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Skin Rash After Rolling in Grass

Hi everybody...well, my 2-1/2 year old and I were having a simply wonderful day, chasing each other, rolling down a grassy hill and basically just being silly. But...now my poor baby has a horrible rash all over, just like Mama. You can even see where the blades of grass touched her little delicate skin :-( I wish she had inherited something other than my allergies. I don't know what to do for her. Any ideas other than calling the Dr. and being told to give her benedryl? I heard that hydrocortisone isn't good for young children. I'll give her benedryl as a last resort, but I'm really hoping to not have to give such a young child medications like that.

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Thanks, Ladies! I gave my little one a bath and used a little hydrocortisone where the rash was the worst. I figured I'd give her benedryl today if she showed signs of discomfort, but it seems to be going away. Lesson learned- If you're going to roll around in grass wear long sleeves and pants :-)

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My son also has a grass allergy. Benadryl is a quick way to make it go away when you can't do a bath, but washing the areas with soap and water also make his itching stop if you want to avoid medication.

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Aw... sounds like she's allergic to grass. Well, at least now you know. Always have a blanket to play on outside...

I'd talk to your ped's nurse tomorrow morning to find out exactly how to help. Do you have any Aveno to bathe her in. That might help.


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We've used hydrocortisone on my son since he was four months old. Our pediatrician actually prescribed a stronger 2% for him to help with his cradle cap and eczema. I would use that or calamine lotion.

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Our pedi actually recommends 1% hydrocortisone for my son's skin irritations, and has done so since he was an infant. He is now 18 months. But I don't know if I'd slather it all over her body... Maybe first try a lukewarm bath with a little baking soda in it. Otherwise, benedryl would work to clear up any allergic reaction, and I think they make one specifically for kids.

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Neither my sister or I were allergic to grass, but we got grass rashes for sure.
Grass actualy has tiny little blades along the stocks and can scratch you.
If you want to enjoy rolling in the grass, make sure your skin is covered.
Put her in a tepid bath and maybe use some witch hazel on her skin. It doesn't burn.
I used to get so scratched up walking in the tules going fishing and it wasn't an allergy...it was scratches.
If she's not itching, benadryl won't help. Just try cool cotton balls.
She will likely be much better by tomorrow.
If not, consult the pediatrician.

Best wishes.

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It's a grass rash. I used to get them when I was young too. Still do if I don't wear long sleeves gardening or take precautions.

I think other than the benedryl, I can't think of anything else. Maybe a visit to a naturopath, who might suggest a homeopathic remedy for the future. The worst, by the way, is newly cut grass.

So sorry your daughter and you are both sensitive. You both have my sympathies.

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I suggest a bath. Grass makes most of us itch, and it's usually only temporary.

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My son also has a grass allergy. Benadryl is a quick way to make it go away when you can't do a bath, but washing the areas with soap and water also make his itching stop if you want to avoid medication.

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This happens to my kids everytime they take their shirts off and roll in the grass wich is ofter since they love to be bare chested. I have never given them benadryl though. I just put some lotion on them and usually the itch is gone. I am not against benedryl I just never thought of it. I use a oatmeal infused lotion and that usually does it but I will probably use benedryl now that I know it works it probably will help faster. How dumb of me to not think of it...I have no allergies so maybe that's why...

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