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My month old doesnt like to take a nap in the day time at all. A couple of times hes been up all day 7:00am to 7:00pm.yeah I know!I thought newborns were suppose to sleep all the time. And he wakes up about two to three times in the night.We whiched formula to good start and that helped with gas and fussiness but the not sleeping kills me.He has to be tired.

What can I do next?

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He could be lactose intolerant.
My oldest had the same problem, except on top of the gas he would projectile vomit every time he ate. It only got worse with soy. I switched to Enfamil's lactose-free formula and his problems stopped. When he was old enough for solids, we would give him a Lactaid pill whenever he had dairy and he outgrew it by his second birthday.
My second mostly had breast milk, so he didn't have a problem until he switched to whole milk after his 1st birthday. Now we give him a Lactaid pill when he has milk and he's fine.

Hi S.

My baby was the same way and what we use is the Enfamil Gentlease that is made for fussiness and gas. Good luck! L.

Milacon- I think that's the spelling. You can get it at Target, Walmart, anywhere. It breaks up the gas bubbles so they are not painful. You just put a few drops in their mouths and instantly they are relieved I couldn't have made it w/o Milacon. My son was so gassy. Good luck with that.

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Our youngest daughter was very gassy when she was born and when she was about 3 wks old, I took her with me to my chiropractor. Before you get upset, just listen. I was telling him how she had been behaving practically from day one. He asked if he could look her over. I trusted this man, completely and my own physician believes in the combination of medical and wholelistic medicine and often times would send people to a chiropractor before starting them on a long process of expensive physical therapy. So, I told Dr. Judge that I would let him check her over. He asked if he could do an adjustment and he promised he that he had done the same adjustment on his own children. So, both my husband and I agreed. (We were at our witt's end, not knowing what more to do. We had already changed formula's and the such twice with no relief) So, he gently adjusted her and told us within about 5-20 minutes she would erupt like a hotsprings fountain. We hadn't even got settled into the car seat and she did. It was a projectile emisis. Along withit came a lot of mucus. She never screamed or cried with pain from gas again. Dr. Judge and my family physician, both said it was likely that she had not been completely suctioned after her birth, even though the apgar score was normal. She began sleeping through the night and taking her formula with out problem. Before you try this, call around and interview the chiropractors in your area. Find out if they attended the Madison WI chiropractic school. It is where Dr. Judge studied and he learned the technique. God Bless Him. Our daughter now teaches 6th grade, a mother herself and is 27 yrs old.

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We used Similac, but never the enfamil. I did switch to the nestle good start. I noticed right away that when I shook it up in the bottle there wasn't as much froth and my son wasn't as gassy. I was really pleased with it and it was cheaper, which was a nice bonus.

I think you are headed in the right direction. I would keep trying different formulas until you find one that agrees with him. Also I would use one of the bottles designed to cut back on air swallowed while feeding and the anti-gas drops for baby might help too. Best luck to you and baby.

Mylacon drops! We called them "heaven in a bottle" when our son was fussy. Just put a couple drops into the side of his cheek.

I have a 7 week old baby who we have had trouble with too. She was early so she had to be on Similac NeoSure and had a hard time with spitting up and gas. As soon as she gained a good amount of weight the doctor had us switch to Enfamil A.R. The baby would not drink the Enfamil, but luckily Similac makes a similar formula called Similac Sensitive R.S. It has worked wonders. She can keep most of her food down and even though she still has significant gas she is much happier about it, as if the gas just doesn't bother her anymore. I would ask the doctor about trying this formula or just adding a teaspoon of rice cereal to whichever formula you already prefer.

Milacon- I think that's the spelling. You can get it at Target, Walmart, anywhere. It breaks up the gas bubbles so they are not painful. You just put a few drops in their mouths and instantly they are relieved I couldn't have made it w/o Milacon. My son was so gassy. Good luck with that.

Spit up is considered "normal" by most physicians, however it is a sign of sensitivity to that food source. I recommend a rice formula because that is least allergenic. Gas is a byproduct of carbohydrate digestion, excessive gas represents difficulty in the carb break down. One other thing to consider would be if the child has had any antibiotic treatments. If so the microflora will be imbalanced and will need to be restored by using a probiotic supplement. Check your local health store or another source would be a Chiropractor who practicies applied kinesiology or a natural medicine practicioner. Good Luck and congrats on the little one!

Both my girls were on nestle goodstart, and it was the ONLY thing that helped them! My youngest one is special needs and has tons of tummy issues! Have you tried to give mylicon drops before every bottle? They will not hurt just help with gas. Also a thing to remember if you switch formula, that could very well upset the baby's tummy for a few days until the baby gets used to the new one. I remember these days well. If I can think of anything else I will let you know.

Hi S.-
My name is B. jarmoluk
I'm a 47 yo mom of twin girls- now 6, also med. prof. and wellness coach.
I also distribute herbalife products.
A lot of my clients with infants use aloe for them- our aloe takes out the allatoin- the laxative part of why you can't ingest the plant. Anyway- takes away fussies and spitups- works also for adults with irrit. bowel or reflux type issues.
I'm out of town but you can check it out- aloe concentrate- at http://www.mydietshop.org
My email directly is ____@____.com
I'm on line until I get home- beauty of home bus too- and I can assist you when I return the week of March 10th too over the phone. I'm in St. Paul , MN
check it out- all our prod. are doctor recommended , safe for kids and infants, and $ back guarantee.
thanks and hope to hear back from you and congrats on your baby too.

I have a 15 month old daughter who went through the same thing as a new born. A family friend suggested giving her 3-4 oz of fennell tea when she was gassy. I talked to the dr about it and he said it was worth a try.......IT WORKED! All you have to do is boil 1 Tbsp of fennell seeds per 1 cup of water. Strain the seeds, cool the water and give it to the baby. This also helps colicky babies. I would make about 4-6 cups at once and refridgerate the rest. It will keep for 4-5 days and you'll have it on hand when the baby gets fussy.

I would keep trying new formulas...not necessarily soy all the time either. I agree that soy can cause more gas. Also, try some simethicone gas drops (get the generic...it's the same stuff but half the price). My daughter was not always REALLY gassy but she would just cry at the feeling of passing gas or a rumbly tummy. I remember asking the dr and she said that some kids (babies) are more sensitive to that feeling and just don't like that sensation. We swore by our gas drops and wouldn't go anytwhere without them!
Good luck!

Have you tried gas drops? They work great and are safe. Mylicon is the brand name but the generic is the same and much cheaper. Also try tummy massage. Massage clockwise when looking at baby.(baby's right to left, your left to right) I had to have my last baby on soy too. I wouldn't worry too much about the spitting up -unless it is the whole bottle. Also look at the type of bottle you are using. Use one that minimizes air to the baby. Seriously consider taking him to a chiropractor too. Birth can be very traumatic and he might need a little adjustment. They are very gentle with babies and often only need the one adjustment. Good Luck.

I like Enfamil gentlease, my daughter had reflux and colic and this was the best product in my eyes. I tried every formula brand and variety, lipil, soy, a/r, and found this to be superior. I had two friends whos children had rash reactions to good start. Good luck!

My son was really fussy/gassy/colicy and we found that switching his bottle to the Dr. Brown's bottle really helped. it took a week or so but he became much less gassy, spit up less and was happier when we switched.
I tried the baby massage too. I found that bringing his heels into is bottom and then rolling his legs up so that his knees where on his chest with his legs still bent and then using bicycle motions to straighten them out to the floor really helped and he would "toot" every time.

I had a gassy baby and similac sensitive works great for us. We also have used enfamil gentlease, which works well too. The proteins in these formulas are partially digested, so it's easier on their tummies.

This sounds exactly like my second son. We did switch to the nestle soy formula and saw some improvement. There are gas drops available to try, we did not go that route. The Doctor treated him for acid reflex that he took medicine for which also helped. We did the medicine for a number of monthes and kept him on the soy. It took him longer to be ready to eat solids becuase he vomited so easy. Today he drinks regular milk, does not take medicine and is almost 3 years old. He still can vomit for any reason,a cough, a sneeze, runny nose or even laughing/crying too hard. He is still my sensitive one!
Hang in there it can be very frustrating!!

My 7 week old did the same-I switched her to the similac soy, it was better but still fussy. I then switched to the generic brand (parents choice @ walmart or Top care at other stores) but still the soy and what a difference. She is only been fussy for about an hour in the evenings now---much happier baby and the formula is 10 dollars cheaper (big can) than the name brand. Oh I did also try Infamil's soy brand and she was just as fussy with that as the Similac.
Hope this helps.

Try the Dr. Brown bottles. Baby gets way less air than any other type of bottle, because of the design. They are amazing! Your baby will show an improvement within 24 hrs of starting to use them.

Hey, Darlin'! Had a similar problem when my daughter was little . Check with the doctor about giving him simethecone drops (available at any Wal-Mart). With Ally, we just put a squirt (they come with a dropper) into her formula. As she got older, I could actually just give her a squirt orally and she could swallow, but when she was a baby, it was easier in the formula. It definitely helped with the gas and cramping.

There are other formulas with "comfort proteins" (that's what they call them). They have milk proteins that have been partially broken down and are easier for babies to digest than just straight formula. Also supposed to be good for fussiness, gas, cramping, etc.

If you do run into continuous trouble with formulas, have your son checked for a MILK PROTEIN ALLERGY! Ally had one, and this means that ALL milk proteins, including breast milk, she reacted to, badly! We finally had to put her on Nutramigen, which is a predigested formula (pretty costly, but it saved her life). It used to be prescription only, but it's also at places like Wal-Mart now. But we didn't know she COULD be allergic to breast milk, for Heaven's sake, and this kid was nearly a year before we finally got it figured out. She had a miserable first year, was in and out of the hospital several times, and nearly died, because we couldn't figure it out. When I hear "fussiness, gas, spitting up," etc., I warn everyone to check with doctors for milk protein allergies. No child should have to suffer the way Ally did those first 18 months.

Best of luck to you!

I took my infant to the Chiropractor and it helped tremendously. We tried everything with formulas before we took him to be adjusted and I wish I would have done the visit sooner. Good Luck.

Sounds just like my kids! Worst gas ever! I was even breasfeeding my last one and on a super bland diet! My first I wasn't able to breastfeed b/c she was 6 weeks premature. I switched her to Enfamil Gentlease (and WalMart, Target brands) and also switched to Dr. Brown bottles after about 4 weeks. It seemed to help enough that she didn't seem like she was in pain w/ the gas and the gas was not as much. My doctor said soy should be the last resort...but you know all docs are different! I also bought some colic calm. We called it the magic :) As soon as she took it it calmed her. Go to the website, coliccalm.com My doc said as long as we used it sparingly and as directed it should be okay. I also with my second daughter I bought the Miracle Blanket swaddler and I only have used it like 4 or 5 times when she was really fussy but it worked wonders, she fell right asleep and slept for 8 hours!

I know your pain. With my second son he had the same problems. I tried soy formulas and those didn't work so I switched him back to the enfamil. Turns out we took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with acid reflux. They did an upper GI and found out from there. We were told to put bricks under his crib legs to elevate it and to keep him up right for at least 20 after eating. Also I used to by mylacon drops by the truck loads. You should try this feed your baby and right after he eats give him dropper full of it. It tastes just fine and you will be amazed as to how well it works. Good luck

Try the Nestle good Start formula. I had the same problem with my 3rd baby. At 5 weeks of age he started becoming real cranky and spit up quit a bit with Similac formula. The Dr. told me to try Nestle Good Start because it is closer to breast milk and easier on the babies tummy. It worked it was night and day difference. My sister had her baby on similac as well and had the same problem. She switched her to Nestle Good Start and she was much better. If Neslte Good Start does not work then you may have to talk to your Dr. and have him put on a soy formula.

Hope this helps


My son was very gassy, too. We tried different formulas (even the prescription only kind) and it made no difference. Switching bottles helped, but didn't eliminate the problem.

We ended up putting a drop of Mylicon in every bottle we gave him and the problem disappeared! Best of luck!

I have 4 children and they were all spitty babies, especially the last two. With my now 2 year old, we tried many different formulas until we used Enfamil AR Lipil and that was a miracle formula! With my newest baby, that formula didn't work and the doctor said as long as she is gaining weight, just accept that she is a pukey baby. So we did and we'll have to change the carpet once she is walking, but she's healthy!

S., that sounds similar to when my 19 mo old girl was little. She'd work and work just to toot! I was also told to try SOY formula. This seemed even worse! She would scream and scream. So I went out on my own and read every label. I decided to try Enfamil Lipil Gentlease (sp), its the dark purple can. That made a HUGE difference. That is what we stuck with until she was a year old and on whole milk. Sorry I dont have more back ground on my reasoning or more scientific info on why it worked but it just seemed to. The label does say that it contains a partially broken down milk or protein and that may have been just enuf to make a difference. I hope you can find something that works, because I know just how stressful that can be! Good luck....

I really like the Nestle formula, my boys had a real issue with formula. They both still did a lot of spitting up but everything else was better and the spitting up didn't last the whole time they were on the bottle. Both did a lot better once they were able to go to whole milk, but you're a ways from that. Anyway, there is also a holistic product that I believe is under the brand name Highland that has different formulas for things like teething and I think one for gas. I know the teething formula works wonders. Have you tried rubbing a brew of ginger root on his stomach, heard somewhere that it is an old time remedy. Good Luck!

Have you tried gas drops? You can buy a generic version of infant gas drops, which work just as well as name brand but cost less. They are safe enough to use after every bottle if needed. This is what we did for our son.

You could also try gripe water. I've never used this, but I hear it's real good.

My son had a similar problem. He started off on the similac w/ iron, but soon developed tummyaches and fussiness around 3 weeks old too. I asked my doctor about the soy formula, but he suggested switching to Enfamil Gentlease. It is mostly lactose-free and has proteins similar to breastmilk. It worked beautifully! After awhile we even switched to Parent's Choice Gentle(Walmart version)it says on the side of the can compare to Enfamil Gentlease. That has worked well too and is nearly half the price of Enfamil. Ask your doctor if he has a sample for you to try. That way if it doesn't work out for you, you haven't spent a lot of money. Hope this helps!

A. B

I family choice(walmart brand) minust the iron. the gas went away along with the fussiness. When I told the dr what I had done he told me to give my son iron supplements- so, for some reason, I started those and the gas came back-go figure. So I took him off the drops as well and my son has done just fine with out them. I would go back to your original fomula- minus the iron and see how it works for ya.

My son had trouble with gas and he did much better on the Target brand of formula. We also had very few spit ups, maybe once or twice a week. I can't explain why but it worked great for him.

It could be the bottle...or the formula. I hear that nestle is supposed to be more gentle. I suggest taking baby to a chiropractor. Fine one that deals with kids a lot...most do. My son had lots of problems when he was born, but a trip to the chiropractor fixed him. Birth is difficult...the spine almost always is compromised during child birth.

My son also had this problem. Upon accident, my husband bought Carnation Good Start when I sent him to the store to buy Enfamil,because it was cheaper (ah...men!) I had no choice but to give it to my gassy son and voila! It worked. Also, to help alleviate (release) the gas, while he is on his back gently push his legs to his chest, then straighten, back to chest, etc. until he releases his gas.

Hi S.-

I've got a fussy/gassy 3-week old, too, so you've got my sympathy! When you're up in the middle of the night with a fussy baby, know that you aren't alone, at least. :)

The pediatrician has us to gentle exercises with our son- e.g. having him lay on his back and then moving his legs up and down and in a bicycle peddling motion. He also has us hold the baby upright, the idea being to have gravity help, rather than hinder any bowel processes.

The vibrate mode on bouncy seats sometimes helps.

The only other thing I've found that helps is a rice sock. It's exactly what it sounds like, a clean sock, filled with raw rice. We heat it just to warm in the microwave, then lay it over the baby's stomach. The heat and the weight of the sock help to sooth him.

My older son had the same problem and we found that, at least in our case, the homeopathic pills and drops didn't work and even tended to make it worse.

Good Luck!


Hi S.

My baby was the same way and what we use is the Enfamil Gentlease that is made for fussiness and gas. Good luck! L.

its a common thing in most babies, being gassy and fussy, Most mothers have to remember that your baby is still a baby and it is in a 24/7 development stage and growing fast. Understand that, the inside body is growing and changing rapidly and trying to keep up with growth, so you find that your baby will be developing diffent bodly functions though and it is normal and will eventually outgrow it around 7 months The gassiness can be caused by the whey products that are in the baby formulas too. Milk products do cause gass and dissconfort in older children and adults. I have tried many different formulas in the past and have found out that Good Start is good product. It comes in many different stages for levels of infants. Soy milk will also cause gas so its not that you will be getting away from that solution. Try to feed the baby is smaller amounts and dont over feed, because "spitting up" is a first sign of being over fed. Wish you the best of luck and always remember that your baby is only 3 weeks old. Not 3 years old. Good Luck km

S., we had problems with gas with Ruby and we had her on the soy formula and swithed her to GentleEase Enfamil.The gassiness has improved greatly especially when we tried ColicCalm. The drops didn't work but actually increased the problem as well as the gripe water. You can find out more info at coliccalm.com. Good luck...I know how hard it is to see your little baby suffer so much...I am so glad I found this product. L.

Sometimes it is not always the formula itself causing the problems but just that the baby's digestive system is immature. Switching formula can help but there are some other things to try:
1) laying him on his stomach with his knees in his belly (his butt will stick in the air) can help gas bubbles break up and pass thru
2) lay him on your stomach (stomach to stomach) as the warmth can help relax him in passing gas
3) a warm bath
4) put him in a swing (I LOVE my swing)
5) Mylicon gas drops with each feeding and at bedtime
Sometimes it is something that just has to pass with time. By constantly switching formula, you may be creating more of a situation than helping the one you already have. If he isn't fussy, the gas isn't a big deal to him anymore.
Hope this help! - OB nurse and mother of 3-1/2 mo son


First is if you can breastfeed that would probaly help a lot, nothing else can relpace that. Another thing that would probaly help is to find a good chiropractor who really specializes in family care. Try www.icpa4kids.org to find an office near you. Personaly we love Dr. Brian Boyd at y-chiropractic in Plymouth. I believe there are some articles on the web site about how chiropractic can help kids. You can check it out at www.y-chiropractic.com
Good luck.

Hi Stphanie,

I sympathize with you. I don't know if you have thought of trying chiropractic to help with that situation. Being born is the most traumatic experience we ever go through. Think how every part of the body has to twist, turn and possibly be forced (at times) to come out into this world. Cranial bones sometimes need to be gently shifted back into alignment. It's not always just about the area that is hurting, as we are totally connected from the top of our head to the soles of our feet. He may have a subluxation somewhere and once that is released or corrected, he will miraculously be fine. And all non invasive.
I have worked in chiropractic for 7 years and have seen firsthand what that can do for an infant as well as adults. I highly recommend CranioSacro Therapy. It is only 5 grams of pressure, but so effective. I myself have that training. You can find a good therapist in your area or call The Upledger Institue. They are out of Florida, but travel to many citites giving classes. You can look online and get info, too, I am sure. I am sorry that I don't have a phone number for you.
It is very effective. I don't know what state you are in, but if Minnesota, I have wonderful contacts for you, both in chiropractic and CranioSacro therapy.

Wishing you blessed health for your precious little one,

Are you nursing at all? Is the inside of his mouth coated white? Have him checked for Thrush, this is a yeast infection that can produce a vert gassy baby that spits up a lot. Good luck

Hi, that can be really challenging. I would say check out Dr. Sears' "The Fussy Baby Book", should be at your library. Basically, remember that skin-to-skin contact works to relieve pain in general, but it also promotes more smooth digestion in a newborn. You can get a "Baby sling" (my favorite is a wrap-around style, like Moby), to keep skin-to-skin contact while you go about housework and cooking and such. Also, I used to make sure at night-time that my newborns always enjoyed maximum skin-to-skin benefits laying tummy-to-tummy on me. Same with nap-times. I'd prop my elbows up on top of pillows so my hands rested on their backs securely, under a light blanket. Every hour of skin-to-skin seemed to "prevent" fussiness. ;-)

Also, I've heard friends gloat about chiropractic adjustments working very quickly too.


Investigate reflux as a possible cause. My daughter screamed for the first eight weeks, was very fussy - the doctor initally said she was colicy. We switched formulas many times. Nothing worked. At her two month apt. he prescribed Zantac. She stopped screaming immediately. The extent of her problem was later confirmed through an upper GI series. Search Google for "Infant reflux disease" and you'll find a website devoted to the topic - with signs to look for etc.

Hi S..
I know this will sound strange, but take your little guy to the Chiropractor. Both my girls had their first adjustment when they were a week old. I promise it will help. The Chiropractor will do the adjustment while your little guy is sleeping in his car seat. He won't even wake up. You will see a difference right away. Good Luck:)


Sometimes a child who has trouble digesting milk will have trouble digesting soy. You might want to try a milk free soy free formula (Nutramagin). Besides, soy is not the healthiest food - especially long term. It is possible that his/ her digestive system needs more time to adjust to cows milk or it could be the start of an intolerance. Give him/ her some time with something that is easily digestable. There will be less of a chance that this will be a long term problem.

My 15 month old was, and still is, extremely gassy. After a year of trying the gas meds, gripe water etc. I also eliminated almost everything from my diet since I was nursing. I took him to a energy chiropractor who confirmed that he has "sensitivities" to dairy and soy. Apparently 30% of those who can't handle dairy also cannot handle soy.

I wish I would have gone sooner because he is soooooo much better and happier.

Good luck-

Have you tried gas drops which can be used as often as every feeding? Another idea is does the formula have dha and ara? That can cause a gassy fussy baby. I've heard that nestle goodstart makes one that doesn't have dha and ara that digests easily. I think it's the purple colored can. Hopefully this helps. Good luck!

Mylacon gas drops are awesome (avail at any drug store, Target, etc.). You can give it to her before feeding.

He could be lactose intolerant.
My oldest had the same problem, except on top of the gas he would projectile vomit every time he ate. It only got worse with soy. I switched to Enfamil's lactose-free formula and his problems stopped. When he was old enough for solids, we would give him a Lactaid pill whenever he had dairy and he outgrew it by his second birthday.
My second mostly had breast milk, so he didn't have a problem until he switched to whole milk after his 1st birthday. Now we give him a Lactaid pill when he has milk and he's fine.

I gave my daughter a bottle of DECAF Camomille tea daily...it is a natural gas reducer. My doctor told me about it and it was great. Another option is Gripes Water (you buy it over the counter at the pharmacy). Your doctor can also perscribe a gas medication - my son took that and it helped. I was breast feeding with him and eliminated ALL gasey foods from my diet - there is a LONG list...but helped him and I got the baby weight off FAST! My daughter was on both breast milk and formula. We used a formula that was supposed to help with gas and spitting up, I bought it at Whole Foods, but I can't remember the name anymore. Another thing I did, was during the feedings I would stop and burp both kids multiple times. They also slept slightly inclined in the bassinet/crib - I put a small pillow under the mattress at the "head" of the bed. You might want to have your child tested for Reflux. Spitting up can be a sign of reflux.

Good luck! It isn't fun, but they do out grow it...thank GOD!

SAHM of 2 kids, 3& 6.

What kind of a bottle are you using. I would try Dr. Brown or the playtex ones with the inserts. I also agree with taking your little one to the Chiropractor. They are great.

We ended up using nutramigen formula. It is very expensive but worth it. Also have you tried dr. Browns bottles? They are wonderful.

I had a gassy issuse with my little man and we use the Nestle good start that help a little and than we use gas drops and grip water but I would check intothat before you use I have heard a couple of this about the grip water after we stopped using it they pulled it off the shelf but can not remember why but it did work. GOOD LUCK and CONGRADULATION on the baby.

We had a fussy one at about 2 weeks--ended up being acid reflux. We also switched to Alimentum formula and within 24 hours a different baby. If they have a milk allergy about half of them also have a soy allergy which could explain why you're having more spit up.

I had a similar situation with my second child. Although we breastfed, she spit up a lot and arched her back while feeding. I found out she had relfux which is apparently really common in infants. I thought it was colic/bad gas, etc. I tried the over the counter gas drops and they didn't work. After I described the situation to my doctor, he put her on Zantac drops for relux and that did the trick. Life was so much easier after that. She outgrew it by 5 months old. If nothing else works, you may want to ask your doctor about it.

My twin daughters are 3 months old and have been and still are pretty fussy. They are actulaly on reflux medication, zantac, but still fussy. We give them gripe water (it is fennel and ginger so nothing harsh) . Try that..the trick is to give it to them before they get fussy with gas so I give it to them at regular intervals throughout the day. I breastfeed them so I have no suggestions for formula but do try the gripe water, you can get it almost anywhere, Babies r' Us or Walgreens.
Good Luck

HI~ Maybe its the bottle? Both my kids were gassy babies. I bought Dr. Brown's natural flow for my second one and it worked wonders. Its a strange looking bottle--has a tube inside the bottle that keeps the child from sucking in air. They come in two different sizes, so I suggest you buy the small one and see how it works. You can get them at Wal-Mart or Target. Costs about $3-5.

Also you can try over the counter gas drops for infants. I am sorry, but I forgot the name. Its been years since I bought this as she is 8 now. This worked for my girl before Dr. Brown bottles were introduced. I gave her drops before and after her feedings.

Good Luck!!


My son had problems with regular formula also. We ended up with using the Parents Choice Gentle. He did not spit up near so much and it is designed to help with gas.

Hi there, I have 4 babies and one more on the way, my boys had a problem w/gas & constepation a few things that worked for them were:

Little Tummies gas relief drops

Light Karo syrup Mixed w/water (1 Tbsp per 2oz of water)

a faster nipple so they don't take in as much air when they are feeding

good luck i'd love to know how your little one does

Hi Setphanie, the thing that saved us from my babies gas was Mylicon you can get it at any store, we got it at Walmart but I know Walgreens has it too. It is safe to use every feeding and it sweet so baby won't mind getting it. Ask your Dr. or nurse if you are worried but it totally saves us when gas takes over. Hope this helps.

Try the anti-colic bottles, my granddaughter went through this and was on the gas meds etc. Around 2-3 days after my daughter started using the anti-colic bottles from WalMart the fussing quit and she was content. No meds, no doctors, just a bottle and she was a happy baby. They were life savers!

I would try to stick with the soy formula for a bit longer. It is usually much easier than milk products to digest. I know this is difficult to do, but also trying to keep your baby a bit upright may help with the spitting up. Switching formula is hard on their systems, so try giving this one a little more time.
Good luck!

I have a 9 months old & he had problems with gas too! From the time he was about a week old, we put gas relief drops in his bottle! We just buy it at Wal-Mart & it's like $3.96 I think! It really makes a difference & when we don't put it in, we can tell a difference! We even checked with our doctor to see if it was okay & she said Yes! All it is, is Simethacone! Put it in the bottle before you put the water in the bottle & just fill the dropper to the bottom line of the dropper which is 0.3 ml & the put your formula in it & it will dissolve! We use Simalac Advance & have never had to change formula since day one! It has been a life saver for us! I hope it works for you! Good Luck & if there is any other questions just let me know!

We had this same problem with our son when he was an infant. We tried the gas drops and they did nothing for him. I took him to the chiropractor and it helped a little. Also, the Chiro told us to add a probiotic (or acidophollus) to his bottles. It is the good bacteria that is found in your digestive system. It is also found in yogurt. It can be found in the organic section in the refrigerated area of most supermarkets. It is also safe for all ages. Hope this helps!

My son was very gassy at that age. It turns out he was sensitive to gluten. Once I eliminated that, he was just fine! I even tried going back to gluten to test it out, and again he was gassy. My first son was fussy for a whole year, and it was the same for him, but we didn't know it at the time. This son now has behavior problems when he is exposed to gluten - quite dramatic.

I was BFing, so I eliminated the gluten from my diet. For formula, check those ingredients. Gluten is in a lot of ingredients - you can look it up on Google. A good formula might be Nutramagin.

Dairy is a frequent offender as well.

Good luck.

Gas drops with every feeding, I believe you can do before and after. After feeding and burping then bend his legs to his tummy a few times. My youngest was the same way and we had to just give him time for his insides to get bigger. He was so bad he sounded like a teenage boy when he would finally get it out. We did Similac Advance that did help a little with the gas issue. Other people swear by gripe water and chiropractors (which I never tried but would have if I had known about it at the time) .
Good luck!

try a differant bottle. not sure what u r using but i swaer by thr dr browns!!!!!!!!!!!
can be found at walmart, target, and babies r us.
my son was gassy and i changed to dr browns and noticed a differance while he was eating the first time

Hi, I feel your pain. My daughter who is 6 weeks old has had bad gas and real fussy because of it. I think she also might have acid reflux, but her upper GI and swallow study showed no signs. Well anyway I fould what is called colic calm. Go to coliccalm.com. I haven't tried it. I just ordered it on the 26th so it should arrive today. I checked with my pediatrician and she said ok since it is approved and regulated by the FDA.It's kindof expensive, but it's all natural which I like and it helps with reflux. My daughter is getting better less (fussy) as she gets older her digestive system is maturing. I'll keep you informed if your interested. Another one is called colicease.com. I had another mom from mamasource tell me she tried this one and it worked for her daughter. Good luck and congratulations. God Bless.

With both of my girls I would do infant massage techniques with them when they were fussy or gassy. It worked really well. There are certain techniques to use for gassiness, teething, etc. If you can, you should take a class from a qualified infant massage instructor or there are some great books out there as well. Most local hospitals offer the classes.

As for formula, I breastfed my first daughter, but my second daughter was on formula and we used Nestle Good Start and it worked well. I never used the soy though due to the research on how it affects babies later in life (fertility, thyroid, etc.) Good luck and congratulations.

Someone else suggested Hyland's (that is the correct spelling, I have the bottle right in front of me). They make really great homeopathic things for kids. There is a kit that they have at Whole Foods that you can get that will help pin point what to give him for whatever is bothering him. I use my kit mostly for teething. It's a lifesaver!!! Have you tried bringing his leg up after diaper changes to help get the gas moving? I found that that really helps too.

Good luck! And congrats on the little one!

I had a similar problem with our daughter. We started her on Carnation good start and it was a world of difference. We didn't do the soy one. (I recently read that exposure to soy so early in life might be responsible for the increase in food allergies, just a thought). Anyway, we loved Carnation ~ It was a miracle worker for us. We noticed a difference right away.

Good luck

I have only nursed my kids but my daughter (four months old now) was also very gassy. Mylicon was my savior. It's expensive but worth every penny! Just follow the dosage instructions and it works within a minute. I was up all the time with her and you could tell by her cry that she was in pain. As for the spitting up, remember that it always looks like more than it is. Spill a tablespoon of milk on the kitchen counter - looks like a lot more than a tablespoon. Some babies are just spitters.

My son was very bad. I started to use Enphamil Lipil Gentlease, I also took him to a Chiropractor that works on a lot of children. Also "excersies" are lay baby on the floor and use gentle but firm pressure push the knees to the chest and hold for about 2 seconds until you can see you have forced some pressure on the belly. This forces air out for a good old fart. Do it about 3 or 4 times about 4 times a day.

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