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With a 2 1/2 year old and now a newborn, I am looking into ways to keep the newborn happy and have my hands free to help my older daughter. We used a front pack with my first, but my newborn is still too small. She loves to be held, especially against my stomach. I am small, only 5'4 and fairly light weight. What kinds of slings/wraps worked worked well for you and were easy on your back? Do you think a buckle is necessary? How long were you able to use them with your children? Thanks again in advance.

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I used a Joey wrap, http://www.joeywrap.com/ A little hard to get the hang of at first, but it was soooo comfortable for me (the Bjorn killed my back!) and really cozy for a small, young baby.

I tried everything but the Mobie (to intimidated by all the wrapping!) and what worked best for me (also short, with a newborn) was the Ergo Baby. I can use it for both kids - front or back. I love it!

Hi H.,

Congrats on the new little one!

I actually started a sling business a couple of years ago...it's called Love Bugz...online at www.mylovebugzonline.com. Anyway, I used the Love Bugz sling with my son from birth to about 2 1/2. It is the pouch style...no buckles or anything that could break and cause the baby harm. I also found it very comfortable and easy on my back when my son was a baby and as well as when he was older. There is also a local midwifery practice that gives all of their clients one of the Love Bugz slings. If you have any questions, please let me know. :-)

Good luck! A.

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If you are in the Littleton area Sweet Blessings has a free Baby wear cloth diaper class. My two favorites for the wee ones is the Baby K'tan and the FreeHand Mei Tai Baby Carrier. Michelle at the store is AWSOME! My little guy is still using both as well as the Ergo carrier. The Moby wrap freaked me out I was too afraid that I was not tying it correctly. I found these to be much more user friendly washable and versatile. Still using all of them today and he is 6 months. I would recommend the class she shows you all of them, and will let you try them. She will also fit you for the slings. Here is there website.They are located in downtown littleton. Website: www.oursweetbeginnings.com

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I loved my peanut shell by gaga. I received it as a baby shower gift and used it up until my last son was 2. As a newborn I walked with him totally hands free and was able to even do housework with him in the sling. It is great too if they fall asleep you just pull it off and it is like a blanket. I highly recommend this one. There are no straps buckles or complicated things and here is the website. http://www.thepeanutshell.com/ it is a little pricey but you get your moneys worth. Sometimes you can even find them on craigslist. Good luck and congrats!

I had a Mei Tai that I made myself. I abosolutely loved it. My boy liked being in it until he was about 20 months, and even now, at 2.5 he wants to get in it every once in a while. The Mei Tai is a bit awkward at first, but your little one can be in the frog position, right up next to your belly, very securely.

I never liked a sling. Too hard to get used to, besides, I didn't like having his weight on my hip. When he got a little bigger, we got an Ergo for hikes and traveling. It was also a great investment.

If you look up Mei Tai on the web you'll find places that sell them as well as patterns, if you are crafty. I'm in Thornton, and would be happy to meet you and show you the Mai Tai if you'd like. Contact me privately if you want to.

Baby wearing is definately the way to go. You will love it!

Moby Wrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can spread the fabric across your back and shoulders, plus your hips take a bunch of the weight...the baby is comfortable and so is mom/dad.

The key is to buy an adustable sling, NOT a pocket sling. The Over the Shoulder Baby Holder comes in a size small. The Maya Wrap comes in a small, plus it does not have padding in the rail (edge) so you can tighten it without limits. These are slings (they come in other brands) that you wear over one shoulder like a mail bag. Baby can ride upright, look out, lay down, nurse, go tummy to tummy, or ride on your hip when they are bigger. They are designed for newborn through 40 pounds, so they will easily work with a 2-3 year old. Great investment!!! You can find an adjustable sling online, through some baby stores, or through a distributer. They are not carried at chain stores like Target or WalMart.

The Moby Wrap is amazing! Especially for newer little ones. They feel very secure, and after a couple times using it, it's pretty simple. As your baby gets older (6 months or so), I highly recommend getting an Ergo baby carrier. I use mine all the time, both for the baby I take care of as well as my almost 3 year old. Congratulations!

Nojo by Dr. Sears. I loved it because the newborn can curl up, the bigger baby can lay and see you (orbe covered), the baby who sits can sit "kangaroo style," and the toddler can be slung on your hip, relieving back pain.

It's also VERY easy to nurse discreetly in this one.

Okay I just invested in a wrap and I have a 10month old. I never bought one before because I didn't see the point but then I was at a craft fair with my baby in a front back and I was dying, my baby was asleep but not very well as her head kept bobbing. At the craft fair was Mod mum. They sell slings. I bought one and immediately put my sleeping baby in it and she went right back to sleep and slept for a long time and I had NO back pain. When she woke up I was able to put her on my hip in the sling, again no pain. I used it all weekend and I loved it. I also am 5'3" and on the slim size so they recommended that I get the extra small size. My 10 month old is about 20 pounds and I love this thing. I will use it for awhile (till she learns to walk and doesn't want to be carried all the time) and I'll also use it for my next baby. Check out their website at modmum.com

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