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Signs of Teething for a 2 Month Old?

Recently my son increased his drooling and started preferring his hand in his mouth over his pacifier. I recongize those as signs of teething but hard to imagine he's only 10 weeks old. Is it possible we need to move up a level in pacifiers?

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Thanks for everyone's assistance. The cold teether has really helped and I've noticed he's doing even more with his hands now.

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I would suggest putting the pacifier up in my opinion. This is because sometimes when babies are starting to teeth they will perfer their hands or teething rings that are cold (keep in frig) to help sooth the gums. If you son is refusing the pacifier take advantage of this. It's easier to break him of it now rather than later in life.

All I can say is, the sooner they give up the pacifier, the better off both of you will be. My first I took away at 1 year old and he was such a busy body that he didn't really care. My second gave it up on her own at 6 months. And my third, she is 14 months and still has it. It has been pretty tricky trying to wean her off of it.

My daughter broke her first two teeth (bottom center) at 10 weeks old so it is VERY possible. Not really fussy but chewing on hands and drooling to the point of soaking her shirt!

S. M.

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I know it sounds crazy but one of my sons got his first tooth at 2 months. The dr said it happens quite a bit.

Hello, My children are much older now, but my oldest daughter now 12 teethed very early. I never gave any of my children pacifiers. They would have chew toys that you could put in the frezzer for teething babies. When they would put their hand in their mouth I would just remove it and give them something else. orajel for babies is good for soothing too, but don't over do it use it more during sleepy time so he can be comfortable. I hope this helps

I also have a two month old who is doing the same things that your baby is. Is it possible that he is teething? yes, but the saliva glands begin to work at about 2 months and developmentally he is discovering his hands and how to control them. I don't remember exactly how old my other girls were when ther got their teeth but I do know it was early!

Both my kids started teething at that age. The good news is that it came in spurts instead of constantly. It may be that his gums are just getting irritated. If he is like my sons in a few days it will get better and then you will have a couple of weeks until the next onset. I've been dealing with these spurts for 6 months now and my son is just about to get his first teeth. It is so hard to see him teeth for so long, but he has been so good about it. I massage his gums when he gets bad and it does seem to help. There is not much more you can do at that early age.

Some (few) babies are born with teeth and some don't get any until after a year. There is no specific time frame. I would say if baby prefers his hand and he's happy...let him chew on it! LOL

Teeth can go up and down for weeks but it is possible to cut teeth this early. My son cut 4 teeth at 12 weeks old (2 top and 2 bottom). Chewing on a damp clean washcloth is also soothing plus catches the drool. Good luck!

Maybe he just discovered that he has hands and he can control them. My daughter did that at about that age. It is good news because now he can find his fingers and soothe himself when he wants to instead of you having to find the pacifier for him. It could be teething but like you said it seems early for that.

It could be teething, but their salivary glands are also developing at this time.

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