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Small Wound Under a Toe

My daughter has what looks like a cut or abrasion under one of her toes. This has been there for quite a while and does not seem to be healing. She hates to have her feet poked at - trimming toenails is a battle, and looking at a sore toe is even worse. I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions for how to treat this.
I will not use Neosporin because of allergies. Any other suggestions would be welcomed.

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I may be way off, here, but I had the same thing for a long while (small cut that wouldn't heal on my big toe) and once it healed, I realized it was a plantar's wart.

Is this under a toenail or on the toe? Wounds that will not heal should be looked at by a doctor as it could be an infection or a more serious problem.

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Try soaking it in Epsom Salts ... you can get it at Walgreens and even add it to her bath.

My husband has had cracked feet issues lately and the thing that has worked best for him is vaseline with a bandage or sock over it. It has really healed up nicely.

I may be way off, here, but I had the same thing for a long while (small cut that wouldn't heal on my big toe) and once it healed, I realized it was a plantar's wart.

Try bacitracin or vaseline.

I would try the famous this little piggy went to the market while clipping little nails, also looking for injuries and it works fantastic when bathing.
for a sore not healing I would definately contact your doctor because of infectious reasons,at home you could try peroxide and keep the sore dry and clean.


I totally agree with the tea tree oil! It's an anti-infection essential oil.
I used tiny marshmallows or mini chocolate chips to bribe my kids into getting their nails cut. One for each fingernail or toe nail that they let me trim!

Have you tried the diaper rash stuff A&D - the one in the gold box. I have put that on little cuts on my body and it heals....you may smell a little funny but it clears up really quick, but due to allergies not sure if that will work.

I have a problem with the toes touching too, and I found that if I paint my toe nails my daughter wants hers done too, but I do it when she gets into the the tub so she can't smear nail polish all over the place -- maybe if you could get her to have her toes pretty she would be more up to having her toes touched.

my son had a sore like that between his fingers. The dr. sad it was eczema and hydorcortizone cleared it right up.

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