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Sick Son

My 8 month old son has been sick since November of last year. He started out with a cold which lead to an ear infection in January and it continued until about last week. Then he got the flu!! Now the flu is gone but he has an awful cough again and started pulling at his ear AGAIN!!!! He has been pretty happy through out all of this but i am at so concerned about him and don't know what to do. I am a full time working mom of 3 kids so he does go to a sitters during the day. I am a germ-a-phobe so bottles are boiled, nuks are boiled, etc. the whole nine yards!!! We just don't know what to do anymore. The doctor probably thinks i am a wack job with as much as he is in and i call!! He keeps telling me he is fine he just has what is going around so why doesn't it go away?? Well he is not so I guess I am just looking for some other opinions or options!!

What can I do next?

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Hi R.,
Have you tried a chiropractor? When my daughter was a baby she went from ear infection to ear infection for 9 months! It finally cleared up after I took her to the chiropractor.
Now I make sure my kids go every so often and I also give them
If interested check out www.marketamerica.com/vanderson
We have might-a-mins for kids, it's an isotonix (a powder that is mixed with water so you drink it) and an antioxidant called OPC 3, super good for the immune system.
Good Luck.
V. A

Follow your heart, its your child. If you feel something is wrong ~ then don't feel bad for taking your child into the ped. after all who knows their child better.
But I do agree with some of the other posts here about allergies...maybe some allergy tests could be done to rule out other possiblities.

Have you ever thought that he may have allergies. If not I'd check it out. ALso a note that since he is in daycare that could do it. My daughter went to daycare & she was sick alot for the first 6 to 12 months she was there. Now she is fine. Her system just needed time to build up immunity. Let's face it with other kids they associate with they can pick up anything. Also if he gets more ear infections I would talk to you doc about having tubes put in. My daughter had them put in at almost 2 yrs old because she always got them. She is almost 5 now and only has has 1 infection since them, good luck to you!

Hi, my son was the same way, found out he had allergies, and started on allergy medicines and alot better!! Go to and ear,nose,throat specialist and request an allergy test. We had his tonsils and adnoids out before he was a year old, also had his sinus's scraped twice. Then we were sent to an allergy specialist, and found out it was allergies causing all the problems. Hang in there, it will get better, my son is now 8, and hardly gets sick anymore.

Hi R.,

Well, there have been many viruses going around this winter.
So the doctor might not be half wrong, but I would get a second opinion. It doesn't hurt. And then you will feel better too.

I was in the doctor's office with my daughter all the time. She had ear infection after ear infection after ear infection. We ended up putting tubes in several times. She even had the flanged tubes put in because the original tubes kept falling out.

We alos got rid of the chemicals in our house and from that year on we have been living a healthier life.

Don't use pledge in your homes: it has butane & propane gas in it.
Lysol has phenol in it. If you don't know what that is look it up. It's not a good thing.
These air fresheners that they show on TV are neurotoxins. They actually put a coating on the nostril hairs so that you smell that smell instead of the odor you are trying to cover up.

Educate your self: http://yourchoice.healthyhometour.com

Many blessings,

It doesn't hurt to be safe, check out another opinion.


I can remember my son being sick all of the time, when he started daycare. The doctor that released us from the hospital was a wacko, he told us to keep him home and not take him to the mall or anywhere were germs can be or around a lot of people. Very weird! What?! lol! That is the first place where I took him, and the first time he got sick was when he started at daycare. Taking kids to daycare, is like taking them to school. They get the same sicknesses and germs.

I have noticed once my son has started Kindergarten he was not as sick as the other kids. My son told me of some kids missing a week of school, which he has not missed that much with stuff that has been going around. It just makes me wonder if these are the kids that did not go to daycare before school. I mean if he gets it, it seems as though he is more immune to the sickness and the sickness does not seem to last as long. As for when my daughter starts school she will probably be sick longer, since she is not around the germs all the time at home. I will have to let you know when she starts preschool in 2 years.

Also, when babies are in their first year of life(as you already my know having 3 kids), babies get sick all of the time espically if they are in daycare. I can remember my son being sick a lot when he first started daycare and was not sick before that. So then I was so annoyed with daycare and did not want him there. If you are still concerned I would take him into the doctor and get an evaluation done. I hope he is feeling good soon.

My doctor says the same thing to me. That my daughter has what is going around or it is a virus. I mean how do they know if it is a virus without a blood test? I would demand a blood test then. Also, he could be getting rid of it and then getting something else. Since you have older kids maybe he is getting it from one of them and they are not washing their hands when they come home from school. I have my son wash his hands when he comes home from school, espically when I heard of some mom's talking about their kids having the flu right before Thanksgiving. When we got home from school I told my son to wash his hands. Surprisingly he did not get the flu before Thanksgiving!

Let me know how things turn out.....


My kids have been sick pretty much all winter, as have most of their friends. It really is "going around" around it sounds like you're doing everything right. If you're a germ-a-phobe, I'm assuming your house (doorknobs, bedding, hard surfaces, toys and play areas) gets the full disinfecting treatment, too. Make sure everyone washes their hands frequently!!!
This has been our worst winter yet. My boys have had the flu three times each, colds are frequent, my oldest has had 2 ear infections and my youngest is on his third. We go through Tylenol like candy and the humidifier has not had much of a break.
All of our bedding gets washed frequently on the HOT cycle, as does any clothing that has "sick germs" on it. My 5-year-old has gotten pretty handy with the disinfecting wipes, trying to keep those pesky germs at bay. =)
Unfortunately, with it being so cold outside, everyone is cooped up a lot of the time and the indoors become a nice germy breeding ground and kids pass the bugs around and bring them home. There's not much more you can do about it. If you can hold out a few more weeks until the weather is warmer, things should get much easier.

Get another doctor. If you know there is something wrong with your child trust your instincts. My son who is now 4 1/2 was always sick with and ear infection, they finally recommended tubes and the day of the surgery his dad refused to take him, ironically he never got another ear infection. He could be allergic to something and you may not have any idea. Get some advise from a new pediatrician.

Hello R.,
my suggestion would be go to a homeopathic doctor to see about a supplement to help his immune system out. I give my kids Sweet Echonasia. It works wonders on how long they are sick. They maybe sniffle for a few days and thats about it. My two year old has only had one ear infection ever in his life.

Now, I'm not sure how old children would have to be to take this. That's why I said to go to a homeopathic doctor. They know better and aren't filling your kids full of medicine's they may not need.

I hope this helps, and good luck with your son.

Hi R.:
I just went through the same thing with my son. He was sick for a little over 3 months. The 1st month was just a cold with runny nose and slight cough. It unfortunately turned into a single then double ear infection. He was treated with two different antibiotics and finally he is all clear, or so I thought. He then came down with the stomach flu for a couple days. It seemed like he was never going to be healthy, but now he is full of energy and getting into tons of trouble.
I have taken him in to the doctor regularly along with calling them to ask for options on how to treat his symptoms. I also called my insurance company's 24 hour nurse help line.
You are not crazy for wanting to make your child feel comfortable.
My doctor stressed to me that this is the season for the flu and colds and not to worry. Unfortunately kids get hit with the worst because they can't blow their nose and get rid of the bacteria. It just sits and festers. It is important to suction the nose to remove the mucus. This will help to speed up the healing process. She also recommended pushing as much fluid as he can take. This helps to flush the system.
As for personal options, it was suggested that I use honey or corn syrup as a cough suppressant. (My son is 20 months so honey is OK). I was unsure, but tried honey and water for his cough. It was amazing. He went from coughing every 30 seconds to the point of gagging to only coughing after an hour or so. I could then give him another dose.
As for keeping him healthy, if you find the answer please let all of us know. I have been told that it happens with all children either when they go to daycare or later when they go to school. They have to build up their immunity and the only way for this to happen is to catch the colds and fight them.
Good luck and always trust your instincts.

Poor boy!! It's so hard when they're sick. Sometimes I think it's harder on us than them! :) First, who cares how often you bring your child to the doc or call them. That's what they are there for! Second, you are your child's advocate so poo on them.
I would continue what you are doing with him. PUSH the fluids, big time. I really think that now that it's getting warmer that a lot of this junk will fade away. Believe me, our house has been sick non stop. IT's been a bad year! I'm also a big believer in airing out the house. Open the windows and get some fresh air in and the stale bug filled air out.
Not great advice but hang in there. He'll get better!!! :)

I think your concerns are ligitimate and I think that most parents will tell you that their kid went through a similar "sick stage". Regardless of how many times he is sick...you have to be the advocate for him and so...if that means many Dr. Appointments and lots of meds later... so be it. It could be because your son's immune system isn't at its fullest when he contracts yet another cold/flu, etc...which can lead to ear infections or sinus unfections. Some children are more prone to getting ear & sinus infections when it comes to getting a cold...I think it's fairly common. So, don't worry about taking time off work, or calling your Dr. for apt after apt, etc. If the infections don't clear up completely they come back, and they could be worse if avoided. When you talk to your Dr. and if he finds an infection, make sure you get a stronger and longer medication. Cefzil, Zithromax are good antibiotics and if they put your sone on a longer than usual regiment, perhaps it will continue to treat the infection even after the last dose is taken.

Good luck. Don't be afraid to bug the Dr. If it were'nt for us worried parent's, they wouldn't be in such demand.

(Just a tip. A person will begin to feel the first signs of a cold 3 days after contracting the germ. So, as soon as you see signs in your son, (or feel them in yourself) count back 3 days and many times, you'll discover that you were around someone that was sick or had used a shopping cart, etc...in which you could have contracted your newfound illness. At least you'll have someone to blame in most cases.) Good luck. :)

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