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Updated on January 11, 2009
R.M. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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I recently read several responses to a question in helping with childhood skin eczema. I'm 52 & have been dealing with it all my life. Trust me I have tried Everything. I read alot of advice that will ending up causing you a fortune & your child more misery. Most children outgrow it. There are different forms & different symptoms. The most miserable is the type you are describing. The sweat can literally feel like Acid. I'm only gonna give a few tips because there is a whole lot of Unknown about this Allergy. Adding a few drops of Bleach to Bath Water is critical due to infection risk. I've found Lever 2000 to be the best bath soap. (3 of my 4 sons have different types of eczema but are hardly worth mentioning & I do attribute that to the soap.)No Bath Oil, it makes it easier to scratch your skin completely off. (This is only applicable if you are currently having a breakout ~ if I'm not having a breakout, I can use several different scented bath oils but recommend Baby Oil with that few drops of bleach) Same thing goes with creams they are almost always better. I just recovered from a severe breakout and owe it to Aloe Vera Plant & Cortaid Cream, a little Vasoline, Neosporin (or generic with a pain reliever is good), Baby Cream & SARAN WRAP. My worst enemy is Water & this worked with me having to still do dishes & clean house. Before bedtime Very quick baths at room temperature ~ not hot or too warm. Pat dry! Apply Aloe Vera Gel from Plant - cut open & apply the snotty stuff to broke out areas, once it starts drying you really can't scratch it & it dries quickly. On areas not broken out used Baby Cream or Baby Lotion - no powder. I really believe the Aloe Vera Plant got it under control fast, it was soothing and if I thought I was going to itch it off I would get a piece of Saran Wrap and wrap around the area, again it makes it harder to scratch. If you dont want to mess with Aloe Vera. Pat dry any area that gets wet or sweaty and apply thin coat of Cortaid Cream and Apply Saran Wrap. On any broke out areas it helps to use a little Neosporin or Antibiotic & fresh air during the day. What a relief it was when we discovered wrapping the back of my legs and arms in Saran Wrap I couldn't itch it - tape it on if you have to. As a child Benadryl was still prescription but they gave me liquid Benadryl which did help me get back to sleep. Steroid shots & Prednisone is only a quick fix & it wears off really quick & can be not only damaging to your body but it gives you complete relief & when it comes back it's like 3 times as bad. I have never found a dairy connection. I definately belief there is a Hormone connection that doctors won't figure out. Mine went away as a child, came back when I was 12 & got my period & Stress (Starting Junior High) I eventually had to quit school because of the embarrassment, substitute Teachers constantly sending me to Nurses Office for impetigo, if school Nurse wasn't there I got sent home. When I was 22 & became pregnant it completely went away as soon as Baby was born I was broke out all over within 2 days. With 2nd child I completely cleared up & decided it was due to prenatal vitamins, no such luck, still broke out in 2-3 days. Same thing with all 4 pregnancies. 6 months after 4th child I had a partial hysterectomy - uterus only - not supposed to effect my hormones, but I cleared up completely & stayed that way for years until I started to go thru Change of Life at about 40 & Dr prescribed hormone patches & I cleared up immediately. No more problems until I get off of patch. They have been off & on. Before I would try steroids, I know this sounds really crazy, but have Doctor prescribe AZMACORT Inhaler. Eczema is Asthma of the skin & the few times I sprayed that inhaler to the itchy area (Not severely broken out)it stopped it fast.

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Since you seem to have tried everything under the sun, a virtual expert on the chemical approach at this point, maybe it would be useful for you to try something new. Assume that there could possibly be an emotional underpinning to your condition, (even as far back as early childhood, one you don't even remember), and Google "EFT", *Emotional Freedom Technique), then go to that website and download the manual (free) and check it out. You can subscribe for free, comes about once a week, and includes anecdotal treatments and outcomes by various practioners. It has an archive you could Search to find references to your condition.
I've used EFT for several things that worked successfully. A novice can do it, so you could treat yourself, but if your condition is particularly involved, which it sounds like it is, a skilled practioner may be more effective for you.
You can also use the website locator to find people in this area and give one of them a try. EFT is a form of accupressure that can be self-administered, or ...guided by someone who has a lot of experience with this method. Couldn't hurt, and it might amaze you if it worked and you were free of all this.
Best wishes...

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Thank you for sharing your experience. I am sending this to my daughter-in-law for help with my grandson. We just started using aloe vera lotion on him. Does it work as well as the plant?

D. Kimbriel
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Wow - that's all I can say. I'm going to save this as my 3 year old daughter does get a variety of skin 'stuff', as do I... your water comment reminded me that I always get red and blotchy from different waters. Thank you.



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Thanks R. for all of your tips. My 4 year old son has had eczema his whole life. And we've tried everything to relieve his itching. So any info I can get my hands on I read. Thanks again!


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What great advice. My first husband had it and I never knew anything about it. He got some sort of strips you put on then ripped off leaving medication. He had asthma as a kid. I know he always wore long sleeve shirts as it was embarrassing to him. I also have pure alo vera in a bottle I use for a lot of things. One time I got steam on my hands from cooking opening a lid. They were so burnt I could not sleep and had ice water by the bed I had them in. Then I got up in the night looking for some relief and saw that bottle and put it on. It allowed me to sleep and feel no more pain in a short time. I am going to save your advice. Great article. I am 60 and like to help these moms too. Experience gives us great insight. I think the doctors today have parents so scared kids will break if they drink one time anything that is not bottled water. Or all these safety deals. But the truth is kids survive better then we do. They are adgel. God Bless G. W

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