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Sinus Infection Won't Go Away!

Hello Ladies-

I have chronic sinus infections, and after three rounds of anti-biotics this time, they finally aren't working. I may have to have sinus surgery and really don't want to. I have been doing the nety pot twice daily and running my humidifier at night. Has anyone else treated a very stubborn sinus infection without surgery?

Thanks for your help!

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Hi A.,
I am a clinical herbalist and work with LOTS of sinus infections herbally. If you are open to using herbal medicine, there some really good, powerful and effective options.
By utilizing a combination of essential oils, teas and tinctures, you will repair the delicate sinus tissues and strengthen your immunity so this will not be a recurring problem. Let me know if you are open to using herbs for your health or would like more info. L. Golub ###-###-#### Holistic Pathways

Take a look at nutrition. I know dairy can contribute to sinus problems. Also, vitamin cottage has some natural meds that helped me clear up my sinus infection. I took Oregano oil that I got there and Umcka. Hope it helps!

It is something you have to ask for at a pharmacy - but you don't need a prescription and the reason is because it has sudefed in it - but it is Gwaphin and Sudefed.
It worked wonders and I only took 1 pill per day for three days.
The Generic at Walgreens is what I got and it is

Guaifenesin 400 mg
Pseudoephedrine HCI 40 mg
27 tablets and 10 dollars!
Please let me know if you had the success I did.
Don't do the surgery - give this stuff a fighting chance.

Snort Grapefruit seed extract a few times a day and that will take care of it. You can get it at natural food stores--ask the clerk about the best way to do it. It will sting ( a lot!) but it works. Also, get probiotics. All those anti-biotics have probably caused a yeast problem. It's possible that your sinus infection is no longer bacterial but is now a yeast infection in the sinus's. If you want to talk about the natural way I'm happy to discuss further if you're interested. I have a great doctor I can recommend that I'm sure could keep you from surgery!

Take a trip to the Apothocary Tinctura and see if they have some herbs that will help, and also some essential oils for your netty pot.


Please go for another opinion with an otolaryngologist. My husband had a nightmare experience with a sinus surgery 3 years ago. A simple sinus surgery lead to two perforations into the brain cavity, a brain infection, a cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) leak, craniotomy and an additional sinus surgery to repair another CSF leak from the sinus side. I would recommend Dr. Edward Hepworth. He is a specialist of the specialists and is who was finally able to help my husband. I don't mean to scare you, but there are surgeons out there who are surgery factories. We later found out that my husband didn't even need the origional sinus surgery...he was seeing one of the "surgery factory" doctor's. Dr. Hepworth has my husband do sinus flushes twice a day with a combination of distilled water, non-iodized sea salt, baking soda and ocassionally betadine. Please go see Dr. Hepworth for another opinion...We think that he is the best. He also has an office by Porter Hospital. Best of luck to you. J.

Edward Hepworth
9218 Kimmer Dr, Ste 202
Lone Tree, CO 80124-6732

I had a sinus infection and I bought mucinex smart moisture and it went away in about 3 days. It taste horrible but it worked. I also drink echinacea tea with honey.(Don't do echinacea if breast feeding).I hope this helps and gl.

A. - I have also had a lot of sinus infections in the past. One thing that has helped me tremendously is the Grapefruit Seed Extract mentioned by someone else. You can get it at Vitamin Cottage - I use a NutriBiotic nasal spray.

I also second the recommendation to take probiotics - all those antibiotics are going to wreak havoc on your system. You can get probiotics at Vitamin Cottage as well.

Give those things a chance and see if they help. Also try to drink plenty of water.

Good luck - I know how very miserable sinus infections can be.

I had the same problem in 1990 - went through 6 months of antibiotics and such and nothing worked. I had the surgery in April 1990 and I can count on one hand how many sinus infections I've had since then. It was the best choice I made. My doctor's name was Rasband and he was an ENT. I know many people who have also had the surgery with no complications and it made a huge difference for them as well. I guess you need to find a specialist that you can trust. Good luck.

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