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My son is 6 months old, can roll both ways, sleeps and eats great, but is not sitting at all. He flops to the side and rolls over and plays. We have put him in the bumbo, he arches out of it, and he does spend time in the exersaucer and propped up to play. When do kids normally sit unassisted? He is fine in his high chair sitting up as well as his stroller.

What can I do next?

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That's how old my daughter was when she finally sat up too. I wouldn't worry about it. She showed every sign of wanting to and just did one day.

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Hi J.,

I wouldn't worry about it at well, it sounds like he is right on track. Most kids I know were only able to sit with assistance and kind of hunch over at that age. In the next month he will probably start to be able to sit foward leaning on his hands and then he will slowly start to sit with a staighter back and with more balance until he can do it on his own like a pro. My daughter didn't have it mastered until 7 months and my son is 7 1/2 months and I still stay close by or put pillows around him because he tends to tip over when I'm least expecting it. I know a little boy who couldn't sit unassisted until he was 9 months but then he started crawling and then walking in the next two weeks.

Do you have one of those pillows for nursing (I think they are called boppies or something like that - the donut shaped pillows)? - They are great to put around them when they are learning to sit because you don't have to worry about them falling over and bumping their head. We have a bumbo too but my son would always arch his back and wiggle out immediately when I sat him in it.

Don't worry, he'll be doing it before you know it!

You still have a while. My daughter was around 8 months or so. By the way, mine hated the Bumbo seat, so if your son is uncomfortable in it, just either wait until he is older, or dont even bother.

all kids are different. may daughter sat unassisted at 4 months but a few of her cousins were 8-9 months before they got it, just don't compare your child to other kids, they all get things in their own time

That's how old my daughter was when she finally sat up too. I wouldn't worry about it. She showed every sign of wanting to and just did one day.

I was actually just reading yesterday that some kids don't sit on their own until 8-9 months, and that is normal development. Don't worry too much, maybe he just likes laying down and playing!

He will sit when he wants to. I know that there is nothing more frustrating than waiting and waiting for your baby to reach some new milestone, but be patient!
My oldest sat up unassisted at about 6 months, 2nd at about 8 months, 3rd not until almost 10 months, and 4th at about 7 months---there is just no guessing what these babies will do next, and when.

Honestly give it a few more weeks - the information you've given regarding him sitting up assisted leads me to believe that soon your baby will be doing it on his own. Our baby did the same thing that your baby did and soon he was sitting up unassisted. In addition our baby hated his bumbo, so we returned it.

You can help your child to develop his core muscles and balance by sitting on the floor with your legs in a V. Put your baby in between and pillows on the side. Allow him to practice sitting up even if just for a few seconds and if he falls then you have the pillows there to soften the fall. Your hands are ready to kind of 'bobble' him back in place. Hold a toy in front of him higher than eye level to look at so he has to sit up if he wants to see it. Mirrors are a lot of fun!

Hi J.,

I wouldn't worry about it... they all do things in different orders and at different paces. My son started scooting around & crawling before he sat up! He finally "sat" unassisted at 7.5 months, but he started crawling at 7

BUT, if you want to help him develop those muscles, put a large, very low rimmed basket in front of him with baby toys, and sit with him between your legs. Use your hands to put pressure on both of his thighs to keep them stable on the ground (kind of like when someone holds your legs down so you can do situps).

This should help him strengthen his core & stomach muscles. Eventually, let go and let him push off of your legs with his hands for support.

My mother is a child development specialist, this is what she always did with both of my kids:)

Hi J.,

No worries!!! My son could sit unassisted at 7 1/2 mos. And he didn't start crawlling until 11 mos and walking until 14 1/2 mos. He was just taking his time. There is nothing wrong with that! I was also worried at the time though, being a first time mommy. I know that with my next one I will relax and enjoy him and let him grow and develop at the his own pace.

I hope this helps!

My son did not have that problem he was sitting at 6 1/2 months by himself. However as you are probably told all the time every child is different and advances differently. Give it some time. Keep working with him I found the bumbo to be very helpful! Good Luck.

Kiddos usually sit unassisted at around 6 months. One thing I did with my first dd is roll a kitchen towel/small blanket and place it under her thigh/knees while she sat in the high chair. It is supposed have them sit in a way that strengthens the stomach muscles to assist in sitting up independently. I learned it from an occupational therapist and it totally worked within a week!

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