little brown spotting thats okay, but red can be a cause for concern. Everyone is different, but you have to keep in mind that some women have regular bleeding like their periods all throughout their pregnancy! If the bleeding was red, see an OB just to be safe.

most docs wont see you until you are 2 months i think it is. call them but i wouldn't worry what you are describing sounds normal

I experienced spotting in this pregnancy and had never done that before. It *is* nerve-wracking. While there's nothing they can do to stop it if you are miscarrying, there are some tests that can be done. A vaginal ultrasound can determine if there is a sac, and if you're far enough along, can see the baby's heartbeat... or not. For a less invasive test, you can get your blood drawn a few days apart, to see if your hCG levels are increasing or decreasing. If they're decreasing, it signals an impending miscarriage; increasing is good.

If you have miscarried, you will eventually bleed at least as much as if you had a period. Some spotting in early pregnancy is normal and not a sign of impending miscarriage. Take it easy (no running up and down stairs or playing tennis and such), try to relax and try not to worry. [Impossible, I know! But try. :-)]

I think this is normal and you are still pg. Stay off your feet a little for a couple of days. Take it easy for 3 months, and try to relax. If this is to be, it will.

Hi A.
I hope that this is not what you're thinking. I, too, know what it's like to go through a miscarriage (I was about 10 weeks). For now, until you see your Doc, I try not to worry - I know easier for someone else to say. Also, try to do anything too strenuous to aggravate any possibility that this might be a miscarriage. Don't take any prego tests as they will turn out positive. If one has a miscarriage, it does take a while for the hormone levels to fall back to 0. Let your MD monitor this. They will probably do an ultrasound to check things out. My prayers are with you and your family through this unknown and I hope that this is not a miscarriage. Let me know how the doc visit goes. Praying that you are prego.


I spotted on and off from about 5.5 weeks until I was out of my first trimester. The first day of that was like what you were describing--red spotting (a little heavier than spotting, actually) with cramping. Went to the ER, and they did an ultrasound. They saw the sac but no "fetal pole." But they said it was still a bit early for that. I had good (actually quite high) HCG levels. Got another u/s about a week and a half later, and we saw the heartbeat. HCG levels still going up. Gave birth at 38 weeks to a beautiful, perfectly healthy baby girl (so much for the Mexican wives' tale!). So do get checked out, but don't panic.

God Bless you and your son while your husband is gone.
(sorry - I don't have much advice on pregnancy)

You need to book an appt with your doc. I did that with my third child and they basically just did a vaginal ultrasound to make sure I was pregnant....they argued that I was not, but there he was! You never know, but that will at least give you peace of mind. It happens sometimes. Praying for your husband and thank you both for your sacrifice!

They can do a vaginal ultrasound to see if there is a viable sac. It might be too early to see a heartbeat. They can also check your levels by drawing blood and watch them to see if they go down.

I would call your doctor either way and let them know what is going on.

Sending good thoughts your way!

I agree you should go to your doctor and have them check your hormone levels. It could be nothing, spotting at the time when you would normally have gotten your period is pretty common. But if it turns out to be a miscarriage, you need to be sure. I had spotting at about 7 wks that was a miscarriage (no heartbeat), and the doctor was going to let it take its own course, saying my body would eventually expel the baby on its own. But several weeks later I still had not done so, and I had to have a DNC. This type is called a missed miscarriage, and is not very common, but your doctor needs to be involved if it does happen. You can absolutely wait it out at home to see, but you should still see the doctor at some point to make sure everything is ok.

Praying everything is ok for you, and for your husband's safety. Thank you for the sacrifices your family makes.

Hi A.:
Given my experience with 4 miscarriages prior to 12 weeks along, it is hard to say what your body may be doing. I think the most your Dr. will do is check your HCG levels weekly to make sure they are going up. That is your best indicator that the pregnancy is ok. If the bleeding and cramping have stopped and you are not passing tissue, it is very possible you haven't miscarried at all. I would say the only other thing to ask your Dr. is to see if they can do an early ultrasound to see the heartbeat. It can be seen as early as 6 weeks gestation. He may just tell you to wait and see. It is frustrating and so hard not to worry, but in my history, that is all my Dr. could ever do. If the pregnancy is going to be successful, then it will be. If if is not, then there is little the Dr. can do anyway. That is what they always told me.

Not that this may help, but at least you may be able to know what to ask for from your Dr. Hang in there!

A. F.

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