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Slimmy Baby Carrots

We do our shopping at Meijer and often when I buy Bolthouse Baby Carrots they are slimmy and slippery. Do they just need to be rinsed? or should I return them? If You all say return thr I will no longer be getting them there. Although I recall a time when we had the same issue with costco.

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I hate when that happens and I was rinsing them, then bagging them with a paer towel inside until I heard that they clean these with bleach or chlorine!?! I say, go old skool...buy the whole carrots and cut. One thing, if you have been eating the baby carrots for a while...you will notice how good carrots really are!

Baby carrots -- I think you mean the small,perfectly formed cocktailtype - are carved from the misshapen carrots that cant be sold as whole. I have read that in order to lengthen the shelf life, they are treated with chlorine -- like your swimming pool --- After you get them home, they sort of develop a whitish film. Just buy whole carrots.

I had the same problem and I called Bolthouse. They said they won't hurt you to eat them, but they won't be very pleasant to eat that way either. They are not supposed to be that way though. My advice to you and to anyone else CALL THE COMPANY WHO PRODUCES THEM. That is what I do anytime I have a problem with any product. Not only will the company use your information to help improve the product, they will also send you coupons that more than make up for the money you lost on the product you had to throw away. I have done this with Huggies, Quaker, Bolthouse, and a juice company and a cleaner company. All have been glad I called and sent coupons as compensation.

If they are slimy, they have been rinsed in 'something' to extend shelf-life ('something' you don't want to be eating). Real carrots taste so much better and can also be be peeled/sliced/bagged well in advance if you are buying baby carrots due to convenience. As a sidenote, any produce that has been peeled/sliced/bagged/sent to the store in advance (baby carrots are whole carrots that have been peeled/cut down) is definitely depleted in nutrients compared to the real deal. Even if you slice your own whole carrots 5 days in advance, you know that they are in better nutitional shape than the bagged baby carrots that were "produced"/distibuted week(s) before you get them in your hands.

I've actually read that the white coloring the carrots take on is just an effect of them drying out - not because of chlorine. If you'll notice, even the "normal" carrots will dry out and turn whitish after you've cut them (if they're not stored in water). However, this is not to say that companies don't use chlorine - I'm sure many do (and I agree, it's disgusting and incredibly unsafe!). To be safe, if you choose to use baby carrots, I recommend buying organic ones - that way you know they weren't soaked in chlorine and also weren't grown with harmful pesticides.

I just want to say that I did *not* know that about baby carrots, which we do buy from time to time. When I read about how baby carrots are treated, I almost threw up! Ugh! Are you serious? I can't believe that the FDA lets companies get away with this! All the more reason I'm transitioning my family to a healthier eating lifestyle.

I love Mamasource for this. A collective area for moms to share information. If it wasn't for you moms, I would have never known about this and I probably would have gone on feeding my family baby carrots, thinking I'm doing something good for them.

I just started buying the organic baby carrots because I don't like the Bolthouse carrots.
They seem to last longer, they don't get slimy, and they taste more like carrots. I haven't paid attention to the price difference but I think they're pretty close in cost.

baby carrots are from large deformed carrots. whittled down then soaked in swimming pools of CHLORINE, Bleach to "preserve" them! NICE right! CANCER is what they are soaking in! PLEASE Parents! PLEASE ONLY Buy Normal Real carrots in the long bags! Peal them yourselves, and store in water! that simple, Notice how they taste like a real carrot? Odd how the little ones Only Crunch like carrots, and are orange.. other then that, they are Chlorine tablets!
Ever notice how baby carrots get all White looking as they dry out! Guess what that Is?? Chloring Bleach!
Cancer is the LEADING cause of Death in Children under 6! This is Not OK, is it?
Good Luck Parents!

Hi S. - I think that when the carrots are slimy they are bad - don't eat them. If they are wet that's different - they're supposed to be. I have also had the same issue from Costco and sometimes Kroger - I'm very careful about where I get the carrots. At Walmart where I've only got them a few times they are very dry - and I don't like them either! I think that if you buy them, get them home and they're slimy you should definitely take them back - always check the dates on the pack too because if they're close to the sell by date they're more likely to go off - good luck - Alison

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