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Sinus Infection in 10 Year Old Boy.

I am writing this for my friend. She has a 10 year old son who has a sinus infection. He is on meds (anitbiotics) for it, but she was wondering what she could try to elivate (SP?) his discomfort. She is desperate!

What can I do next?

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I agree with Kathy M. the neilmed sinus rinse is great. the air here is so dry, I do it daily no matter what.

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DO you know someone who does reflexology? There are pressure points on everyone's feet that lead to a part on the body. I can always tell if someone is struggling in certain areas just by pressing on the foot in the right place. If you want to try this yourself, the toes on the top pad are the target area to work on. It may hurt a little when pressing on them, but he will feel relief pretty fast. Work on both feet. If you want, you can purchase a reflexology book to help. I've been able to help a lot of people this way, so I know it works

Hi S.,

The other poster is absolutely right. Sinus rinse. Tell your friend to get Dr. Neil Meds K.. They sell it almost everywhere, Target, Walgreens, etc. It comes with a bottle and salt packets (it's not regular table salt). You put one packet in the bottle, fill with warm water and have the little guy lean over the sink. Put the nozzle of the bottle up to his nostril, have him blow out like he's blowing birthday candles, squeeze the bottle while he's blowing out. (This will prevent it from going down his throat or other uncomfortable burning) Stop squeezing before he stops blowing. Have him blow his nose, then do it again. 1/2 bottle on each side of his nose. It works miracles; I promise. You'll be amazed at what comes out.

Good luck!

Please tell your friend to have her son begin rinsing his sinuses with salt water twice a day. It clears them out and alleviates all the pain completely. I suffered extensively from sinus infections (so much so I quickly became immune to the medicenes) and a nurse finally told me that if I did this every day for the rest of my life I would never again have a sinus infection. I certainly haven't been that vigilant but everytime I feel one coming this is what I do and it clears it up in no time. It does the trick for my 20-month-old as well. Don't make it too strong or you'll feel like you're in the ocean with water up your nose. :) Just a little salt in a cup of lukewarm water. I just stick my nose in and inhale, one nostril at a time. But I hear now they're also making kits and whatnot as well. Not necessary but if that sounds easier.... Good luck!

I agree with Kathy M. the neilmed sinus rinse is great. the air here is so dry, I do it daily no matter what.

I grew up with chronic sinus infections. Hot showers are great because the steam and gravity work together to help pull the mucus out. avoid dairy products like milk and cheese since they can create more mucus. I would recommend having a yogurt daily for the probiotics since he is on an antibiotic though. My mom used to take a pan and boil water in it then set it on a hot pad on the table and I would get a towel and drape it over my head and the pan and just breath the steam to break up the mucus. Tylenol Sinus is a good OTC that helps to relieve the pressure as well. I would also recommend using pressure points to help alleviate the pain. the pressure points will be tender so should be easy to find, but they are at the ends of the eyebrows, you can place more pressure on the inside pressure points, on the outside of the eye brow just a very gentle pressure does a lot to release the pressure. at the bridge of the nose on both sides, and then walk the fingers under the eyes along the bone line you will find tender spots, apply pressure so that you feel it but it isn't painful. and at the outside corner of your eye as well. also if you gently pull the ear lobes away from the head it helps to open up those cavities where the sinuses are. at the base of the neck you can feel to balls apply gentle pressure to both of those at the same time.
I also do the third eye which is located between the eyes at the top of the nose. if you were a cyclopes it is where the eye would most likely be :)
a saline solution is a great idea, I have a hard time tolerating the store bought ones so just use warm water and add a pinch of salt to it. its all it is anyway. try to get a good vitamin in him, for me when I have an infection it is hard to taste food so I don't like to eat much. warm drinks, herbal teas, if he can tolerate it lemon juice with some honey heated up (esp. if he has a sore throat to go with it)
if his mom will also massage his toes, in reflexology this is where the sinus' are located and it helps to relieve the pressure.
I hope this helps. they are not fun.
oh, and a soft wet wipe instead of dry tissues for blowing the nose is best, although he should use the sailine to break it up and not try to blow too hard to clear out his sinuses as this can inflame them more.
(I've been through so many of these, I actually had to have surgery on my sinuses several years ago since they had been inflamed so much) over the years these are the tricks I picked up that really help.
they are not fun.
I wish her luck, and a quick recovery for her son.

The antibiotics should kick in within a couple of days. If they don't after a few days, I'd check w/ the Dr again. In the meantime... I would highly recommend a sinus saline rinse. You can get them at Walgreens, Walmart etc. They are basically a squirt bottle that you put water and the salt mix they give you into. You squeeze the water up one nostril and it comes out the other or your mouth - litterally flushing out the sinus. My neighbor's 8 year old had a sinus infection and wasn't eating... after the rinse he was "hungry". I also used them when I was pregnant and trying to avoid antibiotics - worked really well. A humidifier also helps - in the room at night as well as drinking LOTS of water and clear liquids to keep the mucus as thin as possible. Good luck.

I would tell her to go and buy him a neti pot to irrigate his sinuses. He should be able to do it and even have fun. He might think it is cool to be able to put salt water up his nose and it come out the other nostril.

Right on with the saline solutions !!!
Here's another back-up to include possibly
Depending on the type of sinusitis you are experiencing, homeopathy offers solutions that are just right for each specific symptom.
Health experts estimate that over 40 million North Americans suffer with sinus congestion leading to sinusitis. What speaks volumes to those numbers is the fact that we spend over $6 billion annually in conventional and natural medicine to treat sinusitis.
Homeopathic Help
• Mercurius solubilis or Hydrastis canadensis: ......, take 6C to 12C three times daily until symptoms disappear.
• Kali bichromium: For gluey, ropey discharge, take 6C to 12C three times daily until
symptoms disappear.
• Mezereum: For burning pains in the nasal or facial bones or in case of mucus discharge streaked with blood, take 30C three times daily until symptoms disappear.
• Lachesis mutus: If symptoms worsen or if discharge stops or decreases, take 30C
once daily.
• Pyrogenium: If you experience a feverish reaction yet you feel significantly better when heat is applied locally, take 1M once, and when symptoms improve, repeat dose once daily until symptoms are gone.

Bryce Wylde, RNC, DHMHS, HD, is a Toronto-based homeopathic doctor

Run, don't walk, to the drugstore or Walmart and get the NeilMed sinus rinse squirt bottle and saline packets. do the sinus rinse 3 times a day and he will feel much better! I used to get sinus infections all the time until I started rinsing my sinuses. Now I get them very rarely.

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