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Smell Out of Furniture

I am trying to get the smell of urine from our dogs out of the furniture and carpet. Any ideas that really work?

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Kids and Pets! It's the best stuff in the world. I think you can get it at Walmart? It works great in the laundry, too, and is now the only stain remover I use.

For the carpet, Bissel makes a "Pet Odor" formula of their carpet cleaning shampoo. I found it to be very effective.

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Kids 'n Pets. It's in a White pop-top bottle with a yellow label and blue lettering. You can find it at Walmart, Target, or probably the regular grocery stores. I've recommended this like a million times on here for pet urine stains as well as all the kiddie messes, including vomit and potty accidents. It absolutely works. Old or new stains. Good luck.

For the carpet, Bissel makes a "Pet Odor" formula of their carpet cleaning shampoo. I found it to be very effective.

carpet clean with clorox

Get a product called Kids and Pets . You can get it at Walmart in the aisle with the other household cleaners, usually close to the carpet cleaning products. It works well.

Urine B Gone - it's in a black spray bottle in the "As Seen on TV" section at Target

Hi R.! I have used Kids N Pets as well, and it works really well. If you're more green-minded, (I'm not sure about the chemicals in that cleaner) there are natural enzyme cleaners at most retail stores that would work well for the couch, or good old fashioned baking soda...shake it on, leave it for 24 hours, then vacuum it up. It looks silly for a day, but it should help at least with the carpet. Good luck!

Hi R.,

I'm copy/pasting a response that I sent to Andrea's post the other day, about urine smell in her mattress. Maybe this can be of some help to you:

A word of CAUTION: Before using any of the suggested cleaners/products that folks suggest to you, look them up on the Household Products Database: http://hpd.nlm.nih.gov/
This is a governmental agency that tests the safety of household products.
A large majority of the products on the market today contain; Sodium Hydroxide, Butyl Cellosolve, Hydrochloric Acid, Lye, etc. These substances are known to cause breathing problems, skin irriations, linked to reproductive harm, and many more health issues. If, you use one of those ingredients to clean the mattress, you'll have the residual of those chemicals there for quite sometime, thus exposing your child's young sensitive systems to them.
Another Mamasource member and my customer who wrote a review on my business, regularly uses Shaklee's Nature Bright in her carpet cleaner to rid the pet urine smells from her carpet. She has a couple of older dogs and cats, that don't always make it outside.
Check out this product at my website, (also there's a free shipping special running this month):

God bless,
L. Amason

Hi R.,
Oxyclean poweder, used for laundry, mix with water and make a runny paste, put on for 10 minutes, wipe off, rinse with clean water possibly several times or vacuum any powder residue left. This gets rid of the smell 100% without leaving cover up odor from a cleaner, there will be no smell at all. Works on carpet, furniture, clothes, mattress's, takes away urine, poop, throw up, from animal or kids. I use this all the time, if on carpet I will rent a wet carpet vacuum from the grocery store or home depot, put the oxy clean on as before but also put some in the vacuum. This also helps clean up the residue left from the powder.
Good luck, this is truly the best,

Try using a product called Nature's Miracle - it's an enzymatic cleaner available at Petco and Petsmart. It's about 27$ for the gallon size, and takes about two weeks to work, but it really does work. I've used this before for cat smells. Just saturate the area thoroughly and try to keep it damp (cover with damp towels, etc) for the first few days. Good Luck!

L. M

When I bought my mattress, Denver Mattress Co. sold me a stain removal system to go with it. In it is a bottle that's a slow acting cleaner that breaks down protein (blood urine) and beverage stains. It takes more than once but I have used this all over the house and it works well. The bottle is from Great White Bottling, Inc. 1-888-295-OILS (6457)Hope this helps!

You could try Natures' Miracle - which is found in most pet stores and some grocery stores. We've had good luck with it in the past.

No, I dont, urine seems like an incurable issue. I had a kid who wet the bed at a certain point you just have to trash all the blankets etc. Or in your case the carpet and furniture. I even think dog urine is even worse. My friend with a dog has tried all the products out there and her house still smells, sorry:(

Kids and Pets! It's the best stuff in the world. I think you can get it at Walmart? It works great in the laundry, too, and is now the only stain remover I use.

Hey R.

I can imaging what you are going, I have a little pom that did the same thing. I know of a amazing health and wellness company, that has products that will not only take the smell out and the stain. They work better then anything I have ever used. I would love to share it with you. If you would like to know more email me at newhomcareer4u.com


Hi R.,

Have you ever heard of Sol U Mel? It is a great product and totally takes out odors. We bought a car about a year ago, and it had smoke smell in it as the person who owned it was a smoker. Since we are not smokers, we tried everything to get the odor out. We had it details, used smoke bombs, and every air freshner we could think of, but every time it would get hot outside, you could smell the smoke again. Finally, I tried the Sol U Mel, and it completely took out all of the smoke smell. You can only get it through a company called Melaleuca. www.melaleuca.com They are a wholesale club that has incredible products. We have been customers for 5 years now, and absolultely love ALL of their products. They are all safe for your home and family, and made with the best of science and nature. I know the Sol U Mel works on pet stains and ordors as well as many other things. They call it liquid gold, because it works so well, and once you use it, you never want to be without it. Let me know if you are interested, and I can get you some more info on the company.

hi, R.!

we use SoluMel from Melaleuca to get rid of urine odors. my 3 year old occacionally has accidents on the floor, and when we use solumel it totally takes up the odor. it also takes permanent marker off of tile! we have used it on just about everything, and i even mix it with a few other products from Melaleuca to make a non-toxic, child-friendly bug repellent!! the mosquitoes and bees hate it! the other day our dog had an episode where she threw up bile all over our brand new carpet! solumel took up the odor and the stain and you cannot tell where it was!!! i love it, it is liquid gold. like at sam's or costco, you have to be a member to purchase from them, so if you are interested, check out their website www.melaleuca.com and contact me at ____@____.com and i can help you set up an account. good luck...it is NOT hopeless!

G. s

I have never had to get urine out of furniture (thank goodness!) but did have to wash it out of a couple of area rugs. I put a cup of vinegar in with laundry soap and ran the load a usual in my washer. I had no detectable urine smell after that. You could maybe put some vinegar into whatever cleaning solution you are using and see if that works.
Hope that helps! Good luck!

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