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Sleep Issues - Fairfax, VA

We have many sleep issues, but 1 that we would currently like to deal with is: when we put our son to bed we cover him up and say goodnight. Within a few minutes he is screaming out for us to fix his blanket. He wants recovered because he has either rolled over or pulled his blankets off. He will do this on average about 10x or more over the course of an hour or more. It drives us crazy.
Ive explained to him that I will do it one time and I am not coming back to fix it. And Ive let him scream and after a few minutes he quits. But Ive only gotten lucky w/ that a couple of times. Ive also tried telling him that after he goes to sleep then we will cover him.

So my question is: since he is old enough (2yrs and 3months) to understand what I am saying, should we just cover and say the "one time" spill and Dont respond to him and let him scream it out til he decides he is done or "passes out"??? Or should we just answer him when he screams and tell him we arent going to cover him up anymore???
Any other ideas?
Oh and I tried a bigger blanket so that when he rolls he is still covered, but he has gotten use to this one blanket and doesnt want the new one.

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Thanks for all the advice. I think he would feel stuffy in the sleeping bag altho that was a great idea.
I did put his fav. train blanket over his mattress to lie on so he had that w/ him and then we did use the bigger fleece blanket that he previously refused. I explained to him that it was bigger cuz he was a bigger boy and that it would stay on him if he wanted to roll over.
Then I went thru the normal explanation of how we will only put his blanket on him 1 time, no more, so dont wiggle around or call for us.....
So last night he gave us heck, we went in a couple times. And tonight he is laying peacefully w/ NO blanket at all. I am debating on going in and offering to cover him up and tell him it was nice of him to NOT scream for it. Just trying to get what he needs before he has a chance to scream about it. If that makes sense. We will see how it goes..........

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wow, that must be driving you crazy ! I have a great solution, put him in one of these sleeping sacks, like infants, they make them bigger as well, I had my daughter in them until 3, if she needed to get up, she could unzip the bottom, or call me !maybe a regular sleeping bag would do, I know Pottery barn has nice cotton ones, that are as big as a single bed, so he doesn't have to sleep in a polyester one !hope this helps, good luck

Have you thought about teaching him how to cover himself up with the blanket? Otherwise, I like the sleeping bag idea. Good luck.

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It's funny because my daughter did the same thing around the same age. I remained firm, fixed it once and when she started to scream went in and firmly stated "ENOUGH!, time to sleep" closed the door, grabbed a glass of wine and went on the deck. It's tough and she tried our patience, but eventually she learned that ploy wouldn't work.

If you repeatedely tell them no, but turn around and give in, they learn bad behavior gets them what they want. It's not easy, but you can win, you are the adult.

Good luck!!

It's the perfect time of year to purchase a kid size sleeping bag. You might even be able to find a free one on freecycle.org. My son attached to his for naps. Just make it special for him - it may take a few times to get him used to his big boy bag- but eventually the covers won't fall off!

I watch Supernanny a lot for ideas. I don't even think you should go back in the room or ween(sp) yourself from doing so. I never really had issues b/c my daughter does not like covers at all....lol Good luck.

Maybe you could just sit in his room and read to him while he goes to sleep and then fix his blanket as needed. It sounds like more time and work but it will probably take less time in the long run because he will be getting the evening attention he wants without screaming. It could be a great time to build some peaceful memories as you read and watch him drift off to sleep. I read to all my kids before bed at night and then go in with my 4yr. if she is still awake and read her an extra story in her bed. She just needs a little extra mommy time to fall asleep.

kristi i truly feel that kids get to the point they know how to test us. be firm that you will kiss him good night and 1 time to return or no time but be firm. have you ever watched nanny 911 with jo jo. she always says the child has got to learn that sleep time is just that. not play time and crazy time for mom and dad

Have you thought about teaching him how to cover himself up with the blanket? Otherwise, I like the sleeping bag idea. Good luck.

I am a big fan of doing it once and that's it. He is doing this to get your attention and if you go in more than once he will continue the behavior. Do it once and that's it. He will learn to do without or cover himself. You said that it did stop when you did it once. I would continue. It may take him a week to get the point but he wll learn.

i'd say get him one of the sleep sacks for toddlers, which is big enough for them and has little holes to poke out their feet, but the blanket never comes off since they're zipped in it. or better yet, turn the blanket that he loves into a little sack with a zipper that he can sleep in.

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