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Sick Smell Won't Go Away!

Hey there! So my daughter got a stomach bug this last week, and threw-up in a few places. One of those places was her carseat, and two other places are carpeted areas in my house. I have cleaned with Oxy Clean carpet cleaner and sprinkled baking soda then vacuumed. The smell is still in the carseat and the carpet! I would love to not have this smell in my house anymore! Any ideas on how to get rid of the smell? Oh, and also...her carseat cover is attached to her carseat, and it doesn't come off, so I can't just wash it! Thank you so much!

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Thank you all so much!! I tried the vinegar, and followed up with febreeze, and it worked great! There were so many great suggestions. I should have known. Vinegar seems to be the solution to everything!!

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Vinagar!!! it gets out any sort of odor I have found. Pee, Vomit...EVERYTHING!!! AND If just the vin doesnt work use the vin and baking soda combo. the reaction between the two things helps disolve all the junk!! and vinagar acts as a disinfectant as well!!

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My son also got the same bug last week. We found that spraying 409 got the smell out. Even on the carpet.

There's a nasty bug going around. I hope she feels better!

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Vinagar!!! it gets out any sort of odor I have found. Pee, Vomit...EVERYTHING!!! AND If just the vin doesnt work use the vin and baking soda combo. the reaction between the two things helps disolve all the junk!! and vinagar acts as a disinfectant as well!!

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my two girls and my husband had a bad case of the stomach flu last week.. for the car go back and clean with soap and warm water pull the seats up and get underneath.. if you can put the car seat cover in the washer.. but not the straps.. then go to a place like petsmart and buy natures miracle order remover.. it is natural enzymes remove the order.. so spray the car seat straps the floor of your car then when your car seat cover comes out of the washer lay it out and spray it.. a long time ago my I asked on this web site how to get urine smell out of a car seat.. and that is how I found out about this wonderful product.. I was even able to get red throw up slurpee out of my car.. oh sorry i just reread your post.. ok so since the cover wont go in the wash.. take warm water and soap or vinegar solution.. then after you re clean.. put natures miracle all over alot on the car seat.. set in a really warm place to dry... It took us 3 hours to fully clean our car out.. and we did it several times :)
Best of luck,

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Kids N Pets is a great product. It does not need rinsing and does not have either a chemical or perfume smell. Safeway and Target have it.

Try Bio-Kleen Bac-Out. I get it at Fred Meyer, but it's also available at whole foods for a little more $$. We have a cat that throws up regularly (yes, he's being treated) but we still have to clean up ick at least weekly. This always works beautifully for us and as a bonus, it doesn't leave any sort of stain or mark. Our other cat got scared and peed on the couch on Christmas and we cleaned it right up with the Bac-Out and have had no odors since. It is safe around kids and pets and has a very nice lime scent.

Try using Febreeze. They have it for different problems, such as smoke scent, etc. I had a chest-of-drawers that had the fronts of the drawers padded with batting & material over that, really darling, but a smoker had had it. I got some Febreeze & since it was so bad, it took a few times of spraying it, but the smell did go away.

Hi A.,

I use a enzyme product that works excellent. It's called Global Care Pet Magic that smells great with no vinegar smell to overcome. I've used it for milk spills in the car, to cat accidents on the carpet. I keep a bottle in the garage & two in the house. It completely takes care of the smell organically, not just covers up the smell.

·Uses enzymes to accelerate the breakdown of stains and odors
·Perfect for carpets, upholstered furniture, and drapery
·Absorbs even the toughest odors
·Spray in cat litter boxes, bird or gerbil cages, or horse stables
·Safe for use directly on animals as a deodorizes
·Helps eliminate carpet stains created by pet urine and fecal matter
·Environmentally friendly


Hope this helps!

Vinegar is also supposed to get smells out. It neutralizes them. Pour a little on then blot out with towels.

My daughetr threw up in her car seat once and we tried for hours to clean it out well enough to really feel like it was clean AND not have it smell anymore. Unfortunately nothing we did really worked and we ended up having to get a new one. There are too many nooks and cranys for the vomit to get into and remain smelly. As for your carpet at home, have you tried Febreez....lot's of Febreez??? If that doesn't work, you may need to get a steam cleaner and shampoo the area. That was the only thing that finaly worked on some pet stains that we had. Good luck!!

You have a lot of good suggestions about the carpet. If you can't get the liner off your car seat, consider soaking the entire seat in your bathtub with hot water and some cleaner....either vinegar, ammonia, bleach, baking soda, whatever you prefer. Drain, towel dry as much as possible, and put next to a heater or fan. Hopefully that helps! :) Good luck!

Vinegar. Mix 1 part vinegar and 2 parts water, scrub like mad. The vinegar smell will stick around for a little while but it goes away and so does the stink.

I would try ammonia. It works like bleach but isn't as toxic and doesn't bleed colors. You can pour some diluted on the spot, then rub it out or rinse it out and pat it dry. It might need to sit in the sun or get some heat to dry completely but it has worked for us.

My son also got the same bug last week. We found that spraying 409 got the smell out. Even on the carpet.

There's a nasty bug going around. I hope she feels better!

Hi A. .. I may be late in responding to this, but my son has thrown up in his carseat many times. We simply take the entire seat out of the car, wash down the back seat in the car, take the cover off the carseat and wash it in the washer/dryer. If you set it on gentle cycle and low dryer setting, it is fine. My husband also hoses off the actual car seat (belts/padding and all), wipes it down with a towel and we let it dry for 24 hours near a heater in the house. This has worked wonders and the carseat and my car never smell like vomit. Febreze works wonders too!

I just noticed that your carseat cover is attached. Try putting some detergent in a spray bottle with water to dilute it. Spray the car seat down thoroughly, then take the carseat outside and spray off thoroughly with a hose or rinse in the bathtub. Blot dry with a towel to get the majority of the moisture out. Because the car seat cover does not come off, it will take a few days to completely dry but placing it near a heater (not too close) will help.

As for the carpet, an enzyme based product works great. We have one called "Kids & Pets" carpet and upholstery cleaner. Make sure you clean the area well with a carpet cleaner or soap and water (blot the area dry with a towel) and then spray the area with the enzyme cleaner. Ours came in a bottle with a screw top so we put it in a spray bottle. You want to saturate the area throughly but don't pour the product on to where you soak the carpet as it takes a lot longer to dry.

Hopefully this will help you! Good luck! =)

WHITE VINEGAR. This is the BEST stuff. I get a Costco-sized bottle because it neutralizes absolutely any odor . . . even cat urine.

Just use one part white vinegar and three parts hot water - and dab the smelly area. Afterwards, go over the area with some other cleaner (anything you like the smell of) so you can get rid of the vinegar smell.

(You can do this with laundry, too. Toss a cup of white vinegar into the washing machine with any blanket, article of clothing that is smelly and wash it in the hottest water the item can tolerate. Then re-wash using your regular detergent. The nasty smell is gone. The vinegar smell is gone. White vinegar is the greatest stuff!)

Hi, Everyone has given you great ideas but, don't launder the straps of a car seat. they are made to only stretch a little in an accident and if you launder them they won't work right. So to keep them safe just spot wash them!

Totally Toddler works great too.

The stomach flu is going through our house, too, and so far Nature's Miracle (usually found in the Pet Department or at Pet Stores) seems to work the best.


Two products are pretty good at getting rid of both stains and odors. Nature's Miracle and Kids & Pets. I've bought both at Fred Meyer and Nature's Miracle is also at Petco.

Nature's Miracle needs to saturate the area then air dry. It can take a couple of days which isn't a problem on the carpet, but you'll want to throw a towel over the car seat when your little girl is in it. (You clean the area, which you probably already have, then apply the Nature's Miracle and just let it air dry. No rinsing.)

Kids & Pets is a little less expensive but works well. I've noticed though that it does leave a residue if it isn't rinsed well and does attract dirt.

Neither are cheap, but I think they're worth the price to get rid of the odors.

Good luck.

Kids'n'Pets...or other enzymatic cleaner.

The enzymes eat the organic material that has soaked through into the fabrics and foam.

Mostly from housebreaking a puppy, but also from things like the flu, the most important thing we learned about the enzyme cleaners is this: Make sure you saturate the area, so the puddle you create is about double the area of the accident, and then let it sit for several hours.

They work like a charm though.


PS...On the carseat...there may actually be some solid material that you have missed. The darn things have so many little creases and crevasses in the plastic. Make sure that you pull the cover all the way off (if it comes off) and get all those stupid little places clean clean clean). Of course, if the cover comes off...toss it in the washer & dryer! Just make sure you toss the straps in, too!

I rep for Melaleuca and we have great healthy and safer for your home green products. That is an easy fix. If you would like to find out more please get in touch with me.
N. B.

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