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This is going to sound CRAZY, but here goes...
Last night I was lying in bed and felt the need to scratch my scalp. When I did, I noticed a "dent" or "groove" toward the back of my skull, but more on the right side. I felt along the "groove" and realized that it extends from the top of my head all the way down the back. I checked to see if the left side was the same and it is not! Now I'm freaking out! I am 27-years-old. I would think that I would've noticed such a prominent "dent" in my head by now if it had been there all along. I have never had any head trama. Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?

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Thanks, everyone! I appreciate all the responses. I think it freaked me out most because I had never noticed it before, but after I read your responses and talked to my husband, I think I'm just being paranoid! I don't have any pain associated with this, so I'm just going to leave the subject alone! Thanks again :)

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I have the same thing as does my 46 year old mother. This may not be true but my mother was once told that her soft spot had hardened but had not filled out and thus left the indent. I am sorry I can't offer more help other then letting you know that you aren't alone! :)

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Sorry but this made me laugh! I realized in my early 20's that I had huge dents in my head and I was in shock. I have one that is huge, I occasionaly bump my head when playing with the kids and then make them feel the dent they left in my head! They always fall for it! According to my mom they had always been there! My daughter has similar peaks and valleys on her skull too. Check out your kids and hubbies scalps and I think you will find that we are all shaped differently!

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I have the same thing as does my 46 year old mother. This may not be true but my mother was once told that her soft spot had hardened but had not filled out and thus left the indent. I am sorry I can't offer more help other then letting you know that you aren't alone! :)

I'm a cancer survivor, and at the age of 48 I found things I had no idea I had on my skull when I lost my hair from chemotherapy! It is normal for heads to be different from one side to the other and have dents (or even hills and valleys). Not everyone looks good bald...I know I don't! I'm a cancer nurse and I know this professionally as well.
I wouldn't worry. If you do still feel uncomfortable about this, or if it hurts, see your doc.

could be plagiocephaly or brachiocephaly (sp). "Flathead", and it happens from laying as a baby or if your mom fed on one side more than the other. My son was so large we was acually born flat headed in the back. It's doesn't cause any problems, he even wore a helmet for it. Google those words..not much you can do about it as an adult because your plates have closed on your skull...assuming that's what it is. Just be gald you're a girl and can hide it with hair.

If you're convinced it's new, go get it checked out.

You know, I'm no expert on this, but I think almost everyone has "dents" in their skull - skulls are not perfectly symmetrical or smooth. If your dent is at all tender or sore, then maybe I'd have it checked out. Otherwise, relax!

did you see my responce?i found the same thing,but when i called the doc for an appointment i said i have two bumps on the back of my head right side was bigger than left.anyway my doc told me it is just the layer of muscle that covers your scull and was nothing to be concerend about.like you i thought i would have noticed such a thing before,but none the less dont worry about it.

Chances are the "dent" is a result of how your skull grew together after birth. But if you're worried, go see your doctor.

Hi L., It sounds like you got some good advice. That's actually a good question, I've noticed my head is kinda funny shaped as well. I couldn't help but add my two cents worth but it's not really advice, just something funny. I noticed that you have two boys and being the parent of several boys and girls who like to be wild indians most of the time, you might be able to use this as a "see you could get a big dent in your head like mine the next time you......" fill in the blank- jump on the bed, hit your brother with that toy, etc. just to freak them out for a second. I've been a mom for almost 20 years and every little thing that you can say to defuse a situation for even a second especially if it's strange, gives you a moment of peace. Plus it really makes your kids think-use their brains which seems to happen alot less when they turn into teenagers. AAHHH!!! Hope this makes you laugh!

I have a flat spot on the back of my head

It can't hurt to get it checked out. Everything's probably fine, but better safe than sorry. Good luck!

It is the layer of muscle over you scull i descovered the same thing and said if it was there before howcome im just now noticing it and went to the doctor.its always been there you just really never felt your head up that good.

Dear L.:

"Dents" in the skull are more common than one might expect.

A good way to find out if this is something you need to be concerned about is to get examined by a chiropracter that is specially trained in cranio-sacro therapy, Aka cranial manipulation. Such an individual can provide appropriate evaluation and treatment or recommend other medical professionals if necessary. If you are near Hays, the best person with this expertise that I can recommend is Dr. Paul Solomon, on 8th street near the dry cleaners.

Best wishes,
J. h.

i noticed some a long time ago too, i always thought it was weird. i said something about it to someone and they told me that's where your skull plates came together. well that made sense to me. hmmm. so that's what i think it is :)

Hi L. T.,

My name is B. T. I have the same thing that you have with the dent in the head. I have that dent in the back of my head
Ihave had it looked at & the doctor told me that it was because my skull did not form all the way when I was a baby. I felt the same way when I noticed it at the age of 23. I am now 30years of age & I feel just fine about the dent in the back of my head. If it feels soft be careful because it could hurt if you hit it on something.

You should look up a frenologist (phrenologist?)...a person who reads people's heads to essentially, get their fortune. Personally I think it's a bunch of whooy but if you've got a big crease in your head maybe it would be fun to see what "revelations" they could get. (Please know I'm joking!)

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