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Skinny with a Muffin Top

So I'm a skinny gal (5'5, 122 lbs, wear size 2 or 5 depending on the brand of jeans, 34A bra) but sadly, I have a terrible muffin top. I can no longer wear my size Small shirts b/c of it (the muffin shows bad. I put on a beautiful top the other day to wear to a party, I thought I looked pretty.... UNTIL I looked in the mirror and realized my muffin top was showing! I had to change shirts. :P ) If they made high-rise pants that looked good on you, I could wear those and therefore hide the muffin top, but as it is, I my size 2's ride low and I am constantly trying to pull them up a little higher. Larger pants fall off of me, smaller pants don't fit over my thighs and butt. So what's a girl to do? Are crunches my only hope? Those hurt my back so bad (I know, lame excuse, get over yourself Jess!) I know for sure I need to get into an exercise routine, but I don't really want/need to lose weight - just the muffin top. Any other ladies with this problem? Any words of advice from anyone? I need some motivation.

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Well ladies, I am very surprised because I didn't think any of you would mention buying new clothes. HA. I guess I had not really considered that. But many of you did mention the fact that I need to reconsider my wardrobe. What stores?? Molly - I have never heard of the "Buckle" store. I normally shop at Old Navy and Target. Whenever I go to try on new pants, and I try on a bigger size, they fall off of me OR the front crotch area has a ton of extra fabric that bunches up in the front (I don't have that low belly-bikini-area pooch). Tracy - perhaps Old Navy I am a 2. Anything larger at Old Navy and someone could easily pants me (my 3 yr old). Belive me, I've tried on larger sizes. At Target I am a size 5. Maybe next time I'm there I can try on a 7. I have never fit into anything bigger than a 5 except for when I was pregnant. Jo - I appreciate your comment about hips. I must be a very disproportionate gal as far as my body goes. And for whoever said I am aneorexic - Really? I just checked my BMI online and I am at the 19-20 range and that is considered normal. I may be 5'6", but that still leaves me in the "normal" range.

Anyways -- so other than a shopping trip, it seems most of you say I need to get some cardio and some pilates/yoga going. I will start that ASAP. I also need to cut my sugar, which I think I've done a pretty good job doing now that I am down to 1-2 sodas a week instead of my 7-8 sodas a week. I really don't indulge much in sweets. If I don't buy them, then I can't eat them. Spanx - I might consider that if the 'less sugar, more exercise, new clothes' don't work. And Lipo? Well I would doubt any doctor would even consider liposuctioning 2 lbs of belly fat off of a person who's in the 'normal' bmi range. But thanks for the response anyways.

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Belly fat is diet related. Cut out sugar and processed foods.
Add green smoothies and eat 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables.
Definitely no lipo!

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All I have to say is a heare ya! We are about the same age and I have just started working out in hopes that it helps. I did also go up a pants size, it helps, as well as NOT wearing juniors pants/shorts any more because that seemed to make the muffin top worse (need adult sizes). Banana Republic and the Gap jeans have fit me the best, they are a little higher then low rise but are not mom jeans.

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I have the same problem. (5'7", 128lbs, it fluxuates, but have a muffin top since my 2nd baby) Have you tried Pilates? I have a DVD from Target...it breaks it down to 10 minute increments. You can do one, or all if you have time and I know it helped me when I actually made the time to do it. ;)

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5'5, 122 lbs is not a size 2. I'm sorry, its not. You think bigger pants dont fit because you like your jeans really tight. Low rise tight jeans are not appropriate for everybody. I'm not suggesting you buy mom jeans, but they call them mom jeans for a reason. Moms need a higher cut to hold everything in. Try a differant style of jeans that is not low rise and go up a size. Look for excercies that isolate your sides, thats where muffin top really shows.

that sounded harsh and i didnt mean it to. I apologize.

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I am sorry, but at 122 lbs and 5'5 you don't need to diet, you need to find better fitting pants. Our bodies change with age and pregnancy and we just don't have the same shape as before, even if we're not overweight. The same cut of jeans that you wore as a 20 year old just won't do anymore when you get older.
Either try a number of different cut pants your self or go to a department store with experienced staff to help you find a better style for you... and be sure not to wear your clothes too small.

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Whoa! How the heck is Obama getting thrown under the bus here? Amazing how he gets pulled into situations that have nothing to do with him!! Typical...

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Certainly trying to work off the muffin top is a solution.

But I also think it's your jeans. You said yourself that they are low-rise, so by their design, they ride below the muffin top, thus emphasizing it.

I know you don't want to wear 'mom jeans' and you can't really go up sizes... but I would suggest trying on a bunch of jeans with *slightly* higher rises than low rise. I'd look for a jean that still rides below the belly button, but cuts right across the bulkier area, thus concealing it by keeping it tucked in. It's amazing how a pair of jeans that cuts right across the muffin top area will smooth everything out, and make those cute tops look terrific!

You may have to try on a bunch of different jeans (different stores, cuts, rises) before you find the *right* pair, but I definitely think that a slightly higher rise will help conceal the muffin top immensely.

Low rise jeans are notorious for exaggerating muffin tops. I'd find different jeans.

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I hate low rise pants - I can't wait till the trend dies out again (it wasn't pretty in the 60's either).
I also hate short waist shirts and all the belly button flashing (I'll never forgive Brittany Spears for this).
There are some lovely tunic tops that will cover your muffin top, and there are pants that fit better (with higher waists) that won't squeeze the fat/skin out over the top.
At 5'5", 118 pounds would make you anorexic - you are at the very lowest range for a healthy BMI, I wouldn't go any lower.
Trying to dress in clothes that were fine when we were teens is a faux pax when you get to your 30's - time to clean out that closet.

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What I have found is it isn't all to do with weight. I have a little extra weight but never have a muffin top. The reason is wide hip bones. Yeah I am a curvy lass. I can keep up the correct size jeans. Those with narrow hip bones have to buy a smaller size than they really should wear just to keep them from falling down which creates the muffin top.

Yes there are others that are just in denial but there are also some that those darn jeans are just not made for their bodies.

So far as workouts go, my go to is walking with your abs engaged. Burns tons of calories and tones your abs. I love multitasking. :) Oh I am sorry I assumed people knew what engaged is, suck in your gut and hold it while you walk. Works the front and the back, as my trainer put it works the girdle. :p Oh you can also do it anytime you think about it, not just when working out. Improves your posture too. :)

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You can do sit ups all day and all you will be doing is toning the muscles UNDER the fat layer. Unfortunately, the muffin top or midsection fat is the hardest and most stubborn to burn b/c the reason we have some fat there is to protect our internal organs. Cardio baby... anything that raises your heart rate is what will be more successful in burning off the muffin. I like running for my cardio and it's enjoyable.

And I like to call my muffin my cupcake.... sounds way cuter!!!! Good luck!! I'm always saying since my son is 6 I guess I'm losing the I had a baby excuse. :-)

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Hi Jess!
The only thing that has actually helped my belly is cardio. Whenever I would do a lot of sit ups before losing the weight, it would develope muscle under the fat and push the fat out more! Tredmill is your friend sister! On an incline its also great for the legs. Also, if you have a Buckle store in your area, I suggest going there and getting fitted for jeans. The staff is amazing and the jeans will rock your world! They are pricey, but just a couple pairs will last you forever. Good luck!

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