Skin Issue on 3 Year Old Toe. Inflamed Scaly Skin on Baby Toe Affected Nail.

Updated on October 09, 2009
E.H. asks from Williamston, MI
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Hello. Last summer my daughter got what I thought was maybe a callous on the top of her right baby toe. It basically ran from just below the nail to where her toe meets the top of her foot. It never seemed to bother her. I had a Dr take a quick look at it and she said to just exfoliate it in the tub. I did that for a few weeks and a small spout showed up on the toe next to her baby toe and a cluster of small bumps towards the top of the other toe appeared. A few months later my mom looked at it and thought it might be a wart. My daughter was about 21/2 at that time. This was in January. I took my daughter back to the Dr and they didn't know what it was. They decided I should put the acid stuff on it. I did that for two weeks and it just came back. Then they put the stuff on to freeze it. It just came back. After having my poor baby hurt for no reason I decided to try to get another opinion. I took her to a podiatrist and he sent me to a dermatologist. She first said that it was Lichen Striatus. She sent me home with a steroid cream. I came back in a few weeks and she thought it looked more like a wart again. We did more wart treatments that actually didn't hurt my daughter (what a relief) for 2 months. It didn't go away so the Dermatologist went back to her first thought of the Lichen Striatus thing. We did a three week steroid treatment and it looked like it hand went away. But in about 3 weeks after stopping the treatment it was back!!! I don't like putting steroid creams on my now 3 year old. I guess the main reason that I have been trying to get it to go away is because I don't what to spread any more. It has also affected her nail on her baby toe. It has been so hard to get rid of I don't want it going anywhere else on her body!!! We have been dealing with this for 16 months. If any one has any advice or has dealt with this too I would love to hear. Also if anyone knows of a great safe natural treatment alternative I would love to hear it.

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from what you have said i would say that it is a wart. Unfortunately warts are from a virus that runs the system and it take like 6 to 9 months or more to get rid of. After you get rid of them they can come back. No dr knows why. I would stay with the dermatologist if your not happy with the one your with try a new one.



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if there is a doubt in the diagnosis see if you can get a biopsy of it to diagnose exactly what it is. While the alternative med option given below of garlic/onion may be helpful, it may also be harmful if your daughter has eczema. ouch!


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What I've used for warts on my kids, with success: 1. onion and garlic (maybe just the juice would work) switched between. Garlic one night, onion the next.
2. go to Look for SILVA SOLUTIONS. The salve worked when freezing off didn't.



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Erica, I have some testimonials for eczema using a Shaklee product. I know this isn't eczema but you may want to try. If you would like me to email you these testimonials, email me at I am a Shaklee distributor and live in Clarkston. I won't push my product on you. Shaklee is a very well regarded company in business over 52 years. The testimonials on how their products have helped so many people with health issues are pretty amazing.

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