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Signs of Teething

Hi everyone, wanted 2 know wht r the signs of teethin? My daughter is 3months & she's suckin on her fingers & startin 2 drool a lot! Is it 2 early 4 her 2 b teethin?

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She's definitely teething. Babies can get their first teeth as early as 3 months. Mine got hers at 4 months.

My son was the same way at the same age. He didn't get his first tooth until 9 mos. The drooling is caused by her hands being in her mouth. And her hands in her mouth is totally normal. This is the age when she will start putting everything she can in there. Until you see teeth under the gum line I wouldn't worry about it.

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Fingers in mouth and constant drool stream were definitely my daughters signs of teething. I think she got her first tooth either at 4 or 5 months, the next two were each a month a part, and then she got 5 in a week and a 1/2 while we were on vacation. She was content the whole time, but there is not a picture of her from that vacation where she is not either drooling or chewing on something or both. None of her teeth bothered her until the molars.

Even though your baby is starting the teething process, it may still take awhile for her teeth to come in.

Hi R., my son has been drooling and sucking on his fists, etc. since he was about your daugther's age and he is still doing that, no signs of teeth though. Your daughter might get her teeth tomorrow or in a few months, you'll just have to check :)


She may be teething, but my daughter did the same thing at her age and her first tooth did not appear until she was about 9 months. If a tooth does pop out soon, dont be alarmed. Its not too early. Also do freak out if she gets a mild fever or acts irritable. Thsts part of teething as well. Just give her some Tylonol infant drops and she will be fine. good Luck!

Hi R.,
Congratulations to you and your new bundle of joy. No it's not too soon for Anaiah to be teething. In fact she is demonstrating all the signs. Enjoy!

My daughter started teething at about 3 months old and got her first tooth between 4 and 5 months. It's not too early because they can teeth for a couple of months before you even see a tooth come through. Just give her things to bite on and maybe keep a bib on her to avoid soaking her clothes with the drool.

Welcome to the signs of teething! You have them! However, some babys start the signs weeks or months before any teeth really break through! Baby oragel works or even a cold wet washcloth to help relieve discomfort. On the Baby Oragel can't remmeber how old they must be so please read directions or ask your pediatrician but the washcloth is fun and works. A.

My baby started by 4 months and 5 months 2 teeth appeared. We went to his 5 month checkup and the doctor said teething could go on for some time and since my baby was early and little he probably would get teeth later than the norm. Well tomorrow is his 6 month check up and boy will the doctor be surprised. My son drooled alot and constantly had his hand in his mouth. When the teeth started coming through, he was not sleeping. He was very cranky.

The 'expert' opinions vary greatly on the subject of teething - but drool and sucking on hands are a part of it. Some say that every 3-6 month old constantly has their hands in their mouth so this means nothing, but others say that can be the start. My son started sucking on his hands at 2 months and the drool came on full force by 3 months, but his first tooth didn't arrive until a couple of weeks ago at 6 1/2 months old. So, it might be sooner or it might be later for your little girl! Some kids handle it really well while others are not so good with the pain. My baby was a nightmare the night before his tooth broke through, but things have gotten better since. So, good luck & have fun!

Hi R.,

It is not too early for her to be teething but it is probably just that at this age their saliva glands kick in and they seem to work in overdrive for a while - thus the drooling and she has discovered her fingers and babies explore things by sticking them in their mouths. Again, she could be teething but if she is not fussy and you don't see her gums swollen then she is probably not.

as everyone else said, it's not too early and yes those are signs of teething. just beware of one thing, it can go on for a long time. my daughter started "teething" (or at least had same symptoms as yours) at ~ 3 mos, but didn't get her 1st tooth until she was 11 mos old! the "teething" is not constant it comes and goes and the symptoms vary. so, don't get yourself worried if she continues to have the symptoms but no teeth show up for another 8-9 months, it is totally normal.
good luck!

Congrats on your little girl, R.. My oldest was three months when he got his first tooth believe it or not!! I was like, this is not normal, is it? Yes, it was a tooth. My second son got his first tooth at 4 months and my third son had his first tooth at 6 months. So, if your daughter gets her first tooth soon, don't be alarmed. If she gets it at 1 year old, don't be alarmed. Common phrase we all hear, every child is different just like you and I and all other moms are different. The only thing with my oldest, he drooled sooo bad (where the other two didn't have that bad of a problem) that he had this redness on his chin and upper part of the chest because he drooled so much. Congrats on your little girl again. Enjoy her because they grow sooo fast!

She's definitely teething. Babies can get their first teeth as early as 3 months. Mine got hers at 4 months.

Lots of saliva which can cause a little chin rash

Gums that look swollen and red


loss of appetite due to painful to suck on breast or bottle

Ear rubbing

It is highly controversial whether a fever is associated with teething or not. Many say that teething does not cause fevers so if she has a fever, don't chalk it up to teething but take her to her dr.

Teething rings that have been cooled but not frozen are good for pain. Use any over the counter rub sparingly or not at all and not before feeding time as it causes numbness and she could choke.

It's not too early but the teething process can go on for a while before any teeth break through. Usually the bottom center teeth are the first to erupt than the top 2 center..but not always.

Hi R.,
I'm sure you'll hear alot, every child is different. But, yes, what your little one is doing are signs of teething, but this may go on for months before you see anything, or maybe even just days. Noone knows for sure.

Other things to watch out for are fever, crankiness (she may be in pain), diaper rashes.

I used Humphrey's teething tablets, but I can only find them at K-Mart Pharmacy, and due to the lack of need, they had to order them, at least thats what I've experienced for about 8 years now.

When I couldn't get them fast enough, I did pick up some good melting tablets at CVS.

On bad days, you can rub baby orajel onto her gums. I used infants tylenol to rub onto my youngest's gums, and it worked without "dosing" her.

Also, try to find something she likes to chew on that could be soothing to her gums. I used an infants was cloth, slightly wet or dry, she will wet it herself with her drool, and don't forget the bib!
Good luck, this is just the beginning! :) Enjoy it and learn from it!

Hi R., Three months is not too early to be teething. My first son had his first tooth at 4 months old. Yes the drooling and the fingers in his mouth are the first signs. Grandma Mary, mother of 5

Hi R.,

Its not TOOO Early but it is a little early,

My oldest had all of his teeth at 4 months which is extremely rare.

My middle at 6 months, and the little one at 5.5 months.

Each child is diffrent.

Offer her a teething toy, to play with.

as for the teething well only time will tell,LOL
they come when they come and not before hand LOL


Hi R.! Yeah it's pretty likely your little one is teething. My baby started teething when he was 3 months, he got his 2 teeth in one blow! He's now going on 11 months and has 8 teeth and two more on the way! Sucking fingers and drooling? Yup! Teething baby. :) Pretty soon you'll see those little pearls showing their way up! :)

My son was the same way at the same age. He didn't get his first tooth until 9 mos. The drooling is caused by her hands being in her mouth. And her hands in her mouth is totally normal. This is the age when she will start putting everything she can in there. Until you see teeth under the gum line I wouldn't worry about it.

Hi R. S,

No it's not too early for your baby to be teething. My son started around 3 months also but didn't get his first teeth for another 4 months. Each child is different so just keep the baby oragel handy.


Sounds like signs of starting. Other things to be ready for: fever, diarhea, red or sore butt, possible butt chafing, irratability. Any symptoms can last a week or 2.
Best things to do that I did with my girls, pain relievers for fever. Switch between a Tylenol & Motrin type product for each dose. Keeps the body from adjusting, & makes it more effective. Have some Desitin or Butt Paste on hand for redness or soreness. Find some Hylands teething tablets for any mouth pain. These are natural & you can use 1-3 tablets as needed.

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