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Sinus Problems and Anxiety

I have been dealing with sinus problems, basically my whole life. But since my son was about 6 months old, I have had periods of time where I have major sinus issues. Its not so much pressure or pain, but I have problems where my sinuses drain into my ears, which creates an imbalance, and I suffer from severe dizziness. I have been tested for everything under the sun, and that's what we have figured out (which makes a lot of sense, because when I have it I also have ear pressure and can actually feel the fluid in my ear). I went to an allergy/asthma specialist, who did testing and determined that I do NOT have any allergies, but chronic sinusitis. He started me on a neti pot and nasal spray, and for about a month I felt great--no dizziness, no issues--I actually felt GOOD, which is rare when I have a 2 year old that doesn't like to sleep much! then one day my chiropractor "massaged" my sinuses, and ever since then the problems are back. The most concerning is the dizziness, because it just throws everything off. I am making a follow up appt. with the allergist, who said we would do a CT scan of my sinuses if it didn't get better, so hopefully we will be able to figure something out (he mentioned there was a possibility of pollops)-but right now the whole situation provokes immense anxiety in me--not knowing what's wrong, wondering if its something more serious (cancer, etc. because that's right where my thoughts lead). I'm just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this issue, and how it turned out...thanks!

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Someone else briefly mentioned this too--if you are having dizziness, it could be inner ear and there are things an ENT can do to remedy it pretty easily. It's worth a try, they do a series of head movements that can help restore balance by shifting around the contents of the inner ear. It sounds strange but really works, and its non-invasive.

I have chronic dizziness off and on, but I've been told that an ear/nose/throat doc can do a correction in the office that may rid me of it, so that will be my next step. Meantime, I take a generic claritin daily and pseudophredrin hydrachloride if I'm having an episode. Bother of these things have helped. I've never really had the allergy tests but the dizziness drives me batty. I also drink a lot of water when it happens and that seems to be important too. Good luck! I can't imagine that it's cancer. Please don't worry about that!

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My husband had sinus problems since he was little. It got worse the older he gets. We finely figured out he's gluten intolerant and allergic to wheat. A little while after getting off gluten his sinuses cleared up, and headaches went away. I'd suggest reading The gluten connection...long title..by Sheri Liberman. It had more info than I learned from my allergist about allergies & intolerance's to food.

If you have to have a ct you might want to try rescue remedy for the anxiety. http://www.rescueremedy.com/

And I love the neti pot it's a great way to help improve your health. I add tee tree oil and GSE oil 2-3 drops each to help prevent a cold.

A. H
Good luck.

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My husband suffered from chronic sinusitis for over 30 years and was on and off antibiotics and nasal sprays all the time. Nothing had a lasting effect. Like you, he was tested for allergies and even took allergy shots. I understand what you are going through.

Have you been tested for gluten and dairy intolerance and/or candida? Once my husband eliminated all gluten and dairy from his diet, his nose cleared and he has been both clear and med free for a year and a half. Check out the website about sinus survival (there's a book by the same name which is very informative and helpful). http://www.sinussurvival.com/book.html

Your diet could hold the key to your sinus issues.

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R., why don't you try acuputure. I may help and it is wonderful. I also helps more than one problem in a session. It can help with anxiety and sinusitis at the same time. It is ususally not covered by insurance unless you have a flex plan...it may take 3-4 sessions for relief...but it is amazing how good you can feel. Try it and thank you. L.

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Hi, R.. I could have been reading my life story! I started having problems in 1984 (I am 56) and was so ill once that I was hospitalized for nine days. I go to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. He helped me a lot and he explained that "chronic" sinusitis is a whole different animal than just a bought of a sinus infection. He would treat me with antibiotics for thirty days! Any shorter than that and the infection would just return. I still struggle with it but since having sinus surgery in 2002 I get sick infrequently because basically, he reamed out my sinus passages so fluid doesn't end up trapped, a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. I would not have the Chiropractor maniupulate anything on my body! Coming from a medical background, (Resp. Therapist for 25 years) I don't have a lot of respect for them. Basically they have a Bachlors, hopefully in the sciences and notin the Arts and go to two more years of intensive Chiropractic training. Their philosophy is that EVERY illness can be attributed to the spine! Anyway,
I also had an Alergist and even took shots every week for a couple of years. I am allergic to mold, cat & dog dander and pollen. I take a daily tablet of Zyrtec which helps a lot. I would see a ENT for your chronic sinusitis, sooner rather than later. I know how much you have suffered because I've BEEN THERE! Denise K.

I understand what you are going through! When I was pregnant with my now 13 year old my nose started to run- and it didn't stop! I have been through many Dr.'s and specialists. I started with an allergist, but when we figured out I didn't have allergies, there wasn't anything else he could do for me. I went to an ENT(ear, nose and throat), who found my pollups, and did a surgery to remove them. I didn't fully recover from surgery and they were already growing back!! He sent me to a sinus specialist at U of M. That is when things changed for me. I just had my second surgery, but he was able to put it off for 4 years! I have had many more good days than bad days, and because they see these issues so much more often than allergists, they have more tricks to help you deal with it. My advice is to try to see a ENT, and then if possible/necssary a sinus specialist-they work wonders!

Someone else briefly mentioned this too--if you are having dizziness, it could be inner ear and there are things an ENT can do to remedy it pretty easily. It's worth a try, they do a series of head movements that can help restore balance by shifting around the contents of the inner ear. It sounds strange but really works, and its non-invasive.

Hi R.!

I'm wondering if it is something in your home that is causing the problem. Sometimes it's the chemicals in our homes that do this. I work for a wonderful team who partner up with a great company who offers "green" things for your home! Better for you, and your family!
And the best thing R., is we work right at home with our kids by our sides!
Let me know if I can help you!
Love, L.

I had never had any problems with allergies or sinus-related issues until after having my first child (11 years ago!) Like you, around my daughter's 6-month mark, I developed sinus problems.

My first doctor decided I had allergies despite never having them before. He prescribed me allegra-D but it didn't work for me so then it was claritin, and that didn't work either. His only reasoning behind my sudden allergies was that my body changed the way it works in this manner after having my daughter.

I switched doctors and she noticed I had a deviated septum and said it could be a cause for my sinus sensitivity and inadequate drainage. I was supposed to have a sinus CT but I haven't done that yet. I get migraines from the sinus pressure as well. She gave me flonase to keep my sinuses moist and help me with the sensitivity symptoms. I only use it as needed and it works well for me. I usually only have problems with fresh cut lawn. Right now I just live with my symptoms as they are manageable with the flonase. My doctor said if I feel I can't manage anymore, I can get the sinus CT when I'm ready and go from there or she can refer me to an ENT (ear, nose, throat) doctor which would be more helpful than an allergist since I have no true past history of allergies.

I believe for me, my deviated septum is causing my chronic sinusitis. Without adequate drainage and proper airflow, my sinuses get very dry, build up pressure and eventually my body reacts. Someday I may get the CT but right now I'm happy with using the flonase as needed only because surgery is not at the top of my list unless absolutely needed.

I would recommend seeing an ENT doctor though. It's good to see someone that specializes instead of just has a general background in something. The CT scan is a good idea as well since it would show if you have a deviated septum and/or if it's polyps.

Good luck and hope to hear an update!!

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