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Signs of UTI in 4 Year Old

Ok, my 4 year old daughter just got back from a week with my husband's dad & stepmother. Besides the normal amount of whining because she's been getting her way for a week, just tonight she's been saying she needed to tee-tee every 30 minutes or so. When I ask her if she tee-teed, she says, "It just leaked." She hasn't had a lot to drink (no more than normal). In asking about what she did, I found out that MawMaw let her take very long baths and that she had bubble baths each day. Maw Maw's from the old school and her other grandchildren are all boys, so I'm sure she didn't realize what she was doing. My question is, what should I be watching for to see if she has a UTI beisdes fever? Isn't that why they say don't give bubble baths to little girls? Thanks for the help!

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She doesn't necessarily have to have a fever to have a UTI. I would take her to the doctor and let them get a urine sample.

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You don't need a fever to have a UTI. And this definitely sounds like one.

Give her sugar-free cranberry juice or a cranberry supplement, d-mannose, live-culture soy yogurt, and/or probiotics from your local health-food store, and give her plenty of water or diluted juices, and you might be able to beat this without antibiotics.

Get started right away, or it might develop into a UTI/bladder infection, with fever and all.

Lots of fluids are very important. They help to flush the bacteria. So don't think that reducing fluids will help with the frequency (or any urgency or burning she is having).

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It sounds like she arlready has one, take her to the Dr. before it gets any worse. I used to get them alot as a child and I still get them now, but I have never had a fever with it. The bubble bath can cause it, as an adult I can't use anything in my water and I have to use sensitive skin soap (no perfume). I hope she feels better soon.

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It sounds like a UTI, and it would be a good idea to catch it before it makes her really sick. Symptoms like that can be from irritation, but should be checked out.

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My 4 year old daughter just got over a UTI. She didn't have a fever. She just thought that she had to potty about every ten minutes or so. A day or two before this started she wet the bed a couple of times. She also had two accidents in the floor because of the urgency to go. Also, because it hurt when she went, I think she got scared to go to the restroom. The doctor gave us some antibiotics and the UTI was cleared up in about a week. If it is a UTI, I hope that she feels better soon.

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My daughter has UTI's and as I teenager I used to have them all the time. Neither of us ever ran any fever. The main symptom is pain when urinating. If possible take her to the Dr for testing before using any over the counter medicine for the pain because it can mess up the UTI test but if it's over the weekend and she's miserable I would try the otc stuff. Makes the pain go away quickly but doesn't get rid of the infection.

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Wether or not any aged female can take a bubble bath has to do with how well toned the muscles are down there and the quality of the bubble bath.

She is probably "leaking" because it hurts to empty her bladder. You already have enough information to take her to the doctor. DO NOT WAIT FOR A FEVER, by then it is more likely to have made it to her kidneys.

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The best - and safest - way to get rid of a UTI is to flush it out. keep her well hydrated and give her cranberry juice as well. Its a diuretic that will assist in drawing in extra water. My girls are both really sensitive and usually wind up with minor yeast infections as well (the ex lets them take baths at his place, regardless of how loud I scream - unfortunately athlete's foot is not uncommon, and its the same fungus). I use the generic Monistat cream as a topical whenever they have redness and irritation. If the UTI last more than a few days, or doesnt respond to flushing, get her into the doc asap. Hope this helps :]

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