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Single Mom with No Child Support Going on Bedrest

I'm Single working Mom outside the house with 19 mo old, 7 yr old, and pg with high blood pressure, due in Mar '07. My problem is that doc says that I should start preparing disability papers for bedrest that he's inevitably going to prescribe. Who do I ask for disability for this? DFACS? Medicaid? Somebody asked me if I have 3 mos on my job, what does that have to do with it? Do I need to ask my boss? Help!! I pay ALL bills by myself and don't know how to do that if I'm not working. Please don't even ask me about help from the father.

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Just an update........
First thanks so much for all the great responses. I don't feel so alone now!! About 2 days after this post, they cut off all food stamps and medicaid for my children. Serious bummer- I cried the whole day. As a single mom, everything I make goes to bills. No $$ for toilet paper, soap, or food. However, I've decided to give the baby's father another chance. We will not live together, but it is the ultimate goal and I (hopefully) won't worry so much when I can't work because of bedrest. Wish me luck (and love)!

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I know how you feel. I'm a single mom also with no help from my son's father. I had to go back to work 3 weeks after giving birth to him because 3 weeks maternity leave was all my office paid me for. I didn't know about disability at the time either. I have since found out that you can sign up for short-term disability through your employer, so ask your boss. He or she should be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck!

I believe you must go through the Social Security department for disability. Something to do with SSI maybe. I hope this helps.

HI, I dont know if you will be eligiable for social security income. It is part of disability program where people cant go to work and they will give you source of income. Find out if you are eligiable for it. You can also try go to Dept of human service. They should help you. I dont know if you are on their program or not. They have family first program and food stamps if you need it. I have no idea about medicare program where they help you with it..

I am single mom too to 2 son, 2yr old and 1 month.. I dont get child support from their dad too..

I'm pretty sure disability comes from Social Security that's where my mom gets hers from. They base your benifits on how long you've worked total in your life(i'm pretty sure). You've probably gotten some things in the mail from time to time telling your if you died your kids would get X ammount from SS as benefits and such. I'm pretty sure that is but you could talk to your job too b/c they may need to do a leave of absence so you don't loose your job and also I'd see if you could get SS and an unemployment check b/c it's temporary unemployment and you might could get that too(or maybe that's the same as SS. Just get started on it asap b/c sometimes they drag their feet and the sooner the better. I've also seen some people that applied but got denied the first time so if that happens(with SS)just immediatly reapply.

Probably the length of time on your job is questioned for the Federal Medical Leave Act (FMLA). You cannot be reprimanded for time away for work under this Act. Some employers have a leave donation policy that allows other employees to "donate" their accrued sick time towards your sick leave "bank" that would allow you to still receive a pay check and benefits during your illness.

Disability does come from the Social Security Administration. You can complete the initial paperwork on-line at their website. I beleive it to be www.ssa.gov. After you complete the paperwork, you will have an interview appointment, then you case will go to review for approval or disapproval. I have a minor son on disability, the most important advice I can give you is keep copies of everything, complete the paperwork as accurately and completely as possible, and stay on top of things, check with them regularly (weekly), don't expect that they are as interested in your needs as you are, they aren't. There is nothing difficult about the paperwork, but the SSA employess are not going to help you gather needed info, they will just let your case sit and rot if you don't "take the reins", they expect you to do all the gathering and compiling.

First of all I would look for ways to bring the blood pressure down and to avoid the bed rest in the first place. Do some research on your own...not all doctors agree but some research shows that following a high protein diet can really help when you are pregnant. http://www.blueribbonbaby.org/pih.shtml This is a site from Dr. Tom Brewer about PIH (pregnancy induced hypertension)and how a good diet can effect this. It is worth a try. This is not something you can do nothing about.

Start with asking at work... is there a human resources person or department to talk to? I think short term disability usually comes from the employer and then social security helps with disabilities expected to last 6 mos. or longer.

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