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Sling for Mom with a Bad Back

I have a 5 week old baby girl and am looking for a sling to use with her. I have a bad back and so far the ones I have tried really hurt after a short time. I've tried the Bejorn and another one (don't know the name) that goes over one shoulder and has a ring that the material goes through to tighten it. Maybe something that goes across my entire back instead of one side would be better? I'm also looking for the sling to be light weight and not too hot since it's summer and I'm outside a lot with my toddler. Please send me your ideas!

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moby wraps or mei tai carriers are GREAT for spreading the weight out across the back!

Moby wraps are a ripoff-- you can just buy 5-6 yards of fabric and wrap it around moby style, there's no need for the official logo........

and mei tais are easy to make if you sew a little or know someone with a few sewing skills.

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You need MORE than a sling. Get a copy of PAIN FREE by Pete Egoscue and start doing the e-cises for your back. You can also google the website and get some info there. You'll get more out of the book.

There is a particular Baby Bjorn that has back support. Not all of them do, but that one does. I have lower back problems too and lugging around the infant carrier exacerbated that. The Baby Bjorn with lumbar support worked for me. It is a little more expensive, I think it was $119 three years ago.

Good luck

Hi R.,

I too have a bad back and wanted to carry my daughter.

I love the long wraps, but they can be difficult to wrap in public if you have to take baby out, and can get pretty hot.

My other fav is the Ergo Baby. It's a bit pricey... but you can wear baby front or back, or on the side. It spreads the weight out very nicely and it is comfy.

You can get it through:

www.myfavoritebabycarrier.com with a 90 day money back gaurantee!!! Seriously... 3 months. So, try it for 3 months and if you don't like it.. .send it back for a refund. You really can't beat that deal. No one else gives you that. By the time I found Ergo Baby, I had gone through 4 other slings. I thought 'what do I have to loose!' I bought it and loved it. My daughter also likes it. Check out the website...there are a ton of features that they do a better job of explaining then I could.

Oh... and the weight limit is pretty high... so you can use it a long time.

I love the Moby and the Mei Tai but didn't want to spend the money since I got rid of everything before this baby. So instead I bought 5 yds of muslin fabric (it is $1.49/yd) and folded it in half so that it was double thickness but still 5 yds long. Then I googled baby wrapping instructions. I tried several different variations until I found the one that worked for me with a newborn. He is 5 months old now so I am doing a different wrap but still loving it! It is easier, more economical, and definitely feels better on my back!
Good luck!

I wondered the same thing and after talking to a lot of other moms have found that the Moby wrap is one of the best for comfort, nursing etc. I am trying to save money right now for our vacation to Disney in december so instead of buying one I purchesed 6 yards (i'm a plus size mama)of a nice soft, slightly stretchy (like a tshirt) fabric at walmart and cut it in half so i now have 2 carriers. I haven't put my daughter in it yet because I just got the fabric today, but tried it with a bottle of laundry detergent (for the weight) and could barely even tell I was carrying anything! I love it and cannot wait to start using it. I have a 2 1/2 year old also so being hands free is essential. I have a snugli front carrier that I have been using from when he was a baby and it works great most of the time but I do notice my back starting to hurt after a few hours. Please let us know what you pick and how it works!!!

I have a Peanut Shell that easily goes over the shoulder, which I loved using with my son! I stopped using around 13 months when he got too big for it and put more weight on my back. You can find online or their site might give you local stores that sell them. They are in the $50 range, but well worth it!

a friend of mine has a hard time with slings because of her back and shoulders. and she Loves the Ergo Carrier. i have not tried it myself, but she wont use anything else.

worth looking up.

Try a Moby. It's a lot of fabric and very daunting at first, but I LOVE mine! Once you get the hang of it it's really easy to use and despite all that fabric, it's not terribly hot. Since it wraps all the way around your lower back and shoulders, it distributes the baby's weight really well. It's a lot more versatile (IMO) than a ring sling and a LOT more comfortable than something like the Baby Bjorn. They are kind of expensive, but if you're crafty, you could make one yourself for a fraction of the cost.


moby wraps or mei tai carriers are GREAT for spreading the weight out across the back!

Moby wraps are a ripoff-- you can just buy 5-6 yards of fabric and wrap it around moby style, there's no need for the official logo........

and mei tais are easy to make if you sew a little or know someone with a few sewing skills.

I have a Mei Tai and I absolutely love it. You can tie it a bunch of different ways. Go on You Tube and search "Mei Tai" (I think it's spelled right)and you can watch videos of all the different ways to tie it. Watch these videos and then you can decide if it's something for you. If you would like one I can put you in contact with someone who makes them. Good Luck!

The Bjorn isn't good for her hips or your back. Try to find something like an Ergo or Baby Hawk (check Craig's List and Ebay for used ones to save some money). These soft carriers put some of the weight on your hips and can also be worn on your back when she's bigger. They also take the weight offer her crotch and shift her so that she sits on her bum instead which is much better for her hips.
Good Luck!

For my first we used the Bjorn with lumbar support (my husband has a bad back) and loved it. This time (due in November) I need something that I can both carry for extended periods of time and nurse easily so I have been doing some comparison shopping.
This is a link to a great comparison chart of baby carriers. http://www.peppermint.com/comparison.html

Good luck finding the right one!

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