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Sling/wrap Recommendations

With a 2 1/2 year old and now a newborn, I am looking into ways to keep the newborn happy and have my hands free to help my older daughter. We used a front pack with my first, but my newborn is still too small. She loves to be held, especially against my stomach. I am small, only 5'4 and fairly light weight. What kinds of slings/wraps worked worked well for you and were easy on your back? Do you think a buckle is necessary? How long were you able to use them with your children? Thanks again in advance.

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I used a Joey wrap, http://www.joeywrap.com/ A little hard to get the hang of at first, but it was soooo comfortable for me (the Bjorn killed my back!) and really cozy for a small, young baby.

I tried everything but the Mobie (to intimidated by all the wrapping!) and what worked best for me (also short, with a newborn) was the Ergo Baby. I can use it for both kids - front or back. I love it!

Hi H.,

Congrats on the new little one!

I actually started a sling business a couple of years ago...it's called Love Bugz...online at www.mylovebugzonline.com. Anyway, I used the Love Bugz sling with my son from birth to about 2 1/2. It is the pouch style...no buckles or anything that could break and cause the baby harm. I also found it very comfortable and easy on my back when my son was a baby and as well as when he was older. There is also a local midwifery practice that gives all of their clients one of the Love Bugz slings. If you have any questions, please let me know. :-)

Good luck! A.

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If you are in the Littleton area Sweet Blessings has a free Baby wear cloth diaper class. My two favorites for the wee ones is the Baby K'tan and the FreeHand Mei Tai Baby Carrier. Michelle at the store is AWSOME! My little guy is still using both as well as the Ergo carrier. The Moby wrap freaked me out I was too afraid that I was not tying it correctly. I found these to be much more user friendly washable and versatile. Still using all of them today and he is 6 months. I would recommend the class she shows you all of them, and will let you try them. She will also fit you for the slings. Here is there website.They are located in downtown littleton. Website: www.oursweetbeginnings.com

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I loved my peanut shell by gaga. I received it as a baby shower gift and used it up until my last son was 2. As a newborn I walked with him totally hands free and was able to even do housework with him in the sling. It is great too if they fall asleep you just pull it off and it is like a blanket. I highly recommend this one. There are no straps buckles or complicated things and here is the website. http://www.thepeanutshell.com/ it is a little pricey but you get your moneys worth. Sometimes you can even find them on craigslist. Good luck and congrats!

I had a Mei Tai that I made myself. I abosolutely loved it. My boy liked being in it until he was about 20 months, and even now, at 2.5 he wants to get in it every once in a while. The Mei Tai is a bit awkward at first, but your little one can be in the frog position, right up next to your belly, very securely.

I never liked a sling. Too hard to get used to, besides, I didn't like having his weight on my hip. When he got a little bigger, we got an Ergo for hikes and traveling. It was also a great investment.

If you look up Mei Tai on the web you'll find places that sell them as well as patterns, if you are crafty. I'm in Thornton, and would be happy to meet you and show you the Mai Tai if you'd like. Contact me privately if you want to.

Baby wearing is definately the way to go. You will love it!

Moby Wrap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You can spread the fabric across your back and shoulders, plus your hips take a bunch of the weight...the baby is comfortable and so is mom/dad.

The key is to buy an adustable sling, NOT a pocket sling. The Over the Shoulder Baby Holder comes in a size small. The Maya Wrap comes in a small, plus it does not have padding in the rail (edge) so you can tighten it without limits. These are slings (they come in other brands) that you wear over one shoulder like a mail bag. Baby can ride upright, look out, lay down, nurse, go tummy to tummy, or ride on your hip when they are bigger. They are designed for newborn through 40 pounds, so they will easily work with a 2-3 year old. Great investment!!! You can find an adjustable sling online, through some baby stores, or through a distributer. They are not carried at chain stores like Target or WalMart.

The Moby Wrap is amazing! Especially for newer little ones. They feel very secure, and after a couple times using it, it's pretty simple. As your baby gets older (6 months or so), I highly recommend getting an Ergo baby carrier. I use mine all the time, both for the baby I take care of as well as my almost 3 year old. Congratulations!

Nojo by Dr. Sears. I loved it because the newborn can curl up, the bigger baby can lay and see you (orbe covered), the baby who sits can sit "kangaroo style," and the toddler can be slung on your hip, relieving back pain.

It's also VERY easy to nurse discreetly in this one.

Okay I just invested in a wrap and I have a 10month old. I never bought one before because I didn't see the point but then I was at a craft fair with my baby in a front back and I was dying, my baby was asleep but not very well as her head kept bobbing. At the craft fair was Mod mum. They sell slings. I bought one and immediately put my sleeping baby in it and she went right back to sleep and slept for a long time and I had NO back pain. When she woke up I was able to put her on my hip in the sling, again no pain. I used it all weekend and I loved it. I also am 5'3" and on the slim size so they recommended that I get the extra small size. My 10 month old is about 20 pounds and I love this thing. I will use it for awhile (till she learns to walk and doesn't want to be carried all the time) and I'll also use it for my next baby. Check out their website at modmum.com

I tried everything but the Mobie (to intimidated by all the wrapping!) and what worked best for me (also short, with a newborn) was the Ergo Baby. I can use it for both kids - front or back. I love it!

I swear by the moby wrap (www.mobywrap.com) They are perfect for every position you could possibly want to use! It does take a little practice to get it right, but once you do, you will never go back!

I have lower back problems, and I can still carry my 2-yr-old daughter on my back (she's a skinny-minnie at 22 lbs lol) with no problems. They send you a booklet showing you all the different ways you can carry your baby... check it out!

The Maya Wrap is the best! You can google it online. I was able to play with my older son and even do dishes all while my little guy slept next to my belly in his wrap!

We got an Eddie Bauer sling from Target for our newborn and it's working great! It's very comfortable fabric, has plenty of padding and support so my shoulder and back don't hurt at all, and it even has a little head support and velcro waist buckle inside for newborns so you feel more secure with them in it (which both are removable for when they get bigger). And it's supposed to hold up to 25 or 30 pounds so you can use it as a hip carrier support once they're too big to be carried in the sling (I had a neighbor who used this function with her toddler and swore by it, so we're planning to use this sling for a few years).

I had a wrap for my older son, and never got comfortable with him in it so we didn't use it much. But, we've used this one at home, doing errands, at a birthday party, etc. I'm 5'7" and my husband is 6' and we've been able to adjust the strap enough that we both can wear it comfortably. Also, I believe the strap still has enough extra fabric when I'm wearing it that it could be shortened a bit more to be comfortable for you too.

Oh... the best part is my 7 week old will snuggle in and either calm down or go to sleep completely within just a minute or two of being put in the sling no matter how fussy and upset he is.

Until a few weeks ago I didn't give much though to baby slings, and now I don't leave the house without mine!

Good luck :)

Hi H.,

Congrats on the new little one!

I actually started a sling business a couple of years ago...it's called Love Bugz...online at www.mylovebugzonline.com. Anyway, I used the Love Bugz sling with my son from birth to about 2 1/2. It is the pouch style...no buckles or anything that could break and cause the baby harm. I also found it very comfortable and easy on my back when my son was a baby and as well as when he was older. There is also a local midwifery practice that gives all of their clients one of the Love Bugz slings. If you have any questions, please let me know. :-)

Good luck! A.

I used a Joey wrap, http://www.joeywrap.com/ A little hard to get the hang of at first, but it was soooo comfortable for me (the Bjorn killed my back!) and really cozy for a small, young baby.

Hi H.-
I'm also 5'4" and fairly petite and the sleepy wrap ~$40 (like the Moby) was my fave in the early mos/wks with my girls. Wore it around the house daily with them. I found it hard to put on on the fly so I'd wrap around, tie it, and then get in the car with them. The Bjorn, although it's easy to put on, has such a short shelf life and is rough on a woman's back. My fave that lasts for such a long time is the Ergo ~$100. You can by an insert for an infant and slip them right in, although my dd#2 didn't dig that! With both girls from about 4 mos on (when they had good neck control) they were in it. At home, out and about, especially traveling, I found nothing better for them or more comfy for me. Hope this helps :)

The Ergo carrier was the only one that I could use to carry my baby without hurting my back. I'm only 5 feet tall and I had a hard time with the slings not holding the baby very secure, and the bjorn font carriers made my shoulders sore. What I also liked was when she got older she could ride on my back it made house cleaning a lot easier and she would fall asleep with all my running around the house dusting and vacuuming.

I loved the Moby wrap for that age. Keeps them snug against momma and it is comfortable for you and lets you be hands free for your older child. I got mine off ebay (or you could try Craigs List). I used it until my baby was about 6mos then sold it on CL to another newborn momma. Now that my baby is bigger, I love the ergo. Good Luck!


Congrats on your new bundle of joy!!

I have three children and have tried a lot of the baby carriers. I liked my Baby Bjorn front carrier, but couldn't use it for very long because once the baby got bigger, it hurt my back if I carried him for over a half hour in it. It was very useful though when he was a newborn to about 5 months or so. I also tried the Snugli front carrier and had the same experience - just wasn't very comfortable once the baby was bigger. I tried the sling too, and couldn't get used to it. It seemed like the baby was squished in there and I didn't think it was very comfortable. Plus, it was hard to do anything with the baby taking up so much room in front.
When I had our last baby, I heard great things about the Ergo Baby Carriers and decided to give one a try. They are a little pricey (I spent $90 on mine), but they're made very well and are supposed to last you until the child is 40 pounds. Another nice thing about them is they promote attachment parenting (the baby is always facing in towards your chest or back) and they're multi-positional - you can wear the baby on your chest, back or side. I can also nurse the baby while he's on my chest. This carrier is also fairly comfortable to wear! It doesn't seem to put so much strain on my back and shoulders as the other carriers did. It's also very easy to put on and take off and get baby in there by yourself!!
I hope that helps! Good luck!!

I am little like you so I understand. I had a sling but didn't like it--I could never get the baby to fit the right way in it. I bought an Ergo carrier with the infant insert--love it!! What's great is it grows with the child. You can use it in front, back and side position and I can even carry my five year old on my back in it. It tightens well around the hips and therefore takes the pressure off of your shoulders. I tell everyone I know to get it now because it worked so well for me.
Good luck and congrats!

I used a homemade version of a moby wrap with my 4th and it has been great! My baby is almost 5 months old and I still use it every day. If you go to www.wearyourbaby.com
click on make a carrier and then on make a wrap it will give you the instructions. I used gauze (crinkle skirt) material this time and it has been the best wrap I have ever owned. So breathable and comfortable! You can make two for around $15.00-20.00 or buy one online for $40.00+. Good luck!

Most baby carriers are recommended to 35 lbs, the ERGO to 40. If back issues are a concern, we fit most moms into a two shouldered carrier. Love pouches and ring slings, but carrying all the weight on one side is sometimes harder on your back. Moby's are great, but often intimidating. Similar to the hold of a Moby but with less fabric and easier to put on are the Baby Ktan and Baby Nest. Super comfy, no tying.


Happy to help fit you into a carrier!

I used a Maya Wrap (CottonBabies.com or similar site), used consistently it up until mine was more than a year & walking. Can't wait to use it again!
Comes in sizes and is adjustable, plus a DVD to explain how to use it.
I don't think a buckle is necessary, but I like the adjust-ability.
Good job mommin'!

Hi, H.--Good for you for strategizing to meet everyone's needs!
I have three sons and at least six slings. By far, my favorite slings are my Maya Wrap ones, for comfort, adjustbility and really gorgeous breathable materials that definitelt make that brand unique. I prefer ring slings to pouch slings for getting a snug and customized fit, especially as baby grows (and I shrink a bit postpartum!)
My La Leche League group (in Utah)is a distributor as a little fundraiser, but I am sure you could find someone closer to you. Maya Wraps are an excellent, versatile, comfortable option if your baby is not especially heavy and you do not want an industrial-hiking kind of look (like a backpack or even an Ergo, which I also love). Plus, Maya Wrap slings stuff into a diaper bag easily and can be used as a nursing cover if needed and wash up beautifully if baby spits up on them. The DVD that comes with them has recently been updated and offers excellent info. The "lightly padded ring sling" is the best sling Maya Wrap carries, I think. It has a teeny bit of cushion but it not at all bulky and does not have poufy siderails which limit adjustability.
I tried a wrap with my latest baby and it is great with a small baby, but I found it to be a bit. . .claustrophobic, maybe? as the baby got bigger and the weather got hot. For a new baby in winter, it could be just the thing. A friend of mine makes Otto baby wraps that are darling--if a wrap seems like a good choice for you, give those a look.
I know many moms who love mei tai carriers (BabyHawk brand is a very fashionable choice) but after I got an Ergo baby carrier I never looked at mei tais again. The Ergo is fabulously comfortable for both me and baby, and does not put strain on baby's hips the way many carriers can. I think it has an infant insert for little babies, and you could carry her against your chest and tummy (or later, on yoyr back). I've had no backaches or shoulder kinks with the Ergo, and I carry around a small linebacker. ;) It's definitely worth a look.
With my first two, I used slings until they were nearly 2. My third child is just a much bigger, chunkier (heavier!) fellow, and I used a sling only for about seven months, and then found the Ergo when I was looking for something really comfortable and sturdy with two shoulder weight bearing straps.
Consider attending a La Leche League meeting in your area. The moms there will have lots of good ideas about "baby wearing" and can help you master whatever carrier you decide to go with. The group I attend has a baby carrier lending library so moms can try a style of carrier before they invest in buying one.
Best wishes!

The Moby wrap is going to get lots of recommendations and it deserves them. I'm 5'0" and my husband's 5'7". We're both fairly on the skinnier side and this wrap is great at fitting both of us. My daughter also loved being held on my stomach and this wrap allows you to put them in a fetal position. She doesn't like the cradle hold so this wrap was a lifesaver. Now that she's almost 4 months old she doesn't like her knees tucked in it, so it's great that we're able to pull her legs out. This wrap is so versatile and can be used in many other different holds. It's very comfortable on your back since it distributes the weight all across your back. Definitely take a look. This one is the best.

I am 5' 2" and had a very hard time finding a sling that worked for me because I didn't like the ones that aren't adjustible. I finally ended up with a Sakura Bloom, and I absolutely love it. My baby is 8 months old and I still use it with him. I've used it since he was about a month old I think.
Here are some things I found - if the sling has a sewn in "lead" area to the ring or on the shoulder area, I was just too short to make that work - it always ended up in the wrong place, making the sling uncomfortable. (ones made by zolo slings are like this)Also I didn't like the non-adjustible ones because the baby didn't seem comfortable in them, and he cried. No crying ever with the sakura bloom.

Sakura Bloom is insanely expensive, but very beautiful. If you want a less expensive option, I would seek one that is made the same.

Hi, I've been using slings from Peanut Shell with my daughter. I absolutely love them, and so does she. We've used them almost since day one, and she will be 9 months old in a week. I got a fleece one for the winter, and a cotton one for when it is warm. You can find them in Babies R Us, but they have a website that has alot more options. I recommend getting 2 different sizes so that you can see which is more comfortable for you. They are very easy to put on, and come with directions for different ways of using them as your child gets older. Hope this helps.

My favorite is the Moby Wrap as well. You can find them in a ton of places now, or if you want to save some $, make your own!
The best part is that they are SUPER easy to make! All you need is 5 yards of cotton jersey fabric (with some stretch), cut it to 20 inches wide, and you're set. No need to finish the edges or anything since it doesn't fray or split.

I'm not sure where your located but I went in this store in Highland area called the Giggling Green Bean and bought 2 wraps. Its a childrens boutique and they helped me try them all on and I personally love the moby wrap for my 7 week old :) I hope this helps !!

I am about 5'3 and I LOVE the Hot Sling.. comes in a lot of patterns and sizez. It comes with a DVD to show all the ways to use it. My daughter is now 3 and about 35 pounds and I can still carry her in it either on my back or my hip. It is SO SO SO easy to use also.

I use a sling by Native Inc and just love it. It is extremely simple which was what I needed. Plus it is also made from organic cotton. You can purchase them on newnativeinc.com.

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