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Similac Human Milk Fortifier

Hi all -
Our baby is finally out of the NICU! :) However, they sent her home on Human Milk Fortifier to fatten her up. Does anyone know where we can buy this - a physical store? I found it on Similac's website for $148.00 for 150 count.


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I purchased mine from the Similac website. It is expensive but it is helping my little girl gain the needed weight. 2nd day shipping was about $8.00

Check with your health insurance because if the fortifier is medically necessary, they may cover it on your insurance and you can purchase it through Cook's Home Health.

I am a babynurse or newborn specialist. I care for newborns and provide support to new moms privately for the first few weeks after Baby comes home from the hospital. Many of my clients have preemies. I have worked with lots of different kinds of formulas and thickeners, but have never worked with Human Milk Fortifier. I would caution you, however, to watch that it (or any formula you might ever put your baby on) does not have DHA/ARA added (also known as "lipil" or "comfort proteins.") These ingredients have been known to cause or exacerbate reflux, especially in premature babies.

Contact La Leche League.

Hi, M.!

Congrats on getting to bring your baby home! My little Lily was born at 34 weeks and was in NICU for about 2 weeks, but her birth weight was 4 lbs, 5 oz, so we were fortunate.

Don't know about the Human Milk Fortifier, but thought I'd tell you there is a mother's milk bank in Ft. Worth, if you are interested in breast milk. I realize this is not what you were asking about! I was interested in it but think we didn't qualify because Lily had a good birth weight and no other problems, or something like that. Anyway, I really wanted breast milk and wasn't able to produce any. If you are interested, call some lactation consultants or do a Google search.

Good luck with finding all you need, and enjoy these wonderful first moments at home!


My little sisters baby was also a preemie and was told about the Similac Human Milk Fortifier. Her doctor told her that if the insurance doesn't cover it you will pay close to $400.00. So if you found it for that price it may be a good deal. Her doctor also told her that instead of using that product she could use Enfacare made by Enfamil. It is for under weight babies. She has to put 1/4tsp for every 45ml of milk. The first week being on this she gained 11oz.

Hi M.!!

I am delighted to hear that your little on is home! I know that the last several months were so tough on you and your family and can totally sympathize with what you have been through as my son was a preemie as well (4lb 5 oz at birth and 3 weeks in the NICU).

As far as fortifying breast milk...Baylor Grapevine gave me these instructions. Buy Similac NeoSure (which is already 22cal formula) and put 1/4 of a teaspoon in for every 30cc's (approximately an ounce). That is what we did for the first 6 months of his life and he was gaining 30 grams a day (weight wise). That was great in pediatricians eyes!! Hope that helps.

Also if you need anything, please let me know. As I said, I have been through a similar situation and my little one is very healthy! Keep up the Breast Milk feeding and her immune system will AMAZE you!!

Take care,
~A. E.


I am the mother of a now almost 2-year old 27 week preemie. I, too, used thwe human milk fortifier in the NICU, but when I went home we were changed to Enfacare (?). I am not 100% positive of the name, but it is a 24 calorie formula you can use to firtify breast milk. Ask you pediatrician if this will work for your baby. You can get this fortifier/formula at the grocery store. We were changed before we left the NICU due to cost. Dr. Sward-Communeli at Harris/ Ft Worth and Cooke's Ft Worth. She created the Milk Bank and is very knowledgable, so I trust this change that she made.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Mel - it's L.! Congrats on baby girl finally being home :) I'm sure you've checked but M. S. said that if you get a dr. note, our insurance should cover some if not all of it. Also check this place in Euless, it's close and they may carry some of that fortifier - I hear their advice is great and free: http://tinyurl.com/h5gw2

I know you guys don't need visitors (germs) around the baby, but I want to drop off some dinner for you guys - I'll call you soon and see what works for you!

Hey Mel,

I wish I could help you but I do not know where to get that stuff. I did see your new blog and noticed Ava was home! Congrats!

K. F.

I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS! and hang in there.... I'll keep you guys in our prayers and hope that you find what youre looking for. :)

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