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I feel almost stupid for asking this, but my sister is going crazy with questions that I just can't answer. She got married this past October and had a beautiful baby boy in Feburary. Last week she got a phone call from a woman was saying that my sister's husband was her baby's father. This baby is only 6 weeks old. Her husband does not deny that he had sex with this woman when he and my sister broke up for a few weeks. The thing is...this baby looks to be biracial. At least in the pics that my sister emailed me, they were taken maybe a week after the baby was born. My sister and brother-in-law ran into this woman and the baby yesterday and now the baby looks as though she is white. I am asking if the hair and skin color of a biracial baby will change that much and how much it will change. The woman is very fair skinned and the other possible father is a light skinned black man. They went a few days ago and had DNA tests run, but it will be 6 weeks before the results will be back. If there is anyone that can help us with the changing skin color of biracial children that would be wonderful. I am just trying to help my sister as much as possible, on top of a full time job, a new husband and a 3 month old, she is so stressed out. Thank you so much!

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yes it is possible for skin tone to change in either direction and you don't have to be bi-racial for it to happen. I'm not bi-racial and my skintone was rather dark when I was born and through the years my skin tone has lightened. So I just say wait it out and see what you all find out when the results come in.
Good luck with all of it.

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From a mother of 2 biracial children, when my daughter was first born she looked alot different then she did just 2 weeks after being born it is amazing how different she changed skin color hair everything... My son on the other hand still has the same face hair and skin color. after saying that though with mixed children nothing is a surprise so I would definatly not jump to conclusions with the DNA cause have you ever watched Maury some of those woman feel so silly when they get the results. . I hope this helps email me anytime I am a stay at home mom of a 5 year old and a 7 month little boy.

I don't know about about getting lighter after being darker, but the other way around is what I've seen. Maybe the lighting in the picture was off to make the baby seem darker skinned?? I'm a light skinned Asian/hispanic and my hubby is black, and my daughter was born very light skinned... but as time passed she started getting darker. She now has a tan skin tone... and her face is s a little lighter than the rest of her. Good luck with all this and I hope it turns out ok for them.

yes it is possible for skin tone to change in either direction and you don't have to be bi-racial for it to happen. I'm not bi-racial and my skintone was rather dark when I was born and through the years my skin tone has lightened. So I just say wait it out and see what you all find out when the results come in.
Good luck with all of it.

My daughter is biracial. Her skin color and hair texture but not the hair color has changed several times since she's been born. Anything is possible.

Hi there...

I know that many biracial and ethnic childrens skin color does change quite alot from the time they are born. Sometimes it lightens up and sometimes it gets darker. The fathers skin tone does not always mean that the child will have their skin tone at birth they could be white and then their skin deepens as they get older. Same goes for white kids. My daughter's skin tone is very dark(tan as she says) and my son is white as a ghost. I hope this helps.

Hi T.,
I'm a mother of a bi-racial girl. When she was born she was very light with a head full of straight fine hair. By the time she was 6 months her color had somewhat darkened and the hair was getting wavy. At a year old, she was a little darker and had a head full of nothing but curls!! I've never heard of a child being born dark then turning light like that, but as the one below said her child did this. Also it could've been the lighting in the pic like someone said. I know it'll be hard to wait the time out...just try to do your best and help your sister out! Take care...

A friend of mine adopted 2 bi racial kids. from different parents. Her daughter was very pale skinned at birth with bone straight black hair. Now she is 9 and has very tight curls and dark skin. Her mom actually had to seek help on how too care for her hair and skin. Apparently they have very dry skin and need to keep it moisterized. Her son though remained tan, not very dark and with soft curls. Though he was very dark at birth with super tight curls. He's 6 now.

Not sure if this will help you out or not but I'll try...My friend is a white woman, her husband is Hispanic. When she gave birth (her husband was deployed with the Navy so I was in the delivery room as her coach) her daughter was very dark skinned and had a lot of dark hair. However, her skin did start lightening up in the weeks after birth. By the time my friends husband came home (the baby was 4 months at that time)she looked completely white and didn't show any signs of being biracial. I'm not sure how common it is, but it is possible for a biracial baby to look like a darker race at birth, but then lighten up. Hope it helps a bit.

It is very possible for skin color to change. I am biracial myself and my husband is white. My oldest son, when he was born, had alittle bit of an olive tint to his skin like a very light tan but by 2 months he turned very white. And now he is starting to get alittle bit more color. With biracial children anything is possible but try not to worry to much about this and just wait the 6 weeks.


My child is biracial, and the truth is, she does not look it at all. Her skin is a little darker than it was when she was born, but especially when she was born, she looked white. I am relatively fair skinned, but her father has more of a caramel complexion so he really isn't considered to be light skinned. I would say in most cases I have seen, unless the black parent is extremely dark that the child looks lighter at birth and then darkens. I will also tell you that pictures are not a good indicator of color, there are pictures of my daughter that were taken days apart and in one she looks white and the other she does not. Also, while biracial children have the potential to have more textured hair, it is most likely that they are born with white hair and it will change to textured, instead of the other way around...I've never heard of that happening. Hope this helps.

Yes the color can change that much. I am bi-racial and my daughters father is black. He did not recognize her in the nursery because she was so light the day she was born and He was there for the birth. My brother is very light skinned with green eyes and freckles. We come in many shades and colors. The baby may have pale skin but does the baby have ethnic features? You really cannot tell when they are so young. My daughter was very light when she was born, she was lighter than me. She is 15 months old and now she is darker than me. I am light skinned. Be patient and wait for the paternity test...

I've heard that babies typically get darker after birth, not lighter. However, I can tell you that when my second baby was born, she had a VERY dark complexion. I have very fair skin, so to see this dark-haired, dark-skinned baby was kind of a shock. In the pictures taken after her birth, she looks very "middle-eastern". She's now 2 years old, with light brown hair and clear olive skin. I guess the bottom line is that it doesn't mean anything, the baby could have all your DNA but still look nothing like you.

T., skin and hair can change drastically. When I was born, I had jet black hair and bronzy skin. By age one, my hair turned fiery red and my skin became very pale. My own daughter went through a similar transition, yet all the parents are Caucasian. However, if there is doubt, they should definitely check it out. There's really no way to know until the test results are back. Every minute worrying is wasted time with her own precious baby. Just remind her there's nothing she can do until they know for sure. Good luck.

When it comes to being biracial, there is just no telling, the child could be light, dark, in between, who knows, and espcially when you start to look at what's further down the race chain. My son is biracial, but he has blonde curls, and blue eyes, and the color of snow white! LOL!!!!!
They're just going to have to wait it out, and see what the DNA test says, good luck, and tell your sister to breath, she needs her focus on her baby, not some other baby right now!

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