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My month old doesnt like to take a nap in the day time at all. A couple of times hes been up all day 7:00am to 7:00pm.yeah I know!I thought newborns were suppose to sleep all the time. And he wakes up about two to three times in the night.We whiched formula to good start and that helped with gas and fussiness but the not sleeping kills me.He has to be tired.

What can I do next?

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He could be lactose intolerant.
My oldest had the same problem, except on top of the gas he would projectile vomit every time he ate. It only got worse with soy. I switched to Enfamil's lactose-free formula and his problems stopped. When he was old enough for solids, we would give him a Lactaid pill whenever he had dairy and he outgrew it by his second birthday.
My second mostly had breast milk, so he didn't have a problem until he switched to whole milk after his 1st birthday. Now we give him a Lactaid pill when he has milk and he's fine.

Hi S.

My baby was the same way and what we use is the Enfamil Gentlease that is made for fussiness and gas. Good luck! L.

Milacon- I think that's the spelling. You can get it at Target, Walmart, anywhere. It breaks up the gas bubbles so they are not painful. You just put a few drops in their mouths and instantly they are relieved I couldn't have made it w/o Milacon. My son was so gassy. Good luck with that.

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Our youngest daughter was very gassy when she was born and when she was about 3 wks old, I took her with me to my chiropractor. Before you get upset, just listen. I was telling him how she had been behaving practically from day one. He asked if he could look her over. I trusted this man, completely and my own physician believes in the combination of medical and wholelistic medicine and often times would send people to a chiropractor before starting them on a long process of expensive physical therapy. So, I told Dr. Judge that I would let him check her over. He asked if he could do an adjustment and he promised he that he had done the same adjustment on his own children. So, both my husband and I agreed. (We were at our witt's end, not knowing what more to do. We had already changed formula's and the such twice with no relief) So, he gently adjusted her and told us within about 5-20 minutes she would erupt like a hotsprings fountain. We hadn't even got settled into the car seat and she did. It was a projectile emisis. Along withit came a lot of mucus. She never screamed or cried with pain from gas again. Dr. Judge and my family physician, both said it was likely that she had not been completely suctioned after her birth, even though the apgar score was normal. She began sleeping through the night and taking her formula with out problem. Before you try this, call around and interview the chiropractors in your area. Find out if they attended the Madison WI chiropractic school. It is where Dr. Judge studied and he learned the technique. God Bless Him. Our daughter now teaches 6th grade, a mother herself and is 27 yrs old.

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We used Similac, but never the enfamil. I did switch to the nestle good start. I noticed right away that when I shook it up in the bottle there wasn't as much froth and my son wasn't as gassy. I was really pleased with it and it was cheaper, which was a nice bonus.

I think you are headed in the right direction. I would keep trying different formulas until you find one that agrees with him. Also I would use one of the bottles designed to cut back on air swallowed while feeding and the anti-gas drops for baby might help too. Best luck to you and baby.

Mylacon drops! We called them "heaven in a bottle" when our son was fussy. Just put a couple drops into the side of his cheek.

I have a 7 week old baby who we have had trouble with too. She was early so she had to be on Similac NeoSure and had a hard time with spitting up and gas. As soon as she gained a good amount of weight the doctor had us switch to Enfamil A.R. The baby would not drink the Enfamil, but luckily Similac makes a similar formula called Similac Sensitive R.S. It has worked wonders. She can keep most of her food down and even though she still has significant gas she is much happier about it, as if the gas just doesn't bother her anymore. I would ask the doctor about trying this formula or just adding a teaspoon of rice cereal to whichever formula you already prefer.

Milacon- I think that's the spelling. You can get it at Target, Walmart, anywhere. It breaks up the gas bubbles so they are not painful. You just put a few drops in their mouths and instantly they are relieved I couldn't have made it w/o Milacon. My son was so gassy. Good luck with that.

Spit up is considered "normal" by most physicians, however it is a sign of sensitivity to that food source. I recommend a rice formula because that is least allergenic. Gas is a byproduct of carbohydrate digestion, excessive gas represents difficulty in the carb break down. One other thing to consider would be if the child has had any antibiotic treatments. If so the microflora will be imbalanced and will need to be restored by using a probiotic supplement. Check your local health store or another source would be a Chiropractor who practicies applied kinesiology or a natural medicine practicioner. Good Luck and congrats on the little one!

Both my girls were on nestle goodstart, and it was the ONLY thing that helped them! My youngest one is special needs and has tons of tummy issues! Have you tried to give mylicon drops before every bottle? They will not hurt just help with gas. Also a thing to remember if you switch formula, that could very well upset the baby's tummy for a few days until the baby gets used to the new one. I remember these days well. If I can think of anything else I will let you know.

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